Sunday, 29 December 2019

Atelier Tia Demo on JP DLsite

     Hi everyone, I sorry that I didn't post for so long. Atelier Tia demo is up on JP DLsite. This demo still end after defeat Sonia (1st boss) but add synthesis and gallery mode.

     Game is not finished but works left now are 3 bosses and animation CG. There are 17 CG in total. So I still need time to finish all of them. I estimated that game should be finish in June 2020 or faster. I hire an artist to help me draw CG and myself do animation. Here his pixiv and sample CG.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

5th Stage Progress

     Hi everyone, I working on 5th stage now.  It's a volcano stage theme with 6 new enemies.

        -  Flame Bat
        -  Lizardman
        -  2nd Bad Alchemist
        -  Werefox
        -  Centaur
        -  Flame Snake (midboss)

And here some sample H-sprites from stage 2 - 4

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

3rd stage now available for patreons

    Hi everyone, sorry that I not post for long.  I just finished 3rd stage.  This stage has 8 new enemies - spore, spider, wood golem, chameleon, arachne, lamia, alarune(mid boss) and stage boss(not show in image).  This new build is for patrons only. 

    Now continue working on 4th stage enemies.  It's an snowy field stage.  Enemies in the list
    - Ice golem
    - Yeti (small)
    - Werewolf
    - Harpy
    - Ice Scorpion
    - Yeti (mid boss)

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

3rd Stage Background - Forest

     Hi, I working on h-sprites for 3rd stage enemies.  It's a forest stage with many cross ways.

Forest stage background :

Friday, 29 December 2017

Atelier Tia - New Public Demo (29/12/2017)

    Hi everyone, I finally finished 2nd stage for patrons. So it's time to release new public demo. This version has prologue and 1st stage.  You can download on "Atelier Tia" page.

New Content

Atelier Menu : You can save, option, upgrade, edit equipment & items and synthesis items. Make sure you prepared before adventure.

Synthesis Item : You can synthesis item with your gems. Each equipment can create only once. You can unlock new item by help hostage. Each stage will have one hostage that will give you alchemy receipt after rescued.

Upgrade System : You can upgrade Tia's stat with your EXP point. When you defeated enemy or clear stage. You will receipt EXP. Hard and Very Hard mode will give more EXP. You can use EXP for upgrade Atk, Alchemy LV, MaxHP, MaxSP, Evasion and weight limit. Skill lv max at 10 but the lv cap you can upgrade equal to how may stage you cleared + 1. So player can't over power :P

Reward System : When you cleared stage. You will earn bonus EXP and gems depend on your play result. Speed clear, combo point, retry count, damage taken and hostage rescue will effect your grade result. Hard and Very Hard mode will give bonus score. And now you have to select difficult when select stage. So you can't freely config difficulty while adventure.

Difficulty Setting : Now difficulty setting will effect enemy's stat.

- Very Easy : HP - 40% / Atk - 40%

- Easy : HP - 20% / Atk - 20%

- Hard : HP + 20% / Atk + 20% / Exp + 10%

- Very Hard : HP + 40% / Atk + 50% / Exp + 25%

New Item added : Now we have 4 support, 5 attack items and 7 equipments. Total equipment will be around 30-40. Why so many? Maybe create equipment will unlock scenes in the future.

New story scene added

PS - EXP/Gems reward, upgrade cost and number of gems need for synthesis item maybe change in the future. It's not fix yet.

Edit / Bug fixed

- Add background in sprite gallery (Elclairnia BG)

- Change player default weight limit from 50 to 40

- Dodge consume more SP (10 to 12)

- Faster crouch attack but no longer interrupt enemy

- Slightly decrease flame bottle damage

- Change items drop from hostage.

- When you change room, cursor will not reset to first slot

Hope you enjoy and Happy New Year :D

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Atelier Tia progress (AUG-2017)

      Hi, sorry for slow update.  I finished coding AI and battle animations for regular 2nd stage enemies.  The 2nd stage is a Cave.  So the enemies are dark and dungeon theme.  There are shadow demon, cat girl, succubus, orc, demon eye and stone golem.  Golem is a mini boss similar to Giant Slime that you fought in prologue stage.

      The works left for 2nd stage are h-scenes, background, cut-scene event and stage boss.