Friday, 23 December 2016

Not much to post :P

   I finished coding and battle sprites for 4 new enemies. Will try to finished H-scenes on New Year :P

Cow Girl walking sprite

Friday, 4 November 2016

Atelier Tia Demo V0.04 (Stable Version)

Hi, I uploaded demo V0.04 on the Atelier Tia page.
No new contents. It's bugs fixed and stable version.

What change? :
- Game become exe file, no need to install.
- Add Gamepad Type1 and Type2.  You can config in Option.
- Fixed up/down buttons bug in keyboard config.
- Guard no longer reset attack and jump.
- Dive Attack animation when ground slower a bit.
- Add "Readme-Can not start game" in game folder.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Atelier Tia - 1st demo released :D

     Finally, after a longggggg wait.  Atelier Tia - 1st demo is now finished and ready for you to test :D
The game description and download link is on "Atelier Tia" Page.

Hope you enjoy ^o^

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Atelier Background

      An artist who I hire for Atelier scene job just send finished file to me yesterday.  So I want to show it to you :D

Monday, 1 August 2016

Should do before sleep?

     Hi, today I come for show reward scene after you cleared prologue stage.  It's still not finished yet, have to do climax and flask insert animation.  . . . Why she doing this?  You will find it in game :P

    After I finished this scene.  I will go back to do coding works.  Item use system, map/stages and cut scenes.  Still lot of works to do.  Hope I can finished all in Sep.  Spend nearly a year for demo, time fly so fast -*-

Edit : Add Invader doll in the scene

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Tia Animation - Title Menu

      Here Tia animation on title screen.  There no background and voice yet.  Maybe I will hire artist for draw Tia's atelier as background.

      I'm thinking about item use system.  At first I planned to make 5 item slots.  You will have button for switch item and use.  But I notice a problem, you can create lot of items in game but you can use only 5 varieties while you battle.
     So maybe I will use Odin Sphere or Princess Crown item system.  but this system will make game stop while choosing item for use.  If you guy have better idea, please let me know :D

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Atelier Tia

     Hi everyone, I trying to make Tia animation on title screen and atelier scene.  I still not sure title screen will use animation or 1 CG but will think about it later :P

     Now thinking what she could do
      - Idle
      - Hello (enter title screen)
      - Bye Bye (quit game)
      - Sad face or some funny face when cursor on quit game button
      - Sleepy or yawn if she wait long
      - Make sad
      - Stir a cauldron when create item

You can suggest if you have some good idea.  But no animation that have to rotate or show side or back because I'm lazy to draw more parts  -_-"

     And I create game logo.  This current project name is "Atelier Tia".  At first I planned to named it "Alchemist Girl Tia"  but I want it similar to Atelier series from Gust.  I hope you like it.


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Some Update :D

     Hi, I think I silence too long.  I should put some update.  Most of the sprite H animation are done.  Only 1 H-animation for mini boss left (on prologue state will only have mini boss).  Prologue stage will have 8 H-sprite animation with normal/fast/climax stage.  And maybe some loop H-animation for npc on the stage's background.

The AI coding is almost done but still have to check bugs when put in the stage.

     I try to make non-H CG animation for Tia.  Still not sure where to put her in.
Maybe on Title screen and in atelier room  :
    - Say Hi when you enter game  
    - Happy when you upgrade or success create an item
    - Make sad face when you point to quit button and good bye when you quit game
    - Maybe you can do some ecchi like click at her boobs and Tia feel shy or angry

    I have to redraw her again and make her lower arm longer.  This is just a sketch with color.

1st Version

Fixed Version
- Shorter and rounder face / fixed eyes -

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Time for Tia to get rape and pay back (O_O !

     Hi, I just finished H animation for first enemy.  I think most people waiting to see it.  It's take a lot more time than Virgin Invader because it's has more detail and larger image that easier to notice the flaw.

Hope you enjoy  :D

Bad Alchemist - H


Bad Alchemist - Punishment

     Bad alchemist have slime.  So Tia will punish her with slime too (Poring Gang)

                                                        In game / Game gallery / Full

    In game size maybe look too small but I think galley size is fine (50% from original).

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Small Gifts :D

     Hi, today is Songkran Festival(Thailand's New Year) :D   Still working on Alchemist Girl - Tia on long weekend but at least I have more time to relax  -__-"

     Some small gifts, havn't do any H-scene yet but some bouncing instead  XD

     Oh! and Kimochi is down.  So I start selling Virgin Invader on on the right bar) with $13.50  :D

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Last minion for Prologue Stage

     Hi, this time I come to show last minion for prologue stage.  Now, I have male human, female human, monster and the last type that left is "monster girl".

     First monster girl is "Bee Girl".  At first I thinking about sexy bee with mature boobs XD.  But I already made big boobs alchemist and planned for flying succubus in the future.  So bee girl will have small cup and cute but still little sexy (for different and several fetishes).  Will make battle animation and coding for her in this week.  Now, I have mini boss for prologue stage left.

I hope you like her :D

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

More Enemy XD

     Hi, I finished draw 2 new enemies.  I still need around 2 weeks for do animation and coding  D:

First one is Slime, the weakest enemy in the game.  I boring in slime design because most of the game make it as liquid ball.  So I add mouth and eyes to make it look wicked and funny.  Slime image here look too big because no other thing to compare size but it's real tall is only around Tia's hip  :P


      Second is Bad Alchemist, she don't have much attack pattern, just throw small bomb flask.  Her attack is easy to evade.  But she can be a bit annoying in battle with platform.  If she in higher platform, she can throw/drop flask down to Tia's head or throw potion up if she is under. I hope she look wick enough for enemy because I rarely design bad girl and hope you like her BOOBS  :P

Bad Alchemist

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Alchemist Girl Tia - Combat Show !!!

    Hi everyone, I finished basic combat for Tia and want to show to you guy.
Here combat video !

I make slope platform code but still not sure will put slope in game or not.  Because it can mess up many things.  Example when create some object on the ground but ground have different high or some image high like thunder bolt from sky that thunder mage from Virgin Invader use.  And maybe I have to do more works for make character angle go with slope with knock down or lying on slope (still don't know dow to do it).  And will add only some few room.  At least not in mini boss and boss room.

Tia Image : It change when her cloth torn(shy), hurt, knock down.  Maybe add angry face for Special attack use.

Tia can be knockout when she take damage many times.  See number max at 100 on upper right?  It will reduce when Tia take damages or knock to ground.  If it reach to zero she will knock out and this is opportunity for enemy to rape her if her cloth torn.  You need to spam button for recover from knock out.  This stat can slowly recover if she not take damage.  And it invisible in real game.

Tia has 4 Special Attack from start.  I planned for 8 Special.  The other four will more powerful and consume 2 MP per use.  Maybe hold some button+skill button for use.  First 4 skill info :

- Home Run (skill button)  :  highest damage and blow enemies away.
- Stinger (left/right + skill)  :  stab enemy multiply hits and end with powerful thrust.  Can link with combos.
- Spinning Upper (up + skill) : attack all enemies around you and higher.  Good with both link with combos and attack radius.  But lower damage that first two Special Attack.
- Stun Shot (down + skill) :  Release Spark Shot that can stun enemies in front of you.  Have the lowest damage but can stun enemies for 4 second.  Can interrupt strong enemy or boss attack.

And here Tia torn version!!!!!

   I really want she to have some red color from skirt part but torn skirt really get in the way an make animation look weird.  I hope this version look attractive enough :P

Hope you like the combat system and feel free to comment :D

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Closing hours for Kimochi !!!

   Some bad news, Kimochi services will be close.  I just got this email yesterday  D:

Hi all,

I am sorry to announce that the Kimochi service will be disabling all purchasable content on March 1st followed by a full shut down on March 31st. It has been a wonderful experience to help distribute your games to a wider audience, but unfortunately the financial situation does not allow us to keep the service running for much longer. Please feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions.

- Kimochi Team

- What will happen to players' downloaded games?
Players will receive a notice in the client directing them to the location of their games in their file system. After March 31st, these games will have to be accessed directly rather than through the Kimochi client.

- What will happen to players' purchased games?
If a player hasn't yet downloaded the game, they will receive a notice to do so within a month so that they can redeem their purchase. Refunds can be processed if necessary.

- When will the last payment cycle occur?
The last payments will be distributed on April 1st.

     For people who bought Virgin Invader through Kimochi.  You can find or play downloaded games on Kimochi by click at browse downloaded content button in setting.  So if you already delete Virgin Invader, please redownload it before end of March 31st.

    It's sad that the only H-games steam will be gone and a bit too fast.  So I can only sell my games through DLsite again.  Good Bye Kimochi  T_T

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Help Vote Princess Edge for Greenlight on Steam :D

      This post isn't about my own game and my current works are more on coding.  So I don't have anything much to show now :P
      OK, come to the point.  Erobotan (the creator of Blitz Angel Spica) want to release his previous game "Princess Edge - Dragon Stone" on steam.  It's side scroll beat'em up with some ecchi but not 18+.  If you like fighting / beat'em up type game and have steam account.

Help Vote Princess Edge for Greenlight Here! (click the image) :

Monday, 25 January 2016

Some Small Progress >.<"

     Hi everyone, today I want to show Tia's Status Bar.  I hope it look nice XD

HP = Hit Point
SP = Stamina Point (for Block / Evade)
CP = Cloth/Cum Point (At first it's Blue Color and will decrease when you take damage.  Once it reach to zero.  Tia's cloth will torn.  And bar will increase with Pink Color when she get raped)
MP = Mana Point (Special Attack)
Bag!? = Alchemist Tool (for Sex Punishment)
Tia's Image will change when she hurt, rape, knock out, cloth torn

Still thinking about how she get knock out and get rape.  Maybe get knock down 3 times or have to make another bar that will decrease when take damage same as CP.  But will get knock out when reach to zero.

    And umm ... first enemy.  They are bad mercenary who work for money and sex.  I planned to make 3-4 types for him by change color and weapon.  I lazy to design male enemies anyway :P 
Maybe will have female mercenary with shield and bikini armor on later stage ^o^

I planned to finished tutorial/prologue stage before I release first demo.  Stage will have
- 1 Male Mercenary
- 1 Female Human
- 1 Monster Girl
- 1-2 Beast/Monster
- 1 Mini Boss

So I still have lot of works to do  XD

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Tia Attack Animation

   Show Tia attack animation this week.  This time I want to make real air combos not fake air combos like in Virgin Invader.  But I still don't know how to code :P

 Ground Attacks

Air Attacks

Crouch Attack