Sunday, 21 February 2016

Closing hours for Kimochi !!!

   Some bad news, Kimochi services will be close.  I just got this email yesterday  D:

Hi all,

I am sorry to announce that the Kimochi service will be disabling all purchasable content on March 1st followed by a full shut down on March 31st. It has been a wonderful experience to help distribute your games to a wider audience, but unfortunately the financial situation does not allow us to keep the service running for much longer. Please feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions.

- Kimochi Team

- What will happen to players' downloaded games?
Players will receive a notice in the client directing them to the location of their games in their file system. After March 31st, these games will have to be accessed directly rather than through the Kimochi client.

- What will happen to players' purchased games?
If a player hasn't yet downloaded the game, they will receive a notice to do so within a month so that they can redeem their purchase. Refunds can be processed if necessary.

- When will the last payment cycle occur?
The last payments will be distributed on April 1st.

     For people who bought Virgin Invader through Kimochi.  You can find or play downloaded games on Kimochi by click at browse downloaded content button in setting.  So if you already delete Virgin Invader, please redownload it before end of March 31st.

    It's sad that the only H-games steam will be gone and a bit too fast.  So I can only sell my games through DLsite again.  Good Bye Kimochi  T_T


  1. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap21 February 2016 at 09:19

    Saw the news earlier today and thought, "Oh shit!" Not that I actually used the site or anything. It IS a shame that it ended up closing. I think it's because there isn't as big a market for hentai/ecchi games over on the western border as there is in Japan alone. That, and the English-speaking devs just aren't as developed or experienced in the eroge industry as our Japanese friends. DLSite can continue running because of the many talents and circles pushing games out. There just isn't as many circles dedicating themselves to 18+ productions elsewhere.

    It was probably ten years too early for Kimochi. I do hope to see them again one day.

  2. Sad thing. Rip, Kimochi. I will hope they will return, the only non-japan hentai market I was able to find. My payments through dlsite for virgin invader were declined by bank, but i succeeded it with kimochi. Sad thing.

  3. Yeah, really sad T_T
    Kimochi only charge me 20% from total sales.
    But DLsite charge 40%up + 3% transfer cost.

    I think the main reason why Kimochi end because more than 90% of contents are just demo or free short games. And most of them browse people to Patreon page. So people will go support creator on patreon and Kimochi will receive nothing but still have to pay files host cost. It's unfair to them D:

    1. yes, their catalog was pretty empty, most of projects are alpha or made in rpg maker vxace, and project that you can buy... you may count in fingers.
      So i think the reasons are:
      They weren't able to find enough projects to offer.
      As patrons they weren't able to offer something for what people would pledge them.

  4. Hi, I am interested in buying your game, still it bugs me that I can only get it from DLsite. The censorship is darn nuisance. Kimochi is one of the best thing happened to my life, and it will be gone forever...(T-T)...

    Can I suggest you sell your work at Mangagamer? Not sure that you are even informed of that, but here I informed you just in case. I bought just a couple of uncensored games there; there are some censored games, too--I might add. Hope you are interested.

    1. I don't think mangagamer is a place for small dev D:
      Most of games on mangagamer are games from large companies and focus on dating or visual novel.

    2. Well... Have you heard a game called "Divine Slice of Life"? I saw this from Kimuchi then I looked around then I found it in Mangagamer, too. I also found out that the game was made by one person, if I'm not mistaking this. I bought a game called "HuniePop" from Steam and Mangagamer; plus, it was made by one person. So why don't you think about it or at least contact them asking? Who knows what they will say, and it couldn't hurt, no?

    3. Ah Thank for the info. I will give it a try :D

    4. Oh! I forgot to tell you this. I also asked another creator through tumblr who's known as azurezero for censorship-free contents availability from wherever I could purchase. Then the person paste me a link to this "" website. I already forgot about this site, but thanks to this creator. This site accepts this kind of content!(TvT)
      I'm planning to buy the bundle today. So here is another choice for you. :)
      FYI, I can also tag follow any creator just like tumblr. Currently, I'm following azurezero and uheartbeast. Hope this interests you. Cheers!

    5. B-B-Bruh! I think aiming for MangaGamer might be a bit too early for you right now, not trying to demean you or anything. I mean, selling your game on MG would have you sitting next to the likes of Alicesoft and Clockup, and that's like being an ant next to giants. It's a bit too big.

      I did my own research on the topic of MangaGamer. Your games would fall under '3rd Party', which you can find in their catalog, and it includes the aforementioned Divine Slice Of Life and Huniepop.

      I researched on both games too, and actually, both of them were developed in a team. Well, maybe not DSOL, but I think the creator got an artist to do it? Not sure. Both of them were made via Kickstarter, so they got a budget backing them.

      Hundred percent sure it ain't easy to get into the MG catalog anyway. There's probably contracts and downpayments to deal with. It's a corporation, a company. Steam, DLSite, Kimochi, those were all PLATFORMS which is why it was not so difficult to push indie game business there.

      Really, it's up to you, but way I see it? Five games too early. Don't rush into this big corporate world quite yet. You'll know when you're truly ready for it.

    6. I already ask them but don't receive the result yet.
      Seem like they still decision about my game.
      But mangagamer take 50/50 from sale price. More than DLsite (O_O)!!!

    7. The result from Mangagamer is they not accept Virgin Invader :P
      I already predict this will happen anyway.

    8. I knew that would happen. Well, don't let it get you down. It's just a bit too early right now.