Sunday, 19 July 2015

Final Boss!

  Today I just finished coding battle part for the final boss "Princess".  I spend lot of time to make her look the best of all girl.  She fighting with battle dress.  Her fighting style is 50% from 2nd boss & 50% from 3rd, 4th ,5th boss mixed.  She's still a bit buggy but I will fix her later.

  If you feel 2nd boss is hard on normal.  I'm sure you will change to easy for the princess.  She is the final boss anyway :P

And now all boss girls is finished.  Here new image that will use on DLsite

Saturday, 18 July 2015

1st & 2nd Stage Game play video

Virgin Invader - 1st Stage

Virgin Invader - 2nd Stage

I don't know what to show in this week.  So I uploaded my 1st & 2nd stages gameplay video for show how to play and combos.  

The fighting result maybe not that good because it's 1 take video, thinking what I should do? and a bit lag while playing and recording together :P  I'm have 0 experience for making video but  I hope it look OK.

Monday, 13 July 2015

My Patreon! (for Pre-order)

Hi everyone, I thinking over and over and now I decided.

Here my patreon!

I decided not to use paypal.  Maybe I can sell Virgin Invader without problem but who know in long term or future games.  That my paypal account will not get banned and lost all my money in account because paypal hate porn.  So I decided not to use paypal from the beginning.

This patreon is different from others.
- You don't have to worry that this project maybe never finish because it's already 90% now.
- No need to worry that I will take your money and disappear because I set charge to "per finished game" not monthly.
This patreon is for pre-order than for funding.  When my game is released and payment proceed.  I will send full-game download link to patron's e-mail.  It's will be notepad file with Mega Folder link and decryption key.  And if game have any debug or DLC version.  I will upload it on this Mega Folder.

Now it's only has 1 reward tier
"$12 - get full game when released and can access to 3 stages demo"
If someone have good idea or what you want for highly reward tier.  Please tell me to know :p

And if you enjoy my demo and want to support me.  Patreon is a better way because DLsite will cut 50% of my total sale :(

This maybe the shortest patreon ever had.  This campaign open until end of August or Virgin Invader finished (less than 2 months)  If you miss this patreon campaign; you can buy Virgin Invader at DLsite with $14.3 - $16 (1600 - 1700 yen)  XD

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Final Demo

     Hi, this week I upload final demo.  You can download and see what updated on "Virgin Invader-Demo" page.  Maybe I will update demo on Dlsite page in next week too.  Feel free to comment :D

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Asking about price and how to sell on paypal

     Hi everyone,  I want to ask about how to sell game when it's finished.  I think to lower price on Dlsite a bit to 1600 yen for more downloads (it's should be around $14.1-14.5 on Eng DLsite). Still not sure about %tax on submit work page tell that 8% tax will add to sell price.  But I calculate some game price and it's look like only 3-4% tax.  Come to paypal price. Is it OK for $11-11.5 ? (I think my game already cheap with this price)

    About how to sell; I never use paypal for business before but paypal can auto link buyer to specific website right?  I planned to link buyer to MEGA that have notepad file.  In notepad file will have game MEGA Folder link and decryption key.  So player can save small notepad and download game later when he/she want. If game have any newer version, you can redownload in the same link because MEGA Folder will not change address.  And buyer no need to wait for me to send e-mail to them (I have to say that I'm lazy to send mail to all buyer too XD )  But maybe send mail to buyer later when I have time as backup link.  Is it a good idea?