Sunday, 10 May 2015

I'm Back !!!

      Hi guy, long time on see.  I appear that mean I already finished 5th stage? . . . HA HA NO!.  But I finished all first 5 stages H-scene and I will start making stages in next week.  I realized that I add too much fucking animation for player.  So I add more variety for him in later stage like kissing, lick, tit play, fingers.  And now I already finished 51 H-sprites now ( total should be 65 - 68 H-sprites).  

     Now I want to show some finished H-sprites and maybe this is the last time I show these sprites because I want to keep all the rest in secret  XD    Here you go!

Zombies gang bang, match the church theme

Taste good ?


I remember someone on ULMF want to see wooden horse.  But it's black-steel horse :P

She's yummy too

And I remake Succubus H-sprite for make she feel more happy, horny and moar.  Her tongue will come out when she near climax.  But I hope people notice her tongue because sprites is small  -*-

 near climax

 near climax

Still not sure the game will finish on June.  So go back to work again and  I hope you guy happy with these H-sprite  ^.^