Sunday, 15 March 2015

Fifth Boss

      After submit game to DLsite.  This week I fixed memory leak problem and use joytokey program for player who want to use gamepad.  The total progress look a lot delay than I thought.  At first I plan to finish all bosses in end of March.  But now just start the fifth boss, still have other 3 bosses left and 2 demon girls.  Maybe it can delay to end of April or more :(

Now come back to bosses again.  Here fifth boss - Twin tails,  Assassin

      And here it first time I show some H-sprite.  I think it safe and blogger no longer ban H images.
I hope you enjoy  XD

- Old Version -

- Fixed Version -



  1. Not a fan how the mc moves in the h-scene. Typically the bodypart where the D is should be the animation point, not the knees. Wolf is pretty good tho, bonus because of jiggle

  2. Er . . . yeah I notice mc look a bit weird too when you mentioned it. I will fix it later, Thank XD

  3. I'm fixed H-sprite mc with priestess. I think it's look better now : )

  4. oh my god!
    Can I breastfeeding?
    No just lactate, breastfeeding please!!


  5. Not much breastfeeding.
    Only 2 H-sprite in my mind and one of them is some kind of tentacle :P
    The other have not decide. Maybe with Main Character.

  6. breast smother :o

  7. Are you dead or why no update?

    1. Not dead yet. Just don't have much progress to post last week XD