Sunday, 27 December 2015

Oh! Tia Is that hurt?

     Finished Tia hurt animation and drawing her back parts.  Hope to finish her normal attack animation on New Year holiday.  So I can start make first enemy and do coding for game mechanic.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

New jog and evade animation

    Hi, two weeks passed and the progress go very slow D:   I did not start draw her back part but I remake many parts for her front side.  I add her weight a little, make less shadow for easier when connect each body parts.  I think she look better.  Only finish her new jog and evade animation.

    At first, I make dash animation for her but I feel boring because many character or game use dash.  So I try to make back flip for her evade animation.  The fighter should roll or flip, not dash right?
 I try to set animation speed by Gimp.  Hope it look good  :D

(Click on image for full resolution)


Evade (Fixed)

Monday, 23 November 2015

Alchemist Girl Tia Project - Start!

    Hi everyone, I spend lot of time for Tia and now I finished her idle and jog sprites.  I try to draw her in large image and scale down to 32% in game.  Still have to draw her back part (tired -*-).  I think she look cute enough and hope everyone love her  ^.^

In game sprite (32% from original)


 Full Scale (click image for full view)

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Virgin Invader V1.1 (Final Version)

     Virgin Invader V1.1 is now released on DLsite & Kimochi.  Please update XD
- Add All CG (10 CG)
- Fixed 3rd CG
- Add Arena Mode : 20 special fights for people who want more challenge

And here uncensored file for V1.1!bttj1aCK!NU4kjsruZ9vjONeYmnMpdnsrhbKrScDYjF4sazH445A

I hope everyone enjoy ^^

    Now I trying to draw and make idle sprite for Tia (Alchemist Girl - Tia).   But I think it's will take lot of time because I planned to try Spine for make animation.  So I need time for learn Spine.  I will show her after I finished her first animation :D

Friday, 23 October 2015

Vote Result & 2nd Game Concept & Main Character Design !

   Hi everyone, thank you for your vote.  Now the poll for my 2nd game is closed and I want to show the result.  This is the vote result after select heavy filter(remove spam vote - around 80-100 spam votes >.<")

The winner is Alchemist Girl.  
At first fox/wolf girl 1st but after the end of the first week.  Alchemist girl lead the poll until the end.

I already design her outfits.  I want to show and receive your comments :D

I still not decide which design to use yet.   About minor detail like eyes color, hair color, show bare legs or long socks.  These detail maybe change in the final.  But Pony tail is my favorite :P

Alchemist Girl Detail : 
    Her name should be Claire, Ellie, Reila, Tia (My favorite name for girl).  They sound simple and cute.  She is a good girl, hard-worker, a bit tom boy and do violent things when she's angry.  She open small atelier outside the town and make potions for living.  But the bad alchemist organization invade the town and spread gases that make people in town become mindless and living only for sex.
She have to travel to various places for collect special ingredients to make item that can help people in town.  But the bad alchemist organization will interrupt her journey.

Sub Character (Mascot) :
    She live with her small, cute, chubby, flying monster (like a mascot character in most Magical Girl Anime).  He is MC's servant who help her alchemy job and training combat skill (She use him as boxing sandbag -.-")  He look cute and gentle but his real personality is pervert.  He usually do ecchi thing to his master when she's not carefully like silently move under her skirt for see which panty she wear today while she synthesis alchemy at the cauldron,  charge to her boobs when she's back home as welcome or peep while she take a bath (and these are the reasons why she use him as boxing sandbag XD).  And if she noticed his ecchi move.  She will stomp him with her boot, smash with staff or use alchemy items on him.  But he still continue do it as part of his life.  I want to put him in game because more character can make better dialogue, comedy parts and he has role to punish female bosses.

Combat Style & Alchemy :
    She use martial art with long staff (similar to Leia in Tales of Xillia).  Game will have alchemy system that allow you to make alchemy items like HP/MP potion, Fire/Ice/Lighting/Cyclone bomb, Stat+ potion, toxic mist and others.  Enemies have a chance to drop gem with different colors.  Each potion will use different number of gems (example: fire bome use 3 red gems / Cyclone use 2 blue + 2 yellow gems).  You can use colorless gem for upgrade your HP/ ATK /Stamina.  And maybe create accessories that you can equipped for increase stat or passive skill.

    She not hesitate to punish defeated female enemies with her alchemy.  She can regain MP by summon-H same as Virgin Invader.

   She will have 4 special attack same as Virgin Invader but my currently have 5 ideas so I have to cut one out  D:
    -  Spinning staff and move upper for attack surrounding enemies and air (maybe you can continue air combos after this special attack)
    -  Charge Forward and moving herself too (Same as down+special Invader's attack)
    -  Power up her staff and throw it like a lance (same as Escha Skill in Atelier Escha & Logy)
    -  Power Smash - Power up her staff and use it like baseball bat.  Make enemies in front of her fly away.
    -  Rapid Stab - attack multiply hit to enemies in front of her.  this move will not make your enemies knock down.  So you can continue your combos.

About Art and Graphic :
     I planned to make larger scale for character maybe same as Guild Meister size and will add more frame for make animation smoother.  But still have to careful about memory problem, not sure how Game Maker Studio can deal with it (have to test first).  For Virgin Invader, I made left/right sprites because it easier for my noob coding skill but it waste of memory (+40% memory for each character loaded).  But this time I will use coding for help left/right images and use these space of memory for larger images.  I planned to draw character in larger size and scale down, not 1 : 1 as Virgin Invader.

(Image in red circle maybe in-game size)

Plan and Idea about game play :
- All bosses are alchemist girl.  They will use martial art and alchemy tech/weapon.
- Your enemies are Alchemists, Mercenaries, Monsters, Monster Girls.  I try to list enemies I have to make and maybe game will have more than 30 or 40+ type of enemies (for 6 stages)  Each enemy will have 1 H-scenes and 2-3 for boss.  Not confirm gang bang yet (40% of enemies are girls  XD)
- Game will have 6 stages, not count prologue stage.  And maybe add 2 more stages if I make patreon goal and it's reach.
- Each stage are larger than Virgin Invader (you can think of Odin Sphere or Oboro Muramasa Map)
- In some room will have treasure chest or girl raping by monster.  You will receive gems, potions or Alchemy Scroll(unlock potions) for rewards.  And sometime you have to use alchemy for help searching.  Fire bomb for destroy large rock, melt ice.  Cyclone for blow the flame field and ETC.
- I want to put some platform in the fight.  Example : jumping on the higher cliff, tree branch while fighting.  But not confident much about how to make AI deal with platform. Not confirm this idea yet, maybe have to wait and try Odin Sphere Remake (Odin Sphere Leifthrasir) for more ideas.

Still thinking about main character H-scenes :
- Cloth Durable System : If you take damage, your cloth durable will decrease and cloth will be torn when it reach to 0.  Then you will get rape by some enemies attack or while knock down depend on each enemy.  
- If you take H-attack you will lose HP same as fully cloth but will change hurt to H animation and increase some H-climax (freely see H-scene or break out)
- If you get rape while knock down, your H-climax will slowly continually increase and you have to spam button for break. If H-climax full, you will lose some HP.
- You can restore cloth at save point (half stage and before boss)

And Finally about Virgin Invader CG Progress :
  I think I can finish 9th CG this week but the problem is I have to make 10 CG because I can't put all demon girls in a CG >.<"   So I separate them out (Succubus+Dark Priest and Bunny+Cat).  And maybe add some extra fight for people who want more challenge; example : more aggressive boss, 2 bosses at once and etc.  But no new H-sprites :P   So the final version of Virgin Invader will finish in 1-2 week.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Virgin Invader is now on Kimochi with $13.5

   Hi everyone, Virgin Invader is now selling on Kimochi with $13.5  (because the service fee is cheap :D)
You can buy Virgin Invader(already uncensored) by credit card and test games from other developers.

Please support both MenZ Studio and Kimochi here :

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Virgin Invader V1.02 is out on DLsite

   Virgin Invader V1.02 Updated :
- Sound Bug Fixed
- Add 2 new HCG
- In Animation Gallery Room : Add 4th H-State (Loop - Slow/Fast/Climax then back to Slow without knock girl out)  Can toggle by F1/F2
- Add Dark Nun in Gallery
- Fixed some English Dialogue

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Important !!! - Vote for my 2nd game XD

   Hi everyone, I thinking about 2nd game idea for now.  After I see Virgin Invader sales for a week passed. ( T_T )  I decided that my next game will have girl main character.  Maybe male mc not popular enough.
Sorry for people who like male mc.

   Game still fighting genre as Virgin Invader but will change some part :
- Speed up movement
- Add lv or upgrade system (maybe upgrade system is more suitable for stage game)
- Item for use : HP potion, power+ duration, etc.
- Weaker enemy but spawn more compare to Virgin Invader
- Game will be easier on Normal because many people complain about Virgin Invader difficulty.  But    I will make difficult option range from Very Easy - Very Hard or maybe up to Hell/Chaos
- Game over rape but your character will get rape in battle : when knock down or some enemies     attack
- H content will unlock when you cleared stage.  So no need to lose
- Maybe have punishment sex to defeated female enemies like Thunder Warrior Raidy, maybe CG   or sprites (not decide yet)
- If you worry that you will not see variety of girls. 15-20% of enemies will be girl or futa (mostly girl because I like yuri ^.^ )

Still not sure about how stage look like.  Should I make open world or stages.
- If I make stages - upgrade system and more easier to make ( more on this choice)
- If I make open world - lv system and maybe equipment.  Worry about story, dialogue and background maps.

  I thinking about increase character size.  Maybe character size will similar size to Guild Meister 2 or Soul of Forgery.  So The H content will look more better.
Enemies will focus on close range attack because if character is larger, the view will close up and players will have more problem with long range attack.
Still worry about game memory problem(larger images = more memory use) but I thinking about upgrade game engine to Game Maker Studio.  So maybe it's can help (Have to lose times learning GM studio -*-)

If you want to see how gameplay look like.  It's similar to Oboro Muramasa or Muramasa Rebirth from Vanillaware.  But maybe don't have that air dash attack because mc not a ninja  :P

Now time for vote about Main character and game theme XD
1.) Alchemist Girl
Story/Theme :
     The Dark Alchemist Clan invade and use dark art to make people in the town lose they mind and become lustful.  People become like slaves and do only sex.  Your character is Alchemist girl who live in Atelier outside the town.  You have to go to various places for find ingredients to create alchemist item that can help people in town while the Dark Alchemist members will come to interrupt you.

     If you're thinking about cute alchemist girl like Aterlier Arland or Dusk from Gust that use staff, cute pose and shoot magic from staff.  Sorry :P she will swing her staff smash on enemies head, do combos and power smash with home run pose.  And she will use alchemist attack too like explosive, ice, gas (maybe for special attack)

Main EnemyType :
Human(Dark Alchemist), Alchemist Monster, Monster Girls and field enemies (depend on stage theme)

Benefit :
Have widest range of H content / sex fetish because She go to collect ingredients in various places and Alchemist Monsters can be varieties.

2.) Elf Girl
Story/Theme : 
    You play as elf girl who fight against the Dark Force that come to attack her home town.  Your duty is to destroy the evils and rescue kidnapped elves.  She will use both sword and bow.  You can combine short and long range attack as you like.  (Arrow maybe limit and wait time for recharge)

Main EnemyType :
Orc, Goblin, Dark Elves, Demon and field enemies (depend on stage theme)

Benefit :
If you like Elf, Dark Elf, Demon and maybe Zombies  :P

3.) Fox / Wolf Girl
Story/Theme : 
     Long time ago, human and werebeast made a contract that will not invade each others.  But in the last few years, the ruler of human break the contract.  Bandits and mercenaries attack and kidnapped werebeast.  Then sell them as sex slaves or research objects.  The queen of Fluffy Ears tribe send you to rescue kidnapped werebeast and find why human break there contract.

     You play as werefox or werewolf girl.  She use her claws and kick as weapon.  She maybe have the best speed compare to other 2 mc but shortest range.

Main EnemyType : 
Human(Bandits / Mercenaries), Werebeast and field enemies (depend on stage theme)

Benefit :
Werefox / Werewolf / Werecat (Fluffy Ears / Tail Girls)

* * * About Field Enemies : depend on story and theme stage (didn't think about it yet)
- If Forest maybe have Wolf, Snake, Alraune 
- If Water maybe have Fish, Merman, Mermaid 
- If Cave maybe have Imp, Golem, slime, Tentacle monster 
    So still can have various of enemy types or sex fetishes but you will more encounter "Main enemy type" 

     You're the one who decide my 2nd game.  The poll is on the tab bar(right side).
Each person have 1 vote and 2 for Virgin Invader Patrons, so think carefully.  Feel free to comment and share what you think.  

The poll will close when I start drawing the 9th CG for Virgin Invader. 
(Current progress 50% on 4th CG, around one month I think)

Monday, 14 September 2015

Virgin Invader released on Eng DLsite :D

Virgin Invader is now released on Eng DLsite page.
Please support  :D

And here uncensored resources (replace it in your game folder)
Password is on line 3= in save file _ _ _ _  (you have to cleared 3rd stage first)!qwMVBKTY!e41L5HLDWCa0Lq0V-mqhAydmffoA_Lq_o4gcqzqS9QM

Monday, 7 September 2015

Virgin Invader V1.01 (Debug)

Virgin Invader V1.01 is updated on DLsite

- Button config bug fixed
- Weird HP bar fixed
- Grey room on 3rd stage fixed
- Continue bug on 6th stage fixed
- Shadow Claw(Cat Maid - Summon Skill) sometime make enemy invincible fixed

* Still can't fix sound missing bug :  if sound not play properly.
Try to quit game then come back,  it can help.  Don't worry you can use continue and backspace for skip cleared room or stage.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Virgin Invader is invading DLsite now !!!

     Finally, Virgin Invader is released on JP DLsite.  Please support  XD
I will put Eng DLsite link later when it released.

Download Demo & Buy Virgin Invader Here! :

(Current version have 2 CG, the rest will come out as update :D)

The game still have some minor bugs (you can still play game til end, don't worry) :
If game BGM or sound effect is silent or not play properly.  Try to quit the game(not main menu).
Don't worry, you can go back to your last room by continue & backspace.

Friday, 4 September 2015

DLsite & Curiousfactory made me sick T_T

     Today, I woke up in the morning and check mail.  Then I really feel mad when I saw this fucking mail from Curiousfactory.

      I visit DLsite page day&night for 3 days for see "Is my first game already released?" And then see this non sense mail today.  I checked the link 10 times and really sure it's can download.  Maybe because they don't have new mega but aren't they try to click on "download through your browser" ???  

I'm now uploading Virgin Invader again and have to wait more 3-5 days for fucking both curious factory and DLsite. Sorry but please wait a bit more.  I really want to cry now  T_T

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Virgin Invader is finished & Submit to DLsite :D

      Hi everyone, Virgin Invader is now complete.  But today is holiday so DLsite will not look at my work anyway.  So I will test game a bit more today before submit to DLsite.  For now,  just only pray that it can pass censorship without problem :P

      And more update about game; I add camera view in Sprites Gallery Room.  You can toggle it by "F3".  So you can change to camera view and leave player off screen, see all girls without player walking around.  And fixed zoom, Player HP bar will stay in the same size when you zoom.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Final Demo / Release Date / Pre-order End / Video Trailer (O_O !!!

   Hi everyone, I'm have important news about Virgin Invader today.

1.) Video Trailer :

2.) New Public Demo Updated :  you can download it on Virgin Invader - Demo Page.
     -  Add Cutscene with both Japanese and English (Japanese is default setting)
     -  Add CG Gallery
     -  Add Credit
     -  Fixed Sit Attack

3.) Release Date :   
     Now, current game progress is nearly finish.  I think I can finish Virgin Invader at the end of August.  Then submit game to Dlsite.  So game will be release on early Sep (if it pass censorship) All I left are :
    -  2 H-sprite (7th boss Summon-H, 5P sex with demon girls)
    -  Update sprite gallery
    -  Ending
    -  Final Boss voice and some minor details
    -  Censor some sprites (mostly Summon-H because I already draw censor dick for player)

4.) Patreon Paid Post (Pre-order End) :
      $12 - Pre Order will end at 30th August.  I will make paid post on the morning of 31 August (My Time Zone when I wake up -*-)  After I noticed that game launch on DLsite.  I will post on Patreon and send download link on Patreon message (I can send to many patrons at once and no mail spam problem)
      If you pledge after paid post you will not get the game.  You can still buy Virgin Invader on DLsite at $15.8

And last is 2nd CG (3rd - 9th CG will come as update after game released)  

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Virgin Invader will have cut-scene and dialogue for each boss fight XD

     Hi everyone, good news this week.  I try to do cut-scene and dialogue for make Virgin Invader feel more lively.  It's will show some character's personality and some joke because I want game to have comedy theme than serious them (even game has rape element :P)  But still don't hope much about story much HA HA.  Scenes will have both English and Japanese text with around 8 - 16 sentences.  Thank to nice guy who help me fixed grammar and translate to Japanese (I still didn't ask that he want credit or not XD)

    Here some sample scenes and HD character images that will use in cut-scene.


    I will try to make 2nd boss CG this week.
    Then I can make update demo with cut-scenes and CG gallery  :D

Edit : Just finished 2nd CG Sketch ( I hope you guy like it  :P )

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Bad & Good News

    Hi everyone, Bad news first.  I decide to cancel HD sprite animation because lack of experience and tool.  I spend amount of time for my first H-CG at my current skill (don't want to think for HD sprites).  And lack of tool;  I use Spriter for my animation but Spriter current version can't use free deform and meshes feature.  I don't want to spend $300 for Spine. I tried Spine free version and I not get use to it.  Spriter is a lot easier to use for me.  So maybe better to wait until Spriter can use this 2 features.  If you don't understand what are free deform or meshes.  Try to search google "spine meshes" :D

    Now good news;  I try to draw 1st boss CG and it's my first H-CG.  It's look better than I thought.  But I lazy to draw Minotaur because not good with muscle stuff and background too  :P

Feel free to comment about this CG ( Now thinking about Succubus & 2nd boss XD )

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Final Boss!

  Today I just finished coding battle part for the final boss "Princess".  I spend lot of time to make her look the best of all girl.  She fighting with battle dress.  Her fighting style is 50% from 2nd boss & 50% from 3rd, 4th ,5th boss mixed.  She's still a bit buggy but I will fix her later.

  If you feel 2nd boss is hard on normal.  I'm sure you will change to easy for the princess.  She is the final boss anyway :P

And now all boss girls is finished.  Here new image that will use on DLsite

Saturday, 18 July 2015

1st & 2nd Stage Game play video

Virgin Invader - 1st Stage

Virgin Invader - 2nd Stage

I don't know what to show in this week.  So I uploaded my 1st & 2nd stages gameplay video for show how to play and combos.  

The fighting result maybe not that good because it's 1 take video, thinking what I should do? and a bit lag while playing and recording together :P  I'm have 0 experience for making video but  I hope it look OK.

Monday, 13 July 2015

My Patreon! (for Pre-order)

Hi everyone, I thinking over and over and now I decided.

Here my patreon!

I decided not to use paypal.  Maybe I can sell Virgin Invader without problem but who know in long term or future games.  That my paypal account will not get banned and lost all my money in account because paypal hate porn.  So I decided not to use paypal from the beginning.

This patreon is different from others.
- You don't have to worry that this project maybe never finish because it's already 90% now.
- No need to worry that I will take your money and disappear because I set charge to "per finished game" not monthly.
This patreon is for pre-order than for funding.  When my game is released and payment proceed.  I will send full-game download link to patron's e-mail.  It's will be notepad file with Mega Folder link and decryption key.  And if game have any debug or DLC version.  I will upload it on this Mega Folder.

Now it's only has 1 reward tier
"$12 - get full game when released and can access to 3 stages demo"
If someone have good idea or what you want for highly reward tier.  Please tell me to know :p

And if you enjoy my demo and want to support me.  Patreon is a better way because DLsite will cut 50% of my total sale :(

This maybe the shortest patreon ever had.  This campaign open until end of August or Virgin Invader finished (less than 2 months)  If you miss this patreon campaign; you can buy Virgin Invader at DLsite with $14.3 - $16 (1600 - 1700 yen)  XD

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Final Demo

     Hi, this week I upload final demo.  You can download and see what updated on "Virgin Invader-Demo" page.  Maybe I will update demo on Dlsite page in next week too.  Feel free to comment :D

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Asking about price and how to sell on paypal

     Hi everyone,  I want to ask about how to sell game when it's finished.  I think to lower price on Dlsite a bit to 1600 yen for more downloads (it's should be around $14.1-14.5 on Eng DLsite). Still not sure about %tax on submit work page tell that 8% tax will add to sell price.  But I calculate some game price and it's look like only 3-4% tax.  Come to paypal price. Is it OK for $11-11.5 ? (I think my game already cheap with this price)

    About how to sell; I never use paypal for business before but paypal can auto link buyer to specific website right?  I planned to link buyer to MEGA that have notepad file.  In notepad file will have game MEGA Folder link and decryption key.  So player can save small notepad and download game later when he/she want. If game have any newer version, you can redownload in the same link because MEGA Folder will not change address.  And buyer no need to wait for me to send e-mail to them (I have to say that I'm lazy to send mail to all buyer too XD )  But maybe send mail to buyer later when I have time as backup link.  Is it a good idea?

Monday, 29 June 2015

7th Boss

     First for people who waiting for game release on June.  I apologize that the game will delay to late July or maybe August.  It's still have lot of work to do.  Each boss take a lot of time for animation and code because all of them have many attack move, different fight style and I have to make them not too hard and not too easy.

     Now I finished coding 7th boss (still left H-scenes work as always -.-" )  She is a cute and adorable maid.  Boss?  How can she fight against the bad guy!?   You will see in full game  :P

Back to work. Only the last boss left now   XD  

Sunday, 21 June 2015

6th Boss

       I finished coding 6th boss this week and starting 7th boss now.  But still not finished her H-scenes yet.  She's commander who guarding castle.  She's use halberd and tower shield. Her attacks are easy to evade but can do massive damage same as 1st boss.  Now only 2 bosses left  :D

Saturday, 13 June 2015

All 4 Demon Girls

    Nearly finish 6th boss now but nothing for post or show about her.   So I show all 4 demon girls this time.  Lazy for hide them now because I plan to show them in promote sample images anyway   :P

   I try to make each of them have different appearance and different skill

Succubus         -  good for damage dealer
Dark Priest      -  have heal ability
Bunny Witch   -  good for long range attack and many enemies
Neko Maid      -  have ability to hold enemies

I hope you like them  :D

Sunday, 10 May 2015

I'm Back !!!

      Hi guy, long time on see.  I appear that mean I already finished 5th stage? . . . HA HA NO!.  But I finished all first 5 stages H-scene and I will start making stages in next week.  I realized that I add too much fucking animation for player.  So I add more variety for him in later stage like kissing, lick, tit play, fingers.  And now I already finished 51 H-sprites now ( total should be 65 - 68 H-sprites).  

     Now I want to show some finished H-sprites and maybe this is the last time I show these sprites because I want to keep all the rest in secret  XD    Here you go!

Zombies gang bang, match the church theme

Taste good ?


I remember someone on ULMF want to see wooden horse.  But it's black-steel horse :P

She's yummy too

And I remake Succubus H-sprite for make she feel more happy, horny and moar.  Her tongue will come out when she near climax.  But I hope people notice her tongue because sprites is small  -*-

 near climax

 near climax

Still not sure the game will finish on June.  So go back to work again and  I hope you guy happy with these H-sprite  ^.^

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Silence & Work

   Hi everyone,  nothing to post much.  I working on mid-boss, demon girls appearance/support coding and H-scene now.  And because I want most of this parts are secret.  So I will be quiet for a while because nothing to post.  Maybe I will show or post again when I completely finish stage 1-5 and H-animation for all regular enemies.

   I working hard for Virgin Invader now and want to finish it in June (I hope no more delay).  4-5 hours on Monday - Friday and 10 hours+ on holiday and don't touch my Xbox and PS3 for 3 months now.  I hope for good sales when it finish for refresh my tired  XD

Monday, 6 April 2015

Neko Maid at your service

      I'm a bit lazy lately.  It's fucking hot in summer and fan not help much.  Sometime I feel lazy and can't think of idea because of heat :(  
      OK now come to the game.  This week I make the last demon girl - Neko / Maid / Playful / Naughty / C-D cup

      Now only 3 mid boss fight and I can make stage 3-5.  Back to work again  XD

Sunday, 29 March 2015

3rd Demon Girl

   Now working on demon girls and thinking about they appearance in special fight(mid-boss).  This week I present the 3rd demon girl.

Gothic / Flat / Emotionless / Rabbit

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Fifth Boss

      After submit game to DLsite.  This week I fixed memory leak problem and use joytokey program for player who want to use gamepad.  The total progress look a lot delay than I thought.  At first I plan to finish all bosses in end of March.  But now just start the fifth boss, still have other 3 bosses left and 2 demon girls.  Maybe it can delay to end of April or more :(

Now come back to bosses again.  Here fifth boss - Twin tails,  Assassin

      And here it first time I show some H-sprite.  I think it safe and blogger no longer ban H images.
I hope you enjoy  XD

- Old Version -

- Fixed Version -


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Show some more backgrounds

     Hi, this week I spend most of my time for demo, debug and DLsite.  A bit disappoint that my game show on Dlsite new game tab only 1 day.  So many people don't notice my game exist.

     And because of reason above no new girl in this week :P  So I decide to show backgrounds instead of girl (again!?)   Backgrounds almost finished only 4 - 5 backgrounds left.  The castle backgrounds are hard because I have to make sure it's look royal and luxury enough.

    I spend many hours for these backgrounds.  I hope you like it  :D