Monday, 13 July 2015

My Patreon! (for Pre-order)

Hi everyone, I thinking over and over and now I decided.

Here my patreon!

I decided not to use paypal.  Maybe I can sell Virgin Invader without problem but who know in long term or future games.  That my paypal account will not get banned and lost all my money in account because paypal hate porn.  So I decided not to use paypal from the beginning.

This patreon is different from others.
- You don't have to worry that this project maybe never finish because it's already 90% now.
- No need to worry that I will take your money and disappear because I set charge to "per finished game" not monthly.
This patreon is for pre-order than for funding.  When my game is released and payment proceed.  I will send full-game download link to patron's e-mail.  It's will be notepad file with Mega Folder link and decryption key.  And if game have any debug or DLC version.  I will upload it on this Mega Folder.

Now it's only has 1 reward tier
"$12 - get full game when released and can access to 3 stages demo"
If someone have good idea or what you want for highly reward tier.  Please tell me to know :p

And if you enjoy my demo and want to support me.  Patreon is a better way because DLsite will cut 50% of my total sale :(

This maybe the shortest patreon ever had.  This campaign open until end of August or Virgin Invader finished (less than 2 months)  If you miss this patreon campaign; you can buy Virgin Invader at DLsite with $14.3 - $16 (1600 - 1700 yen)  XD


  1. How would the pre-order work? Do we just get a email or something or download link?

  2. When the payment proceeded. I will sent Nodepad with Mega Folder download link and decryption key to your mail that register with Patreon.

    If game have any debug or DLC. You can still use this link because Mega Folder not change link when I update file or put somethings in the folder.

  3. I sent you a PM on ULMF. Im the 50$ dude. I didn't notice your msg.

  4. Ah, i've pledged on patreon, but how to access the 3rd stage demo?
    can't wait for some more ;P

    1. Oh.. found in patreon, plz ignore me. i'm new to patreon. XD

    2. It's OK. I'm confuse too when I start to using it :P

  5. From what email address will the link come?. I get enough spam, so I send everything that isn't in my address book into the junk folder, and the stuff there disappears after 10 days. This isn't normally a problem, but I might not have internet access at the time, so I'd like to add it to my whitelist.

    1. Noticed that patreon has a message system, so i've asked you directly. That way, you don't need to put the email here and invite spam bots or something.

  6. OK um ... I will send both email and patreon message :D

  7. Some feedback on the new demo.

    The third boss is pretty tough with the revive. I had to tone it down to easy to defeat the third boss, but was able to beat it on normal afterwards. Don't suppose you can change it to revive virgins only?

    When I tried it again today however I couldn't do it on normal after 6 tries. Came very close twice but the mace wielders with their counters keep on interrupting the explosion juggle cycle.

    Also noticed the interaction between the "evil nuns" and the defeated nuns. Once you set up all 4 is something special suppose to happen? I noticed that there's a 5th nun but nothing happens. Was there suppose to be some interaction between the 5th nun and the dark priestess?

    Is the air recovery for the player new? I've never noticed it before.

    It looks like the default controls changed in the new demo. The one ones used z/x/c/v and the direction keys but the new one flips it around to WSAD for direction. I actually ended up using the JoyToKey with the Xbox controller but it seems that I was actually better with the keyboard. JoyToKey seems to have a profile for the old z/x/c/v mappings but it looks like key_config.ini in the root folder is mapped to WSAD. Maybe I missed something.

    1. Third boss isn't that hard. But you have to keep your MP full until revive appear. Then ignore clerics. Try to air combos, special attack and succubus whip to the boss. She can be defeated before nuns revive.

      About evil nuns; 4 is maximum speed. No more effect XD

      Air Recover; this is my mistake. This passive skill will get after you clear 5th stage. But in the patreon demo folder. I forgot to delete save file before upload it. That why you can use Air Recover and maybe Auto Shield Spark(clear 4th stage : when your guard break - 50% chance to stun enemies around you) :P

      For JoytoKey; I set key to default2 (I using this one and I forgot to delete this file too -.-")
      In Option, If you set default_1 : select 1st JoytoKey I set
      If you set default_2 : select 2nd JoytoKey I set
      Or you can set JoytoKey by your own if you don't like the key I already set for gamepad.