Sunday, 21 February 2016

Closing hours for Kimochi !!!

   Some bad news, Kimochi services will be close.  I just got this email yesterday  D:

Hi all,

I am sorry to announce that the Kimochi service will be disabling all purchasable content on March 1st followed by a full shut down on March 31st. It has been a wonderful experience to help distribute your games to a wider audience, but unfortunately the financial situation does not allow us to keep the service running for much longer. Please feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions.

- Kimochi Team

- What will happen to players' downloaded games?
Players will receive a notice in the client directing them to the location of their games in their file system. After March 31st, these games will have to be accessed directly rather than through the Kimochi client.

- What will happen to players' purchased games?
If a player hasn't yet downloaded the game, they will receive a notice to do so within a month so that they can redeem their purchase. Refunds can be processed if necessary.

- When will the last payment cycle occur?
The last payments will be distributed on April 1st.

     For people who bought Virgin Invader through Kimochi.  You can find or play downloaded games on Kimochi by click at browse downloaded content button in setting.  So if you already delete Virgin Invader, please redownload it before end of March 31st.

    It's sad that the only H-games steam will be gone and a bit too fast.  So I can only sell my games through DLsite again.  Good Bye Kimochi  T_T

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Help Vote Princess Edge for Greenlight on Steam :D

      This post isn't about my own game and my current works are more on coding.  So I don't have anything much to show now :P
      OK, come to the point.  Erobotan (the creator of Blitz Angel Spica) want to release his previous game "Princess Edge - Dragon Stone" on steam.  It's side scroll beat'em up with some ecchi but not 18+.  If you like fighting / beat'em up type game and have steam account.

Help Vote Princess Edge for Greenlight Here! (click the image) :