Tuesday, 15 March 2016

More Enemy XD

     Hi, I finished draw 2 new enemies.  I still need around 2 weeks for do animation and coding  D:

First one is Slime, the weakest enemy in the game.  I boring in slime design because most of the game make it as liquid ball.  So I add mouth and eyes to make it look wicked and funny.  Slime image here look too big because no other thing to compare size but it's real tall is only around Tia's hip  :P


      Second is Bad Alchemist, she don't have much attack pattern, just throw small bomb flask.  Her attack is easy to evade.  But she can be a bit annoying in battle with platform.  If she in higher platform, she can throw/drop flask down to Tia's head or throw potion up if she is under. I hope she look wick enough for enemy because I rarely design bad girl and hope you like her BOOBS  :P

Bad Alchemist

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Alchemist Girl Tia - Combat Show !!!

    Hi everyone, I finished basic combat for Tia and want to show to you guy.
Here combat video !  

I make slope platform code but still not sure will put slope in game or not.  Because it can mess up many things.  Example when create some object on the ground but ground have different high or some image high like thunder bolt from sky that thunder mage from Virgin Invader use.  And maybe I have to do more works for make character angle go with slope with knock down or lying on slope (still don't know dow to do it).  And will add only some few room.  At least not in mini boss and boss room.

Tia Image : It change when her cloth torn(shy), hurt, knock down.  Maybe add angry face for Special attack use.

Tia can be knockout when she take damage many times.  See number max at 100 on upper right?  It will reduce when Tia take damages or knock to ground.  If it reach to zero she will knock out and this is opportunity for enemy to rape her if her cloth torn.  You need to spam button for recover from knock out.  This stat can slowly recover if she not take damage.  And it invisible in real game.

Tia has 4 Special Attack from start.  I planned for 8 Special.  The other four will more powerful and consume 2 MP per use.  Maybe hold some button+skill button for use.  First 4 skill info :

- Home Run (skill button)  :  highest damage and blow enemies away.
- Stinger (left/right + skill)  :  stab enemy multiply hits and end with powerful thrust.  Can link with combos.
- Spinning Upper (up + skill) : attack all enemies around you and higher.  Good with both link with combos and attack radius.  But lower damage that first two Special Attack.
- Stun Shot (down + skill) :  Release Spark Shot that can stun enemies in front of you.  Have the lowest damage but can stun enemies for 4 second.  Can interrupt strong enemy or boss attack.

And here Tia torn version!!!!!

   I really want she to have some red color from skirt part but torn skirt really get in the way an make animation look weird.  I hope this version look attractive enough :P

Hope you like the combat system and feel free to comment :D