Monday, 10 April 2017

Atelier Tia - 1st stage is released for patrons :D

    Hi everyone, I just released 1st stage on patreon yesterday but still no new CG animation for 1st stage. 

New/Changed Contents :
- 1st Stage (6 new enemies and boss)
- 11 new h-sprites (2 for victims)
- World Map
- Fixed Prologue Dialogue with 2 new cut scenes

- Add action voices for all girls (I will add monster voices in the future if possible)
- Save System(not fully finished) : you can save game by save crystal at half and before boss stage. When you cleared stage, game will auto-save and change your location to world map when you use "Continue". (In the future, maybe I will make save slots but not confirmed).

Bug Found but can't fix :
- Bunny Girl hurt voice play only when she taken damage by some attacks. Not all attacks.

Atelier Tia's World Map (Credit by aimlessart)