Sunday, 13 December 2015

New jog and evade animation

    Hi, two weeks passed and the progress go very slow D:   I did not start draw her back part but I remake many parts for her front side.  I add her weight a little, make less shadow for easier when connect each body parts.  I think she look better.  Only finish her new jog and evade animation.

    At first, I make dash animation for her but I feel boring because many character or game use dash.  So I try to make back flip for her evade animation.  The fighter should roll or flip, not dash right?
 I try to set animation speed by Gimp.  Hope it look good  :D

(Click on image for full resolution)


Evade (Fixed)


  1. Running animation is and cute cool (maybe the miniskirt needs a little more tweaking, making it more "free" and less sticky on her body, if you see what I mean?).
    But the backflip looks really strange for some reason. I think it's the fact that she does it with one hand only, and that her her hair isn't affected by the rotational movement and gravity. Also, perhaps a change in her expression will make it better?

    Hope you don't mind my remarks. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hair and skirt are hard for animation.
      I still learning how to do deform image.
      I will try what I can do for fix it. Thank for comment :D

  2. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap14 December 2015 at 04:03

    That is some nice running animation. You took my words to heart, huh? It looks really spanking. Good job. Really good job. Huge applause.

    The backflip, however... Heh. A backflip for our evasive move? Getting ambitious there, are we? Don't mind, don't mind.

    Well, anyway, I can say that gravity won't be much a problem since it literally takes a second for her to flip. The acceleration caused by gravitational pull is 9.8 m/s squared, therefore, anything like her clothes and hair will only go about 9.8 m/s at that very second, and even then, she'd have shifted into the horizontal position by the next point, so not much would be affected. Of course, we can consider it from the perspective of angular velocity, and, since she uses her arm to flip, we can consider her height plus the length of her arm as our radius. Then, using the formula, omega equals to velocity over radius...

    I'm sorry. Ignore that rambling. Studying engineering ruins a person.

    So, backflip. Yes. I THINK that while it's passable, it does look off. I think it's all in her torso. Flips and capoeira and breakdancing rely heavily on the balance of the spine. And, yeah, I can see her spine doesn't budge in that flip. If you want to to step it up, then I'd say, before her hand touches the ground, her body should lean backwards. Then, halfway through the flip, her torso should now lean forward in anticipation of her feet and weight smacking on the ground.

    Want more realism? Uh... Her knees should bend a bit the moment the flip ends, and she'd end up in a slightly crouching position before standing up normally. Y'know, when you jump, you always gotta bend your knees when you land? It's like that.

    But you know what? None of this matters. Because there's only one thing that's important in regards to this backflip. One very important thing.

    There must be a pantyshot.

    1. you sir made my day xD

    2. Ah! what that gravity formula!?
      I think the backflip look cool after I saw Odin Sphere Remake new trailer.

      At first I feel lazy for make her hair gravity because it hard to make hair look good after deform and animation is fast. But maybe I should try to fix her hair and make her knees bend in the last frame.

      Oh! and how I forgot about panty shot O_O!
      Will drop her skirt down a bit in the middle of her flip (while her legs up)

  3. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap14 December 2015 at 20:36

    Gravity formula is actually basic physics. You can tell how fast an object will fall based on its momentum, that is, mass times acceleration, the acceleration in this case being gravity, which, on Earth, is constant at 9.8 m/s squared. In other words, that would be its weight. Heavier objects fall faster than lighter objects, just to summarize. Common sense.

    And oh my. I am sooooooo picking up this Remake. Analyzing that backflip, I think I can give my two cents on how to improve the overall motion of the flip. Oh, and since you and I are Vanillaware fans, I should tell you that Youtube has a slowdown function. Press the gear on the video, and you'll have Autoplay, Annotations, Speed and Quality popping up. Click Speed and you can choose to slow down the video to take in the animation frame by frame. Slowmo~ It'll really help to get a good idea about the frame by frame motion of movement, and of course, Vanillaware games are like, THE BEST, source of reference.

    So. What's the difference between your Tia's dodge and Gwendolyn's dodge? It's really quite simple. Tia's is like a cartwheel, and Gwen's is like a dodge roll. Ever played Kingdom Hearts? Used Sora's dodge roll? That's how Gwen's one physically works. Don't get me wrong, yours isn't wrong, because in Birth By Sleep, Aqua has a cartwheel for her dodge. And it works. It's really up to you to get a good idea whether you want a cartwheel or a dodge roll.

    The difference between a cartwheel and a dodge roll is that the cartwheel relies on your upper body balance to carry you throughout the entire motion, whereas the dodge roll is more like a forward leap where you immediately quickly break the fall the moment you touch the ground and get back into a standing position ASAP.

    Alright, so a step by step analysis of the Gwendolyn dodge roll for you, if you need a reference on how it works.

    1- Gwen throws herself backwards into the air, an immediate backflip that you would see in parkour videos. Her motion is spinning back due to her body which is arched backwards to propel it back.

    2- She extends her arm at the ground and kicks one leg forward. The kick is to propel her motion back to wherever she her hand is.

    3- Her legs touches the ground, bent a bit to cushion the motion, and she's back to her standard position.

    So... Jump>Hand>Land. That's basically how it works.

    Buuuuuuuut. If you want to go the cartwheel route, it's also okay. And dun dun duuuuuuuuun, my reference is gymnastics!
    Yeah. One handed cartwheels are a thing. What a shocker. The difference between the way this gymnast does it and the way you animated it is how far her leg extends. Tia here kicks forward slightly, not all the way like the gymnast does. And uh, her back leg in that flip is bent, which would actually kinda mess up the flip in some way, since, extra mass to screw the balance of her body standing on one hand.

    Maybe. Juuuuuuuuuust maybe. Don't take my word for it since this is just me thinking... Maybe the secret to her flip is in how far her legs extend? Like, it needs to extend further. Like, frickin' splits or something. I know she's no gymnast, but if that's really how a cartwheel flip would work, then that might be what will perfect it.

    1. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap14 December 2015 at 20:37

      If I were you though, and if I were also mentally unstable with more time on my hands than a hobo, I would make two different animations for forward evasion and backward evasion-- Wait. That's dumb. This game is like VI, right? You go forward towards the left and the right, no walking backwards or nonsense like that. And the only evasive maneuver is a backflip going... back.

      You're a genius! The only evasive maneuver in your arsenal is one that sends you backwards, AWAY from the enemy, meaning, away from melee range! So if you keep on evading, yes, you'll dodge whatever they throw, but you get further and further away from being able to smack them with a staff! That means you can't just spam evasion! That's...! Pretty good game design. Clap clap clap.

      So yes, my endpoint is... Well, you decide if you want a backwards cartwheel or a backflip to a one-handed fall-breaking maneuver. Either is good. Either is right. They both work off the same principles and can be executed within a second.

    2. I remake evade animation again (see in the post). Hope this time is OK.
      I feel a bit lazy with this animation now -*-

      About evade in game, not only backward. You can evade both forward and backward same as Gwendolyn's flip. So you can evade and go to enemy's back then attacks. But your side will auto change after your evade.
      Example when you go right. You will turn left after the flip end but you can hold right button for continue walk right after flip anyway :P

      You can't spam evade in game. Same as VI, evade will consume your stamina. And after flip Tia will stop walking and can take damage in the last few sprites(while she stop and hold balance). But you can upgrade Evade in game (+2 Flips) So Tia can continually evade 3 times same as evade in Dragon Crown.

    3. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap15 December 2015 at 21:08

      Yup. This is good. No more complaints on my end. The pantyshot is even a split second. Very nicely done, my friend.

      Ah. Right. I forgot how simple these sidescroll beat em'ups can be. Sometimes I keep thinking of it in term of fighting games. My bad.

      About the upgrade system, how do you plan to implement it? Stage by stage upgrades like last time? Or a level up system? Maybe a skill tree, like an MMO?

    4. Upgrade by collect gems and you can upgrade and choose which items you want to carry in your atelier before fight (Map/Stage Slect).
      You can upgrade HP/MP/stamina and some passive skill like +Flips / more effect with HP potion and maybe new special attack(not confirmed). But the upgrade will not too strong. Maybe only +50% or +100% from your basic stat.

      Enemies have chance to drop normal gems and color gems. And you will get more when clear stage. Normal gems mainly for upgrades and make basic items (HP potion, basic bomb). Color gems mainly for make items (fire/ice/lighting bombs, poison, cyclone, buff, large HP, MP potion, elemental gems and others)

      But it just idea for now. Maybe I will change to Exp for stat&skill(use exp for buy) and gems only for make items.

    5. Do you also plan to collect different clothes to wear and/or unlock an nude version for her to run around?

    6. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap16 December 2015 at 22:20

      I don't think an Exp and level up system would work out too well, just my opinion. It really depends on how long and replayable you want the game to be. Long games with lots of things to do and lots of different modes to explore would benefit from it, but a short brawler? Definitely won't benefit because you'd only need to be like, level 30 by the end of the game. Any higher than that, and it becomes a grindfest.

      I'm all for the gem-based system. Maybe for the sake of it, add a Devil May Cry-style Style Gauge that rewards or increases the frequency of gems appearing if players can pull off strings of combos, take down many opponents at once and so on. Encourages people to play better to get better stuff.

      Of course, if I was completely mistaken and you meant that Exp. was just another term for 'normal gems', then I'm all for it. Makes it less confusing than having two types of gems that do different things.

      Oh. And I'm totes curious about the costume unlock thingamajig. *w* Bunny outfit. I know it'll be a pain in your ass, but. *w* Bunny outfit.

    7. Yeah, just change normal gem to exp. So players will not confuse. But I will think about it later. And I thinking about combo count too but still not learn how to make it :P
      Tia will have only full and (torn or nude) cloth after her cloth break. But I like torn cloth than nude. It feel more sexy for me and some left cloth part can help connect body part when making animation. Maybe I will left her corset than cover her middle body and torn skirt.

      Different outfit is really pain in ACT game especially for character that have lot of actions. If you want Bunny Outfit, I can make enemy like Bunny Girl. But for Tia, I have to say "no".

    8. @DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap

      Well, let me correct you:
      According to newton's second law, Sigma (total) Force=mass x acceleration, therefore a=f/m, and f when talking about gravity is equal to mg (g being gravity), therfore a= mg/m, and from there we can conclude that it's a=g.
      To summarize, heavy objects fall just as quickly as light objects do.

    9. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap20 December 2015 at 00:33

      To think I'd actually find another science nerd preying on hentai here. It's about right. Heavier objects fall with much greater FORCE. And that's all and whatever. I was probably high that time. I always am.

  4. about the running animation, usually when left hand moves forward, the right hand moves backward right?