Sunday, 19 July 2015

Final Boss!

  Today I just finished coding battle part for the final boss "Princess".  I spend lot of time to make her look the best of all girl.  She fighting with battle dress.  Her fighting style is 50% from 2nd boss & 50% from 3rd, 4th ,5th boss mixed.  She's still a bit buggy but I will fix her later.

  If you feel 2nd boss is hard on normal.  I'm sure you will change to easy for the princess.  She is the final boss anyway :P

And now all boss girls is finished.  Here new image that will use on DLsite


  1. I thought the Last Boss is Queen
    Why Princess?
    Well it's good too anyway XD


  2. Is it possible to pay via paypal for the patreon reward?

  3. Ah! Maybe you're right. She should be Queen.
    But Princess sound more cute :P

    Paypal can't use to Patreon if it has adult content.
    I thinking about Paypal option because many people use paypal and no credit card.
    Maybe buyers have to contact me personally. Not sure I will get banned or not if I make Paypal Button. I will decide again when game near release :D

  4. What do you think, how long until the relase?