Friday, 23 October 2015

Vote Result & 2nd Game Concept & Main Character Design !

   Hi everyone, thank you for your vote.  Now the poll for my 2nd game is closed and I want to show the result.  This is the vote result after select heavy filter(remove spam vote - around 80-100 spam votes >.<")

The winner is Alchemist Girl.  
At first fox/wolf girl 1st but after the end of the first week.  Alchemist girl lead the poll until the end.

I already design her outfits.  I want to show and receive your comments :D

I still not decide which design to use yet.   About minor detail like eyes color, hair color, show bare legs or long socks.  These detail maybe change in the final.  But Pony tail is my favorite :P

Alchemist Girl Detail : 
    Her name should be Claire, Ellie, Reila, Tia (My favorite name for girl).  They sound simple and cute.  She is a good girl, hard-worker, a bit tom boy and do violent things when she's angry.  She open small atelier outside the town and make potions for living.  But the bad alchemist organization invade the town and spread gases that make people in town become mindless and living only for sex.
She have to travel to various places for collect special ingredients to make item that can help people in town.  But the bad alchemist organization will interrupt her journey.

Sub Character (Mascot) :
    She live with her small, cute, chubby, flying monster (like a mascot character in most Magical Girl Anime).  He is MC's servant who help her alchemy job and training combat skill (She use him as boxing sandbag -.-")  He look cute and gentle but his real personality is pervert.  He usually do ecchi thing to his master when she's not carefully like silently move under her skirt for see which panty she wear today while she synthesis alchemy at the cauldron,  charge to her boobs when she's back home as welcome or peep while she take a bath (and these are the reasons why she use him as boxing sandbag XD).  And if she noticed his ecchi move.  She will stomp him with her boot, smash with staff or use alchemy items on him.  But he still continue do it as part of his life.  I want to put him in game because more character can make better dialogue, comedy parts and he has role to punish female bosses.

Combat Style & Alchemy :
    She use martial art with long staff (similar to Leia in Tales of Xillia).  Game will have alchemy system that allow you to make alchemy items like HP/MP potion, Fire/Ice/Lighting/Cyclone bomb, Stat+ potion, toxic mist and others.  Enemies have a chance to drop gem with different colors.  Each potion will use different number of gems (example: fire bome use 3 red gems / Cyclone use 2 blue + 2 yellow gems).  You can use colorless gem for upgrade your HP/ ATK /Stamina.  And maybe create accessories that you can equipped for increase stat or passive skill.

    She not hesitate to punish defeated female enemies with her alchemy.  She can regain MP by summon-H same as Virgin Invader.

   She will have 4 special attack same as Virgin Invader but my currently have 5 ideas so I have to cut one out  D:
    -  Spinning staff and move upper for attack surrounding enemies and air (maybe you can continue air combos after this special attack)
    -  Charge Forward and moving herself too (Same as down+special Invader's attack)
    -  Power up her staff and throw it like a lance (same as Escha Skill in Atelier Escha & Logy)
    -  Power Smash - Power up her staff and use it like baseball bat.  Make enemies in front of her fly away.
    -  Rapid Stab - attack multiply hit to enemies in front of her.  this move will not make your enemies knock down.  So you can continue your combos.

About Art and Graphic :
     I planned to make larger scale for character maybe same as Guild Meister size and will add more frame for make animation smoother.  But still have to careful about memory problem, not sure how Game Maker Studio can deal with it (have to test first).  For Virgin Invader, I made left/right sprites because it easier for my noob coding skill but it waste of memory (+40% memory for each character loaded).  But this time I will use coding for help left/right images and use these space of memory for larger images.  I planned to draw character in larger size and scale down, not 1 : 1 as Virgin Invader.

(Image in red circle maybe in-game size)

Plan and Idea about game play :
- All bosses are alchemist girl.  They will use martial art and alchemy tech/weapon.
- Your enemies are Alchemists, Mercenaries, Monsters, Monster Girls.  I try to list enemies I have to make and maybe game will have more than 30 or 40+ type of enemies (for 6 stages)  Each enemy will have 1 H-scenes and 2-3 for boss.  Not confirm gang bang yet (40% of enemies are girls  XD)
- Game will have 6 stages, not count prologue stage.  And maybe add 2 more stages if I make patreon goal and it's reach.
- Each stage are larger than Virgin Invader (you can think of Odin Sphere or Oboro Muramasa Map)
- In some room will have treasure chest or girl raping by monster.  You will receive gems, potions or Alchemy Scroll(unlock potions) for rewards.  And sometime you have to use alchemy for help searching.  Fire bomb for destroy large rock, melt ice.  Cyclone for blow the flame field and ETC.
- I want to put some platform in the fight.  Example : jumping on the higher cliff, tree branch while fighting.  But not confident much about how to make AI deal with platform. Not confirm this idea yet, maybe have to wait and try Odin Sphere Remake (Odin Sphere Leifthrasir) for more ideas.

Still thinking about main character H-scenes :
- Cloth Durable System : If you take damage, your cloth durable will decrease and cloth will be torn when it reach to 0.  Then you will get rape by some enemies attack or while knock down depend on each enemy.  
- If you take H-attack you will lose HP same as fully cloth but will change hurt to H animation and increase some H-climax (freely see H-scene or break out)
- If you get rape while knock down, your H-climax will slowly continually increase and you have to spam button for break. If H-climax full, you will lose some HP.
- You can restore cloth at save point (half stage and before boss)

And Finally about Virgin Invader CG Progress :
  I think I can finish 9th CG this week but the problem is I have to make 10 CG because I can't put all demon girls in a CG >.<"   So I separate them out (Succubus+Dark Priest and Bunny+Cat).  And maybe add some extra fight for people who want more challenge; example : more aggressive boss, 2 bosses at once and etc.  But no new H-sprites :P   So the final version of Virgin Invader will finish in 1-2 week.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Virgin Invader is now on Kimochi with $13.5

   Hi everyone, Virgin Invader is now selling on Kimochi with $13.5  (because the service fee is cheap :D)
You can buy Virgin Invader(already uncensored) by credit card and test games from other developers.

Please support both MenZ Studio and Kimochi here :