Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Time for Tia to get rape and pay back (O_O !

     Hi, I just finished H animation for first enemy.  I think most people waiting to see it.  It's take a lot more time than Virgin Invader because it's has more detail and larger image that easier to notice the flaw.

Hope you enjoy  :D

Bad Alchemist - H


Bad Alchemist - Punishment

     Bad alchemist have slime.  So Tia will punish her with slime too (Poring Gang)

                                                        In game / Game gallery / Full

    In game size maybe look too small but I think galley size is fine (50% from original).

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Small Gifts :D

     Hi, today is Songkran Festival(Thailand's New Year) :D   Still working on Alchemist Girl - Tia on long weekend but at least I have more time to relax  -__-"

     Some small gifts, havn't do any H-scene yet but some bouncing instead  XD

     Oh! and Kimochi is down.  So I start selling Virgin Invader on itch.io(link on the right bar) with $13.50  :D

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Last minion for Prologue Stage

     Hi, this time I come to show last minion for prologue stage.  Now, I have male human, female human, monster and the last type that left is "monster girl".

     First monster girl is "Bee Girl".  At first I thinking about sexy bee with mature boobs XD.  But I already made big boobs alchemist and planned for flying succubus in the future.  So bee girl will have small cup and cute but still little sexy (for different and several fetishes).  Will make battle animation and coding for her in this week.  Now, I have mini boss for prologue stage left.

I hope you like her :D