Sunday, 5 July 2015

Final Demo

     Hi, this week I upload final demo.  You can download and see what updated on "Virgin Invader-Demo" page.  Maybe I will update demo on Dlsite page in next week too.  Feel free to comment :D


  1. Is it possible to loop the animation?
    If possible, I hope to be implemented in the commercial version.

  2. What animation you mean?
    If H-animation; you can loop in H-gallery.
    But if you mean fight/walk/hurt. I don't have plan for that. At least for now.

  3. It mean H-animation.
    Thank you for answer my question.
    Im glad.

  4. Yo i played the older demo (dlsite one), and the newer one (your website), here is what i think:

    The game is great but really hard, and i played on normal, i know this might sound like a whine but bear with me, its a hentai game, it really should be fun and not frustrating.

    For example, my primary peeve right now is the player characters recovery time, when you fall on the ground it takes a while for him to get up, just enough for his enemies to line up a shot, why not give him some invincibility or make him recover faster? for example its much faster for me to retry a level when 2-3 enemies have downed me, because getting up will get you murdered anyway.

    The enemies all take the same amount of hits to die it seems, can you make it so archers, and casters are weaker? at least to balance the fact that they also have recovery attacks, and special attacks, i mean its a minor thing to be frank but it will make the fights less tedious.

    Also one last complaint, the succubus is a demon that serves you, i'll let go of the fact the barrels, arrows, volleys, and spells don't hit other enemies, but why does the bomb hurt me when at the gate? the succubus is supposed to be on your side right? Environmental hazards like the volley would be more interesting if they also hit enemies.

    Also the sex mechanic needs to have some sort of gimmick i think, otherwise why even have a gem on a cool down there is no benefit to it, you could summon a monster to have sex in mid fight as an additional gameplay mechanic which will help you recover something, or do something, i don't really know, could be the special bar, or health or whatever.

    Panties are on a really short cooldown, i feel like it lasts for one combo at best, and doesn't feel like anything has happened maybe make them last for until you transition to another fight.

    The game is awesome otherwise, these suggestions aren't necessary if you won't implement them its fine. Thanks for making the game. I will definitely buy it at release.

  5. Thank for comment :D

    I know that my game is hard in normal if compare with other h-game. But I want my game to have some challenge. But I make Easy/Very Easy for players who not get use to this type of game or use it as practice first.

    About recovery time; now it's nearly 2 seconds for recover. I think to normal for most game. You can prepare to guard or dash when you finished recover. But I fixed code a bit. Maybe less chance for girls to move to you if you lying on the ground.

    Each girl don't have same amount of HP but yeah it not much different. Archer take less 3 hits and 5 hits for Fire Mage compare to Sword Girl. But Sword Girl have chance to guard. Lancer have same HP as sword and less guard chance but come with better range attack.

    HA! HA! about Succubus; I think it's fun to see you flying away because of your friendly bomb. But yes she's your ally. I will decrease Hp decrease because of succubus bomb by half or maybe no HP loss but still knock you flying away XD
    If arrow storm can hit girls it's will make that stage a lot more easy. Or maybe on damage but act hurt animation(like stun)

    About GEM; It's has benefit. You don't notice!? When you finished H with girl. You receive +1 special attack(MP) And it's work the same for summon-sex. Example: you can use summon-sex lancer for restore MP while fighting with 1st boss.

    Panties have 2 types. Cute 10 seconds and Sexy 20 seconds. But after you clear 3rd stage. You with get Hentai Mastery(Passive) - more HP restore from Bra and increase time for Panty.

    I'm happy you enjoy it XD

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  7. In demo, sitting attack can stagger all enemies and bosses. It even bypasses that shield crusader's guarding. Is this what it intended to work?

    1. Oh! Thank you finding it. Yes, she's should block it.
      I usually forgot to change down attack code for specific character because I rarely use it XD

  8. It made the game much more easier. So I don't know if it is left that way so a player with less skills can beat the game lol

    1. I will fix it in full version for cleric not block down attack :D

      Down attack is a bit too good when you fight 1 on 1. But I think most players who like challenge will rarely use it. For less skill players can play Easy/Very Easy mode. And may be I will make infinite HP/MP mode because many players are play only for H stuff and you can freely ryona girl in this mode, HA HA.

      So how you play is up to you "Infinite HP/MP,Vesy Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard" :P