Monday, 29 June 2015

7th Boss

     First for people who waiting for game release on June.  I apologize that the game will delay to late July or maybe August.  It's still have lot of work to do.  Each boss take a lot of time for animation and code because all of them have many attack move, different fight style and I have to make them not too hard and not too easy.

     Now I finished coding 7th boss (still left H-scenes work as always -.-" )  She is a cute and adorable maid.  Boss?  How can she fight against the bad guy!?   You will see in full game  :P

Back to work. Only the last boss left now   XD  

Sunday, 21 June 2015

6th Boss

       I finished coding 6th boss this week and starting 7th boss now.  But still not finished her H-scenes yet.  She's commander who guarding castle.  She's use halberd and tower shield. Her attacks are easy to evade but can do massive damage same as 1st boss.  Now only 2 bosses left  :D

Saturday, 13 June 2015

All 4 Demon Girls

    Nearly finish 6th boss now but nothing for post or show about her.   So I show all 4 demon girls this time.  Lazy for hide them now because I plan to show them in promote sample images anyway   :P

   I try to make each of them have different appearance and different skill

Succubus         -  good for damage dealer
Dark Priest      -  have heal ability
Bunny Witch   -  good for long range attack and many enemies
Neko Maid      -  have ability to hold enemies

I hope you like them  :D