Sunday, 6 March 2016

Alchemist Girl Tia - Combat Show !!!

    Hi everyone, I finished basic combat for Tia and want to show to you guy.
Here combat video !

I make slope platform code but still not sure will put slope in game or not.  Because it can mess up many things.  Example when create some object on the ground but ground have different high or some image high like thunder bolt from sky that thunder mage from Virgin Invader use.  And maybe I have to do more works for make character angle go with slope with knock down or lying on slope (still don't know dow to do it).  And will add only some few room.  At least not in mini boss and boss room.

Tia Image : It change when her cloth torn(shy), hurt, knock down.  Maybe add angry face for Special attack use.

Tia can be knockout when she take damage many times.  See number max at 100 on upper right?  It will reduce when Tia take damages or knock to ground.  If it reach to zero she will knock out and this is opportunity for enemy to rape her if her cloth torn.  You need to spam button for recover from knock out.  This stat can slowly recover if she not take damage.  And it invisible in real game.

Tia has 4 Special Attack from start.  I planned for 8 Special.  The other four will more powerful and consume 2 MP per use.  Maybe hold some button+skill button for use.  First 4 skill info :

- Home Run (skill button)  :  highest damage and blow enemies away.
- Stinger (left/right + skill)  :  stab enemy multiply hits and end with powerful thrust.  Can link with combos.
- Spinning Upper (up + skill) : attack all enemies around you and higher.  Good with both link with combos and attack radius.  But lower damage that first two Special Attack.
- Stun Shot (down + skill) :  Release Spark Shot that can stun enemies in front of you.  Have the lowest damage but can stun enemies for 4 second.  Can interrupt strong enemy or boss attack.

And here Tia torn version!!!!!

   I really want she to have some red color from skirt part but torn skirt really get in the way an make animation look weird.  I hope this version look attractive enough :P

Hope you like the combat system and feel free to comment :D


  1. Can't wait for demo TwTd
    *Take a seat then waiting * 'w'

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  3. Shut up and just take my money! Well, that was a joke;; But I really like your game making style.

    1. Oh, and I got one question, aren't you gonna make virgina(?) image or expression on Tia's body?

    2. Her vergina will show in H-scenes but not in battle.
      Same as Guild Meister and Soul of Forgery :P

      She show expression on her face(shy). But not sure than she should cover her boobs with her arm or not. Because people like to see boobs moving right?

    3. Ok, thanks for the answer. And about the cover thing, I would say I like both of them, as a personal opinion. Each of them has its own pros and cons. So it is up to you! Or you could stake other's opinion using poll, if you want.

  4. Hey, MenZ ♥ Finally some news from you. I watched this video and i think this game will not have better difference from Virgin Invader.

    That was a beat'em up with evil insidious hero. And lot of cute and hard to beat girls with unique skills each, and so strong that they are deserved to bang them after winning. And this upcoming game, where main character is cute girl, and there, for the best reward in such games, a scenes, in this game you'll have to intentionally drop you health and stamina down ?

    As i understood, first part, the enemies will torn the clothes. And after this, they'll have to knock girl down, and then you get a scene. That would be awful to make her die for each scene D:.

    To make a progress and meet more enemies, i'd have to make her win. For scenes, i'd have to make her lose. In VI, i had both from wins, 2 scenes per beating new cute girl, and 3 scenes per boss girls, and five from final boss. And i had different girls there :D. There will be only one.

    1. Yes, you have to loss some HP for H scenes. There are 2 way for enemy to rape you (each enemy will have one, boss has both)
      - Rape after you knock down (lose HP if climax)
      - Rape attack like grab you and H (lose HP like normal attack)

      And game H-gallery will unlock when you clear stage. So no need to lose and you can use HP potion in this game. And I will make special button that can remove her cloth or knock her down (like in Soul of Forgery) :P

      Even if you don't lose HP, you can still see some victory H-scene. When female enemy defeated, she will lying down naked like in Virgin Invader. Then you can use your secret alchemist for sex punishment her and restore your MP (same as summon monster-H in VI). And game will have lot of female enemies (around 35-40% from total enemies).

      Summary : This game have both victory and lose rewards XD
      - Game over rape for male and monster types
      - Victory rape for female, monster girl and boss types (all bosses are female)

    2. I don't think anyone minds having to lose some HP to get the scenes, I think its more along the lines of we would like Tia to get back up some of the time. This is mostly due to the fact we don't want to have to replay the level for more scenes. I like that the gallery will be unlocked on beating the level but there is just something about watching the heroine get beaten down and taken advantage of that galleries don't capture.

      Also, it would be a shame not to have at least a few lesbian game over rapes, maybe just for the boss girls if time's a factor.

      Other than that, really liking the look of the game so far. Keep up the good work!

    3. Game will have yuri/lesbian content. Each stage will have new female enemies.
      The main content of this game is monster sex and yuri anyway :P

  5. Why if it isn't my favourite indie porno game developer! Finally updated after a while, eh? I can see that creating the assets isn't the challenge, it's the programming!

    O-Oh, this is uh, DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap. I decided to get an account for uh, reasons.

    So, uh, slopes. It breaks up the monotony of the game's sections, but I can see how it could be difficult. If you keep all slopes at the angle in the video, then there isn't much need to have characters lie down parallel to the slope since it still looks okay in the video. Attacks that come from above are the problem in this case, I guess. I'm no programming expert, so my knowledgeless assumption would be to program the attack to appear using Tia's x and y position as reference, and appear like, 3y units over her. If that makes sense. I really don't know how Game Maker works, so my advice is not really useful here.

    I would like to point out that when you use the dodge in midair, it looks like Tia's performing a bicycle kick (even though it's the exact same animation as the ground dodge). I almost feel like asking you to program her midair dodge to have hitframes and deal minimum damage as well as a bit of hitstun. All so I can feel good flip-kicking those damned flying witches. It might break the game, it might not, but adding a bit of offensive properties to that dodge might make for some fun times. Up to you in the end.

    When I see Homerun, the first thing I think is baseball, and when I think of baseball, I think of hitting things back. Dunno whether you can wrap your mind around the programming, but I feel like Homerun should have anti-projectile properties that lets you bat projectiles back to enemies. Yes, finally some revenge for all those GODDAMN FIREBALLS!

    Anyways, finally some Tia tiddies. That's all that truly mattered in the end. Just another suggestion, but maybe when she's naked, her defences decrease (because she has less clothes on) but her offense increases (because she's super embarrassed)? Since you can manually just, explode her clothes, it could instead have some benefits for you. Sure you die easier, but a 1.2x damage multiplier would really balance that out.

    Ah, and another thing. When your health bar depletes to zero, how say we get a choice NOT to head over to the game over screen yet? Like, our heroine will be left lying on the ground, and the enemies present will just rape her over and over till you press start to just get to the Game Over screen? One of my frustrations in losing a hentai fighter is that once I lose, I don't get to fap to the enemies raping the heroine.

    Anyway, it's a great and dandy thing that progress is being made. Here's to a successful release. Judging by VI's development time, your increasing abilities as a developer, the amount of content you want to add into the game, I THINK that this game should be ready by late 2016/early 2017. Good luck~

    As for improvements, nothing major, really. I think that the shift from standing to crouching and vice versa might be a bit to fast and could use one extra frame between each stance, but really, no one gives a shit about that. Just carry one as you will.

    Oh, and is Stinger a DMC reference? Nice one.

    1. Tia midair dodge will not do damage. But your idea is good too.
      Maybe when you upgrade her dodge ability max. It will do some damage or at least interrupt enemy. (you can only dodge 1 time and stop at first. you need to upgrade dodge skill to dodge 3 times continually)

      I will think about home run and reflex projectile :D

      I think no for defences decrease when naked because you already loss some HP for naked and knock down (if don't use special button :P). It's will be more harder to see H-scene in battle if she more easier to defeat.

      When you defeated, Tia will lying on the ground for enemies to have some fun XD

      I thinking about add a frame between idle and crouch too. But I feel lazy and I don't think people care much. I will add it later.

      About develop time, I not such how much it take. I use less time for coding because I don't have to start from zero like VI. But this game have bigger image resolution and more content than VI. And the most part is depend on Patreon. I planned to start patreon after the first demo finished. If it's go well, I can quit my office job and have more time to work on Tia project. So game progress will increase +50% at minimum and I have more times to rest XD

    2. Don't quit your office job unless you REALLY want to become game maker :(
      About combat system, Tia really remind me about .... Zero from X4 =))

    3. Game Maker is my dream job (but when I was a child, it's just game maker not H game maker :P)
      But I still need enough income before I quit my job. Like $2,500 - 3,000 per month for guarantee my saving and survive.

    4. I can see and understand your point with the defence decrease. Kinda sucks to play a game where you try to lose to get some porn, but the more you do it, the more you die. I DID play a game before where they had a system where if you get raped, if you do nothing, you don't take damage whatsoever. But, if you struggle to break free, that's when you start to lose HP. Very interesting system there.

      I estimated a one year development because of the systems you wished to put inside. The programming for most of the base game is there, but I think the additions are what'll make things a bit more difficult. Y'know, higher res sprites, actual platforming, an alchemy system, the UI design for all that... It'll take some time. It should go smoother if your Patreon campaign goes successful and you want to quit--

      Wait what?! You wanna quit your job?! Well, I know accountancy can be pretty hectic and pretty ass, but bruuuuuuuuuuh~ Well whatever, if you can reach your goal, that's great, I guess. I see lots of western porno game devs hitting the two-thousand mark, even guys who're just translating RPGMaker games. So it's possible. I guess.

    5. About H-scene and HP damage.
      - If you knock down and enemy rape you. You will lose HP only when Tia H-climax. So you can break free before than (same as Soul of Forgery). After climax, Tia will still knock out so enemy can walk to her and continue rape. You don't need to get up and lose HP for knock out if you want to see another H.

      If enemy use H-attack on Tia. She will lose HP and get rape. After that, you can freely see H-scene or break free. But maybe some H-attack will do HP damage overtime.

      About real life, accountant isn't bad. I'm OK with it, don't like but don't hate either. There are 3 main reason I want to quit my job.
      - If Patreon go well, it's can make more income than accountant.
      - Working on both job is OK for now but I rarely have free time when I seriously do both. So I don't know I will burn out on 3rd or 4th game.
      - My mom will be 70 year old on next year. All sons have to work outside. It will be great if one of the son can work at home and here my opportunity.

      But everything is in the future. So I will think about it later. For now the demo come first :P
      I thinking about Game Maker Studio - HTML export. I don't know much about it but if I can post my demo on newground. Maybe it can help me a lot on advertise part :D

    6. I guess that's a good enough system. However, a big problem with VI that I had was that when I got knocked down, I stayed on the ground much longer than I wanted to, and it kinda killed the pacing of the game. Maybe you should throw in a quick recovery system so you can get out of the knock out state quickly by hitting jump or dodge? Sometimes when I'm playing, I'm not exactly in a very fapping mood.

      Ah, I see, it's so you can keep your mom company. It's fine, mothers in their old ages just want to have their children around every now and then. Just remember to quickly close your tabs if she barges in.

      Newgrounds is actually a brilliant idea. Zone-tan got all his(her?) popularity making demo games over there and I sometimes head down there for quick game. Community was quite bustling (at least it was the last time I visited), so the word should get out pretty easily.

    7. I don't think VI knock down time is that long. It around nearly 2 second if my memory right and it's similar to most beatem up game. But maybe if you knock down often, it may feel annoying :P Maybe 1 second for knock down and recover?

      I got newground idea by ViperV (maker of Divine Arm). His demo got 300,000+ views in only 3 months on newground. Newground have very large community. I think that why his patreon go ridiculous fast ($6,000 + in 3 months).

    8. Hurr hurr, two words. Fire Witches. All the time. Every single time. No matter what. Always the Fire Witches. One second knockdown time sounds good on principle, but really, some players actually DO want to stay knocked down this time around. I think staying knocked down till you press something would be a better overall system since it lets you choose whether you want to see some rape or get back in the action.

      Oh dear, this ViperV guy worked in Hentaikey. He's already got some rep backing him. Tried out Divine Arm too and boy, that is HIGH QUALITY H-scenes. Sugoiiii~!

      His Patreon goals are quite interesting too. Design your monster and stuff and stuff, that's the kinda stuff that makes people wanna fork out more money. Now there's a guy who really knows what he's pulling.

      I also found a guy named Vosmug who made Xenotake and is currently creating Ghost Hunter Vena, uses GameMaker too. Guy's got a pretty large fanbase (comments going to 200) and has some partners helping him out. Looks to be a storyline>gameplay type of dev tho (much dialogue, much wow). Regardless, he's pretty good given that you and him practically utilize the same tools.

    9. After Tia naked, press button(jump) for recover maybe a good idea but still need a less one second before press recover. And if her stamina drain out, you have to spam button. So she can get rape by one heavy attack(knock down).

      Yeah, those two dev have large back up. I like Vosmug. His art is normal but story and game play are great even with out H content.

      For ViperV patreon goal, the goals are good and interesting and you can receive update game by $3. I think $3 is suit for update game because patrons can receive a least 5 times update. It's enough to know how game develop and get full game too. Not like most ridiculous 3D CG + RPG Maker that most of them need $10 for game update (I can buy good game for 2 update incomplete game -*-). But I don't like his design monster tier ($20+) because it's random. So most people will paid $20 tier without receive anything if they out of luck D:

    10. Xenotake was just so so on the gameplay since it was real straightforward, but GHV looks to be something quite interesting, based on the demos I tried. Having character portraits during dialogues really makes for eye-candy, not to mention the fun exorcism/platforming combo.

      It's random? Like a lottery? Wow, what a pain~ I feel like a $50 tier GUARANTEED monster design would be more worth it. You could totes have a goal like that, $50 or something to input your waifu in the game, ha~

      Though, to be frank, stretchgoals like that are fun but I read about a Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign for a Kaiju game where some furry took that stretchgoal and kept pestering the developers to push his creation forward more and more. The game would be done by now if said furry wasn't hassling the devs till now. Dangerous grounds right there. Sometimes the money just isn't worth it.

    11. I played GHV too. It's fun but lack of H content in demo.

      I thinking about enemy design reward too but not sure how much it's cost :P

    12. Only two enemies and a boss, if I remember. That makes three. What I liked the most was the platforming, where your glove sprouts wings or something? That sort of freedom to fly anywhere feels nice. Another favourite of mine was the Onimusha-style soul-aborption thing, that looks rad.

      Enemy design tier reward are usually very high to avoid having too many enemies in the game. Maybe you can try like, having limited slots in that tier? And then you give the patrons options from a list of the enemy types (Maid, Bunnygirl, Lamia, etc). Then they'll be able to pick how said enemy type should look (clothing, hair colour, hairstyle, face, bust size). Of course, it'd have to be limited by how many different enemy-types you have planned in the game, so the slots could end up being like twelve or so. First come, first serve of course, if the first guy picks bunnygirl, everyone else is shit outta luck.

      Following this plan, I'd say around 60-100? It should be fair, I mean, some games make you donate 500 for something like that.

      Summary for plan: It's not CREATE an enemy, but DESIGN the enemy according to their taste. I know I'd pay a hefty amount to make the enemy maid a QT blonde with curly locks.

    13. Thank for the reward tier idea, will think about it. But for me the monster design tier will be more expensive for reason (it's should be $150-200) because my reward tier will look at total pledges. It's more fair for patrons. So I can't separate on how much this patron paid for design tier and for other tier like other patreon that use monthly reward. But patrons who paid for design tier will receive all other lower reward tier :D

  6. what about H Fight make femele rape male enemy or let them the rape
    when you lose all hp.
    i old fun Virgin Invader game for male

    1. Eh! you mean Tia rape male enemy?
      No for that O_O!

    2. Accept! That must be holy cow!! @A@

    3. Femdom is also a considerable option.

    4. Femdom! not sure about that.

      But some enemy can use horny gas/perfume that make Tia horny. So the H-scene with involve with this gas will seem like Tia accept H and maybe she will be the one who do the H. Like blowjob, tit job and H position that girl on top XD

    5. Aphrodisiac gas only means one thing: Ahegao.

    6. than you must make H-scene by rape male enemy not only some female enemy. maust think about it this game is near complete.

  7. That's EPIC!! Action goes very smooth. Just only watch your video leave me some kind of fun and excitement. And drawing styles as well. Everything you do is improved. Especially movement, I like combo-action style, because I love attacking with combos that is giving no chance the opponent to rise. Can't wait to see this completed project.

    PS. Congratulation on your interview. I had just finished reading your interview in DLsite. How do you feel? I suppose that was your first interview 555. I will come to see you sometimes. Good Luck!
    (Why didn't I send you comment in Thai? Well, I want to practice my English a little bit. And sorry if it's hard to read. =w=)

    1. Wow! Thai people XD
      Thank you for your praise and yeah, it feel a bit weird for my first interview.
      Your English skill is good. I think your English skill maybe better than me 555.

  8. Congrats on your interview. The game is coming along nicely. I kinda like the femdom idea where she has her way with a male enemy would be a cool role reversal for the game. I do like the homerun reflects projectiles idea would be a good way of using enemy attacks to your advantage. Cant wait to play the demo.

    1. I'm not sure about femdom idea because I want her to be cute girl with justice. So I don't think she will rape enemy by herself. If alchemist sex item (summon-H) to male enemy? still don't have idea for this kind of stuff. Only if she can create monster girl !? But it seem weird for her to create monster girls.

    2. I think we should forget punishing male enemies to begin with, since any punishment would be bliss for them. You rape them and it feels good for them. Summon a monster girl to rape them, and it still feels good. The only actual punishment that would count is pegging, but that's not something I want to see. Male enemies should just explode when they die.

    3. Yes, it's weird to H male enemies for me. It's not my fetish after all XD

  9. Is there going to be full nude sprite? I like barefoot girls

    1. Sorry, no fully naked for Tia's battle sprite.
      Her shoes will not torn off while fighting :P