Thursday, 24 September 2015

Virgin Invader V1.02 is out on DLsite

   Virgin Invader V1.02 Updated :
- Sound Bug Fixed
- Add 2 new HCG
- In Animation Gallery Room : Add 4th H-State (Loop - Slow/Fast/Climax then back to Slow without knock girl out)  Can toggle by F1/F2
- Add Dark Nun in Gallery
- Fixed some English Dialogue

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Important !!! - Vote for my 2nd game XD

   Hi everyone, I thinking about 2nd game idea for now.  After I see Virgin Invader sales for a week passed. ( T_T )  I decided that my next game will have girl main character.  Maybe male mc not popular enough.
Sorry for people who like male mc.

   Game still fighting genre as Virgin Invader but will change some part :
- Speed up movement
- Add lv or upgrade system (maybe upgrade system is more suitable for stage game)
- Item for use : HP potion, power+ duration, etc.
- Weaker enemy but spawn more compare to Virgin Invader
- Game will be easier on Normal because many people complain about Virgin Invader difficulty.  But    I will make difficult option range from Very Easy - Very Hard or maybe up to Hell/Chaos
- Game over rape but your character will get rape in battle : when knock down or some enemies     attack
- H content will unlock when you cleared stage.  So no need to lose
- Maybe have punishment sex to defeated female enemies like Thunder Warrior Raidy, maybe CG   or sprites (not decide yet)
- If you worry that you will not see variety of girls. 15-20% of enemies will be girl or futa (mostly girl because I like yuri ^.^ )

Still not sure about how stage look like.  Should I make open world or stages.
- If I make stages - upgrade system and more easier to make ( more on this choice)
- If I make open world - lv system and maybe equipment.  Worry about story, dialogue and background maps.

  I thinking about increase character size.  Maybe character size will similar size to Guild Meister 2 or Soul of Forgery.  So The H content will look more better.
Enemies will focus on close range attack because if character is larger, the view will close up and players will have more problem with long range attack.
Still worry about game memory problem(larger images = more memory use) but I thinking about upgrade game engine to Game Maker Studio.  So maybe it's can help (Have to lose times learning GM studio -*-)

If you want to see how gameplay look like.  It's similar to Oboro Muramasa or Muramasa Rebirth from Vanillaware.  But maybe don't have that air dash attack because mc not a ninja  :P

Now time for vote about Main character and game theme XD
1.) Alchemist Girl
Story/Theme :
     The Dark Alchemist Clan invade and use dark art to make people in the town lose they mind and become lustful.  People become like slaves and do only sex.  Your character is Alchemist girl who live in Atelier outside the town.  You have to go to various places for find ingredients to create alchemist item that can help people in town while the Dark Alchemist members will come to interrupt you.

     If you're thinking about cute alchemist girl like Aterlier Arland or Dusk from Gust that use staff, cute pose and shoot magic from staff.  Sorry :P she will swing her staff smash on enemies head, do combos and power smash with home run pose.  And she will use alchemist attack too like explosive, ice, gas (maybe for special attack)

Main EnemyType :
Human(Dark Alchemist), Alchemist Monster, Monster Girls and field enemies (depend on stage theme)

Benefit :
Have widest range of H content / sex fetish because She go to collect ingredients in various places and Alchemist Monsters can be varieties.

2.) Elf Girl
Story/Theme : 
    You play as elf girl who fight against the Dark Force that come to attack her home town.  Your duty is to destroy the evils and rescue kidnapped elves.  She will use both sword and bow.  You can combine short and long range attack as you like.  (Arrow maybe limit and wait time for recharge)

Main EnemyType :
Orc, Goblin, Dark Elves, Demon and field enemies (depend on stage theme)

Benefit :
If you like Elf, Dark Elf, Demon and maybe Zombies  :P

3.) Fox / Wolf Girl
Story/Theme : 
     Long time ago, human and werebeast made a contract that will not invade each others.  But in the last few years, the ruler of human break the contract.  Bandits and mercenaries attack and kidnapped werebeast.  Then sell them as sex slaves or research objects.  The queen of Fluffy Ears tribe send you to rescue kidnapped werebeast and find why human break there contract.

     You play as werefox or werewolf girl.  She use her claws and kick as weapon.  She maybe have the best speed compare to other 2 mc but shortest range.

Main EnemyType : 
Human(Bandits / Mercenaries), Werebeast and field enemies (depend on stage theme)

Benefit :
Werefox / Werewolf / Werecat (Fluffy Ears / Tail Girls)

* * * About Field Enemies : depend on story and theme stage (didn't think about it yet)
- If Forest maybe have Wolf, Snake, Alraune 
- If Water maybe have Fish, Merman, Mermaid 
- If Cave maybe have Imp, Golem, slime, Tentacle monster 
    So still can have various of enemy types or sex fetishes but you will more encounter "Main enemy type" 

     You're the one who decide my 2nd game.  The poll is on the tab bar(right side).
Each person have 1 vote and 2 for Virgin Invader Patrons, so think carefully.  Feel free to comment and share what you think.  

The poll will close when I start drawing the 9th CG for Virgin Invader. 
(Current progress 50% on 4th CG, around one month I think)

Monday, 14 September 2015

Virgin Invader released on Eng DLsite :D

Virgin Invader is now released on Eng DLsite page.
Please support  :D

And here uncensored resources (replace it in your game folder)
Password is on line 3= in save file _ _ _ _  (you have to cleared 3rd stage first)!qwMVBKTY!e41L5HLDWCa0Lq0V-mqhAydmffoA_Lq_o4gcqzqS9QM

Monday, 7 September 2015

Virgin Invader V1.01 (Debug)

Virgin Invader V1.01 is updated on DLsite

- Button config bug fixed
- Weird HP bar fixed
- Grey room on 3rd stage fixed
- Continue bug on 6th stage fixed
- Shadow Claw(Cat Maid - Summon Skill) sometime make enemy invincible fixed

* Still can't fix sound missing bug :  if sound not play properly.
Try to quit game then come back,  it can help.  Don't worry you can use continue and backspace for skip cleared room or stage.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Virgin Invader is invading DLsite now !!!

     Finally, Virgin Invader is released on JP DLsite.  Please support  XD
I will put Eng DLsite link later when it released.

Download Demo & Buy Virgin Invader Here! :

(Current version have 2 CG, the rest will come out as update :D)

The game still have some minor bugs (you can still play game til end, don't worry) :
If game BGM or sound effect is silent or not play properly.  Try to quit the game(not main menu).
Don't worry, you can go back to your last room by continue & backspace.

Friday, 4 September 2015

DLsite & Curiousfactory made me sick T_T

     Today, I woke up in the morning and check mail.  Then I really feel mad when I saw this fucking mail from Curiousfactory.

      I visit DLsite page day&night for 3 days for see "Is my first game already released?" And then see this non sense mail today.  I checked the link 10 times and really sure it's can download.  Maybe because they don't have new mega but aren't they try to click on "download through your browser" ???  

I'm now uploading Virgin Invader again and have to wait more 3-5 days for fucking both curious factory and DLsite. Sorry but please wait a bit more.  I really want to cry now  T_T