Atelier Tia

Project Name :  Atelier Tia
Type :  Action/ Adventure/ Fighting
Theme :  Comedy/ Alchemist/ Medieval
Fetishes :  Victory Reward/ Game Over Rape/ Ryona/ Rape/ Monster/ Yuri/ Mind Break or Control

< Public Demo Link V1.00 (29/12/2017) >

Google Drive :

  < Demo V1.00 - log >
- Add 1st stage and boss CG animation
- Add action voices
- Alchemy system
- Upgrade & EXP system
- Reward system
- Inventory & Equipment system
- Gallery Mode

  < Demo V0.04 - log >
- Game become exe file, no need to install.
- Add Gamepad Type1 and Type2. You can config in Option.
- Fixed up/down buttons bug in keyboard config.
- Guard no longer reset attack and jump.
- Dive Attack animation when ground slower a bit.
- Add "Readme-Can not start game" in game folder.


    Atelier Tia is inspire by Odin Sphere and Oboro Muramasa from Vanillaware and Atelier Series from Gust.  Atelier Tia is 18+ action/beatem up game with comedy theme and fighting challenge.  If you're boring because of too many RPG/Maker projects or game over rape type games.  Atelier is a good choice for you!  

Game Detail :
- Most of images are animate
- Comedy theme with cutscenes
- 8 stages (Prologue Stage in demo not count)
- 40+ enemy types (35% female, 5% futa and 60% for male and monster)
- All stage boss are hot girls that Tia need to punish
- 80+ sex sprites!!!
- CG Animations!!!
- Upgrade and Equipment System (Not implement yet)
- Alchemist Items that will help Tia in this dangerous(pervert) adventure.
- Very Easy to Very Hard difficulty (Only Normal for now. You can      change it in option but no effect)
- Gamepad Supported (Can't config buttons but maybe in the future :P)

  Screenshots :

Hope you enjoy the demo, love Tia and please give some love to Poppo ^.^


  1. nice game! i liked virgin invader i am pretty sure i will like this one too! one question tho, will there have loli?

    1. No loli. The smallest girl I can create is similar to bee girl or fire/ice mage in VI.

  2. Hi.

    I am Warkonst from Patreon.

    Having played a bit, I really like the mechanics, the funny story and the graphics.
    But I have found a few bugs:

    1. when you unpause it makes the fighters and Tia invisible for a moment (Don't know if it's by design).

    2. When I lost the game speed slowed down into slow motion until it showed the Continue option, at which point the game speed becomes normal again.

    3. Screen tearing when walking.

    4. Slow motion also in the start menu.

    As all of those bugs are visual I thought I would also tell you that I played on 1600x900 Fullscreen, while my PC screen is 1920x1080.

    Still a very nice game. Could you tell me how much the price will be when it is finished?

    1. 1. It's something I want to fixed too but still can't. It's not a problem with game play anyway so I left it for now.
      2. I designed it. It's not bug :P
      3. I'm not such I can fixed that but will try
      4. Confuse with this one. Is it slow like Tia defeated and continue? and when it's happen?

      I'm not fixed the price yet but it's should be $20 but maybe more.
      It's depend on how much contents in the end. If all patreon goal reach and I did all CG animation. The price should be a bit more higher.

    2. About 4. in the start menu you have tia stand next to the menu and her movements seem to be in slow motion. For example: If I choose to quit the game she waves her hand, but eally slow like in slow motion.

    3. Is the speed is similar like the end of this video?

      But ok, I force the room speed to 60FPS for make sure it's not slow motion.

    4. Yes the speed is the same as the video.
      I guess that means it was intended to be this way.

  3. Hey Menz,
    Really liking what I'm seeing so far. However, I'm having quite a few issues with the game freezing on windows 10. No error messages, it's like the game pauses and won't unpause. The issue is most prevalent at three points: when the first bad alchemist appears, when you use the snowman weapon, and when the bee girls first appear on the first battle stage. In the latter case, the game freezes almost without fail. Only didn't happen once so far. I've tried using windows 8 and 7 compatibility modes to no avail. Let me know if you would like more information. I'll check back when I can

    1. The website say Game maker Studio fully support win10.
      but I'm not fully sure now -*-

  4. Hello, can you put some option before we start the game about resolution size? Because of my low spec pc, I always get black screen and the game can't start because of an error called "Fatal Error: Out of Memory".
    Well, RAM 2GB @_@
    If can't do things about this, then I can only watch people play this :')

    1. I asking about out of memory issue when start game in the Game Maker Forum.
      But no one help answer this problem yet.

      I don't think reduce the size can help -*-
      You get error without even see a MenZ Studio Logo right?

    2. sorry for double-posting, for your information, my laptop has only 2 GB RAM (I upgraded it into 3 GB RAM with the help of Virtual Memory), windows 7 64 bit.
      hope this helps :)

    3. Hi, maybe I found a culprit but I want to make sure.
      Do you use integrated graphic card?

    4. actually yes. does that mean anything? or dont tell me... that is the cause of this error?

    5. Hi, you played demo V0.03. It's seem I export it to install version instead of exe version by mistake -*-
      But anyway. It's has "options.ini" in game folder. Please change "CreateTexturesOnDemand=1".
      And test that you can play it or not?

    6. wow it worked like a charm! i can play it now without any problem even on my 2 GB RAM PC lol.
      oh i thought you made it with install version for a change, so it was a mistake huh hahaha
      still, one thing bugs me, is this version of demo still unvoiced? i dont recall hearing any voice except sound effects.

    7. I'm happy to here that ^.^
      Yes, it's unvoiced in this version.

    8. so the voice will be revealed only on finished version? or are you going to test it too by giving a voiced demo sometimes in the future?

    9. Will add voice in the future.

    10. okay thanks for all of your response!
      this is one of the best h-games i ever met, keep it up and good luck! (i'll support you on patreon anonymously :p )

  5. Should just say that I'm Mr. Splashypants on patreon.
    Just wanted to post an update. I also tried adjusting my page file size to no avail. Here is the event log that I got when the program crashed:

    Faulting application name: AG - Tia.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x57f65875
    Faulting module name: AG - Tia.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x57f65875
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Fault offset: 0x000be517
    Faulting process id: 0x850
    Faulting application start time: 0x01d2327bc95cf032

    I was thinking it was a memory issue given that a lot of users have reported similar issues but I monitored taskmanager while running the app and I never saw usage above 400MB. I currently have 8GB of ram installed on my computer. Could this possibly be an issue with the fact that I'm running a 64bit system? You mentioned that this was created on windows 7, is that 32 or 64 bit windows 7? Just trying to help out as I troubleshoot this stuff for a living.

    As an alternative suggestion, perhaps the higher tier patreons could receive gifs of the "action" as a reward. I think that would encourage more people to go to a higher tier donation level.
    It's weird. I don't see your post in this page but on gmail. So I post it here.

    Thank for the error log. Is this happen when start game? and do you got "out of memory" error? I using win7 64 bit. So I don't think 32 or 64 is a problem here.

    About Patreon tier, you mean show high res gif animation? They already got :D
    $10 Tier : Get access to full resolution image post
    They will see full res image or animation when I post it. And lower tier will see in game size (32% from full res). But I don't have much things to post for now because I just finished demo and patreon just started.

  6. hi , i want to see poppo play(fuck) with Tia.
    or poppo play(fuck) with Tia's teacher.
    Is this possible?
    sorry my english is so bad

    1. Will have Tia with Poppo scene if patreon goal reach :P

      And it's not happen in Poppo real life. Poppo will have fantasy dream that he has human body and Tia come to service him with cosplay outfits.

  7. Hello! I seem to receive an "Intel HD graphics for Windows has stopped" error when opening the game. After getting the message the game opens and bgm starts but I only get a white screen. Changing "CreateTexturesOnDemand=1" doesn't work. I'm running on Windows 10 and this error hasn't appear anywhere else before. Is there a solution?

    1. Most players who get white screen can play game after change "CreateTextureonDemand=1". I have to admit that I don't know how to fix in your case D:

  8. I want tia ride wooden horse :/

    1. Will has Tia in similar position but not sure it's will be wooden horse :P

  9. Hello, just play the game today and its really fantastic! Although I still prefer the male main character (cant wait to see Virgin Invader season 2 lol), but the female character is good too.
    About the game, its take more time to load than VI, and sometime just freeze everything (I have a weak laptop, though), but the lagging issue is less than VI and I highly appreciate this (in VI my computer become sick everytime the magic barrier appear). The sprite is well done just as expected, the background is very lively. Combo is lot of better than VI and the fact that I can see enemy's hp and keep hitting them even when they are out of hp is somewhat sastifying.
    Its seems the game have bug when moving item, when I try to move the snow bomb the game just freeze and I cant do anything, and when I close the window the music still linger even though the game is closed (dont get me wrong, the music is good :D ). I have test it several time, sometime the bug appear but sometime its not, I hope you can take a look.
    And about the key control, its seems that the control will not respond when CapLock is turned on right? Its just a minor adjustment but their minor details determines a good and a great game.
    About H scenes, is there some future slot for enemy like girl-eating flower or mind control flame? :D (love the spear girl :D )
    Hope you keep up your work and your dream.

    1. Thank you for your comment :D
      About Caps lock, it's work fine even it's on or off.
      About moving item, I got freeze only one time from my entirely tests. But I will put some sound off code before game end.

      I planned for Alraune but she'd use vine not eating :P
      Mind control scene will have but with different enemy.

    2. Yeah, just test it again and found out the issue is because of my language supporter, not the CapLock, so this problem is solved. :D

  10. Yeah first time i feel chalanged playing an eroge . Well i will buy it when you release it. Thanks anyway . And i found many slow speed on gameplay sometime. Hope you can fix it on full ver. And yeah Will you add death scene for this?

    1. Death Scene!?
      If you mean H-scene after lose stage. It's will be add later.
      But if you mean "Death Scene". No, death in this game D:

    2. Yeah haha H scene i mean sorry . Good luck bro !!!!

  11. Hi MenZ Studio,

    great work your doing there mate. Would you consider creating a game on demand? I mean I would pay you for my very on game. I am looking for something very specific.

    Is there a way to contact you directly?

    1. My email adress is if you want to contact me:

      Thx mate in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    2. Sorry, my answer is "no". I'm not a professional.
      I'm learning both art and coding skill. Beside I still have my full time job too.
      So I don't have enough time, only Atelier Tia is already hard.
      And I have ton of games I want to create after finished with Atelier Tia.

    3. Hi MenZ Studio,

      don't worry mate I am not expecting perfect work and not paying 2 bugs either mate. Do you have skype or such so you actually know what I want. I don't want an entire game I want something different. You can take as much time as want for my project. I just would not know who else could create something what I would want.


  12. hi menZ studio...
    first time i post something here, since i just find your blog.
    just finished testing your 4/11/16 demo, i would say this is a promising h-game.. i like it, and hoping there will be a voice for Tia.. keep up the good work, i will see a little bit more before joining your patreon, looking forward to this great h-game...

    1. Thank you very much :D
      Sure Tia will has voice and I already got voice files.

  13. Most stunning well-made cg i've ever seen on the trial. The art on this game is pro-tier, excellent work

  14. Replies
    1. If you mean game start. I don't know but long wait for sure.

  15. For when the complete game?

  16. Hang in there

  17. Italian translation in game?

  18. could you please update the link for dwnld - gives in a 404 domain error
    Thank u, new year greetings'!

    1. Oops! sorry, reuploaded new one and forgot to update link. Fixed :P

  19. Not sure if it's just me but the google drive keeps failing the download at random times.

    1. Link working fine but I added Mega if you have problem with google drive.

    2. Thanks, mega works.

  20. I am having trouble in the new version (V 1.00)

    This is the error mensage

    win 32 function failed HRESULT: 0x8007000e Call: GR_D3D_Device->CreateTexture2D at line423 in file\TexturesM.cpp

    1. What I change from first and current public demo is Game maker Studio 1.4 to GMS2. Maybe this should be the cause.

      What's windows you using? and DirectX version?