Sunday, 29 March 2015

3rd Demon Girl

   Now working on demon girls and thinking about they appearance in special fight(mid-boss).  This week I present the 3rd demon girl.

Gothic / Flat / Emotionless / Rabbit

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Fifth Boss

      After submit game to DLsite.  This week I fixed memory leak problem and use joytokey program for player who want to use gamepad.  The total progress look a lot delay than I thought.  At first I plan to finish all bosses in end of March.  But now just start the fifth boss, still have other 3 bosses left and 2 demon girls.  Maybe it can delay to end of April or more :(

Now come back to bosses again.  Here fifth boss - Twin tails,  Assassin

      And here it first time I show some H-sprite.  I think it safe and blogger no longer ban H images.
I hope you enjoy  XD

- Old Version -

- Fixed Version -


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Show some more backgrounds

     Hi, this week I spend most of my time for demo, debug and DLsite.  A bit disappoint that my game show on Dlsite new game tab only 1 day.  So many people don't notice my game exist.

     And because of reason above no new girl in this week :P  So I decide to show backgrounds instead of girl (again!?)   Backgrounds almost finished only 4 - 5 backgrounds left.  The castle backgrounds are hard because I have to make sure it's look royal and luxury enough.

    I spend many hours for these backgrounds.  I hope you like it  :D

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Invade DLsite XD

   I already submit my game on DLsite and set release date to June 2015.  I hope japanese players like it.  Here the link :

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Final Demo Released !!!

  Finally!  I'm finished the final demo.  You can see what update and download on Virgin Invader - Demo Page.  The demo still have some small bugs about memory.
- If you're in stage room and come back to main menu.  The memory will increase a bit every time you return.  But I don't worry much about this one because I don't think player will come back to main menu that often.

- If player dead and continue.  The memory will increase a bit.  It's can cause some problem if you dead more than 20-30 + (I hope you don't die that much  XD)

Please help me test this demo.  If it's ok and don't have other major serious bug.  Maybe I will submit my game on DLsite this week.

I hope you enjoy my game and thank you for testing  :D