Sunday, 30 August 2015

Virgin Invader is finished & Submit to DLsite :D

      Hi everyone, Virgin Invader is now complete.  But today is holiday so DLsite will not look at my work anyway.  So I will test game a bit more today before submit to DLsite.  For now,  just only pray that it can pass censorship without problem :P

      And more update about game; I add camera view in Sprites Gallery Room.  You can toggle it by "F3".  So you can change to camera view and leave player off screen, see all girls without player walking around.  And fixed zoom, Player HP bar will stay in the same size when you zoom.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Final Demo / Release Date / Pre-order End / Video Trailer (O_O !!!

   Hi everyone, I'm have important news about Virgin Invader today.

1.) Video Trailer :

2.) New Public Demo Updated :  you can download it on Virgin Invader - Demo Page.
     -  Add Cutscene with both Japanese and English (Japanese is default setting)
     -  Add CG Gallery
     -  Add Credit
     -  Fixed Sit Attack

3.) Release Date :   
     Now, current game progress is nearly finish.  I think I can finish Virgin Invader at the end of August.  Then submit game to Dlsite.  So game will be release on early Sep (if it pass censorship) All I left are :
    -  2 H-sprite (7th boss Summon-H, 5P sex with demon girls)
    -  Update sprite gallery
    -  Ending
    -  Final Boss voice and some minor details
    -  Censor some sprites (mostly Summon-H because I already draw censor dick for player)

4.) Patreon Paid Post (Pre-order End) :
      $12 - Pre Order will end at 30th August.  I will make paid post on the morning of 31 August (My Time Zone when I wake up -*-)  After I noticed that game launch on DLsite.  I will post on Patreon and send download link on Patreon message (I can send to many patrons at once and no mail spam problem)
      If you pledge after paid post you will not get the game.  You can still buy Virgin Invader on DLsite at $15.8

And last is 2nd CG (3rd - 9th CG will come as update after game released)  

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Virgin Invader will have cut-scene and dialogue for each boss fight XD

     Hi everyone, good news this week.  I try to do cut-scene and dialogue for make Virgin Invader feel more lively.  It's will show some character's personality and some joke because I want game to have comedy theme than serious them (even game has rape element :P)  But still don't hope much about story much HA HA.  Scenes will have both English and Japanese text with around 8 - 16 sentences.  Thank to nice guy who help me fixed grammar and translate to Japanese (I still didn't ask that he want credit or not XD)

    Here some sample scenes and HD character images that will use in cut-scene.


    I will try to make 2nd boss CG this week.
    Then I can make update demo with cut-scenes and CG gallery  :D

Edit : Just finished 2nd CG Sketch ( I hope you guy like it  :P )

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Bad & Good News

    Hi everyone, Bad news first.  I decide to cancel HD sprite animation because lack of experience and tool.  I spend amount of time for my first H-CG at my current skill (don't want to think for HD sprites).  And lack of tool;  I use Spriter for my animation but Spriter current version can't use free deform and meshes feature.  I don't want to spend $300 for Spine. I tried Spine free version and I not get use to it.  Spriter is a lot easier to use for me.  So maybe better to wait until Spriter can use this 2 features.  If you don't understand what are free deform or meshes.  Try to search google "spine meshes" :D

    Now good news;  I try to draw 1st boss CG and it's my first H-CG.  It's look better than I thought.  But I lazy to draw Minotaur because not good with muscle stuff and background too  :P

Feel free to comment about this CG ( Now thinking about Succubus & 2nd boss XD )