Monday, 23 November 2015

Alchemist Girl Tia Project - Start!

    Hi everyone, I spend lot of time for Tia and now I finished her idle and jog sprites.  I try to draw her in large image and scale down to 32% in game.  Still have to draw her back part (tired -*-).  I think she look cute enough and hope everyone love her  ^.^

In game sprite (32% from original)


 Full Scale (click image for full view)

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Virgin Invader V1.1 (Final Version)

     Virgin Invader V1.1 is now released on DLsite & Kimochi.  Please update XD
- Add All CG (10 CG)
- Fixed 3rd CG
- Add Arena Mode : 20 special fights for people who want more challenge

And here uncensored file for V1.1!bttj1aCK!NU4kjsruZ9vjONeYmnMpdnsrhbKrScDYjF4sazH445A

I hope everyone enjoy ^^

    Now I trying to draw and make idle sprite for Tia (Alchemist Girl - Tia).   But I think it's will take lot of time because I planned to try Spine for make animation.  So I need time for learn Spine.  I will show her after I finished her first animation :D