Saturday, 1 August 2015

Bad & Good News

    Hi everyone, Bad news first.  I decide to cancel HD sprite animation because lack of experience and tool.  I spend amount of time for my first H-CG at my current skill (don't want to think for HD sprites).  And lack of tool;  I use Spriter for my animation but Spriter current version can't use free deform and meshes feature.  I don't want to spend $300 for Spine. I tried Spine free version and I not get use to it.  Spriter is a lot easier to use for me.  So maybe better to wait until Spriter can use this 2 features.  If you don't understand what are free deform or meshes.  Try to search google "spine meshes" :D

    Now good news;  I try to draw 1st boss CG and it's my first H-CG.  It's look better than I thought.  But I lazy to draw Minotaur because not good with muscle stuff and background too  :P

Feel free to comment about this CG ( Now thinking about Succubus & 2nd boss XD )


  1. Hi, It's the first time I comment your game, I discover it very late (shame on me!). First, I feel HD sprite animation is not really needed, your game is already very pretty.

    Now for the CG... Very good work! It's hot and very attractive. I don't think you need to draw a background. In this way, we can focus on the girl.
    So, just keep up! In my opinion, your game is better than most professionnal and indie h-games.

    1. Thank you

      I'm happy you like it :D

    2. However, I am sad to see you don't have many followers... Did you make some advertise other than dlsite and patreon?

      You can for example contact some other autors of indie hentai games and ask gently if they can say a little word about your game. I can understand it's not very cool to make too much advertise about something we like but I have seen your dream is to be a full-time game developer, so it's can be very helpful in your future.

      I know some people very kind, I will be glad to help you! (for free of course :-P). If you want speak a little more about that, contact me in my mail, it's better :-)

      (And in advance I apologize if I disturb you with that comment)

    3. Nice...

  2. Sorry but the cg looks really bad.

    1. Bad !? Any reason or why is bad ?

    2. More like, it looks Japanese :D. Weird faces are like McDonald'ses in western culture. Also the title says about virgins but I haven't seen any virgins in this game :D.

      And a question for MenZ Studio: Will patreon version be censored too?

    3. Sorry but I'm Asian and I like Jap anime :P
      I draw blood in CG (hymen break) If you see close enough. So girls are virgin. But if you mean H-sprite. No way I can do that. Sprite animations are not large enough to put blood or virgin detail.

      And yes CG will be uncensored.

  3. I find it very good !

  4. This looks great, especially considering this is your first HCG :)

    You mentioned using Spriter for the animations, may I ask what tool you are using for painting?

  5. When is the release date?
    I can't not wait...

    1. Not 100% sure. The things I left now are :
      1.) 2 H-animation left and censor some sprites(will uncensor later)
      2.) Short cut-scene before fighting each boss with both Eng&Jap text (NEW)
      3.) 2nd & 3rd boss CG (I planned for 9-10 CG but the rest will come as update)

      I try to finished all these at the end of this month and make patreon payment.
      Then register game to DLsite. So game will be release on early September (I hope XD)