Thursday, 2 July 2015

Asking about price and how to sell on paypal

     Hi everyone,  I want to ask about how to sell game when it's finished.  I think to lower price on Dlsite a bit to 1600 yen for more downloads (it's should be around $14.1-14.5 on Eng DLsite). Still not sure about %tax on submit work page tell that 8% tax will add to sell price.  But I calculate some game price and it's look like only 3-4% tax.  Come to paypal price. Is it OK for $11-11.5 ? (I think my game already cheap with this price)

    About how to sell; I never use paypal for business before but paypal can auto link buyer to specific website right?  I planned to link buyer to MEGA that have notepad file.  In notepad file will have game MEGA Folder link and decryption key.  So player can save small notepad and download game later when he/she want. If game have any newer version, you can redownload in the same link because MEGA Folder will not change address.  And buyer no need to wait for me to send e-mail to them (I have to say that I'm lazy to send mail to all buyer too XD )  But maybe send mail to buyer later when I have time as backup link.  Is it a good idea?


  1. Yes, sounds fair

  2. Nobody have problem with MEGA right?

    If I sell notepad file. Are there a chance for paypal banned me because of adult content? Or maybe I have to make another blog only for sell code as Kyrieyu did.

  3. MEGA works great, but paypal is a pain in the ass.

  4. I would make sure that using PayPal is OK. I have heard that Paypal can shutdown your account if you are caught selling adult content.

    I have used Paypal before to buy adult stuff but I have seen a few sellers avoid Paypal due to the reason I mention above. Advice you research cause I know very little.

    Maybe don't mention anything related to adult content when using Paypal and you might be ok?

    1. I thinking about make link to other blog that don't have H-images when buy. It's safer.

      I saw azurezero mention about his paypal account locked and I think adult content is the caused :C