Thursday, 16 April 2015

Silence & Work

   Hi everyone,  nothing to post much.  I working on mid-boss, demon girls appearance/support coding and H-scene now.  And because I want most of this parts are secret.  So I will be quiet for a while because nothing to post.  Maybe I will show or post again when I completely finish stage 1-5 and H-animation for all regular enemies.

   I working hard for Virgin Invader now and want to finish it in June (I hope no more delay).  4-5 hours on Monday - Friday and 10 hours+ on holiday and don't touch my Xbox and PS3 for 3 months now.  I hope for good sales when it finish for refresh my tired  XD

Monday, 6 April 2015

Neko Maid at your service

      I'm a bit lazy lately.  It's fucking hot in summer and fan not help much.  Sometime I feel lazy and can't think of idea because of heat :(  
      OK now come to the game.  This week I make the last demon girl - Neko / Maid / Playful / Naughty / C-D cup

      Now only 3 mid boss fight and I can make stage 3-5.  Back to work again  XD