Sunday, 26 June 2016

Atelier Tia

     Hi everyone, I trying to make Tia animation on title screen and atelier scene.  I still not sure title screen will use animation or 1 CG but will think about it later :P

     Now thinking what she could do
      - Idle
      - Hello (enter title screen)
      - Bye Bye (quit game)
      - Sad face or some funny face when cursor on quit game button
      - Sleepy or yawn if she wait long
      - Make sad
      - Stir a cauldron when create item

You can suggest if you have some good idea.  But no animation that have to rotate or show side or back because I'm lazy to draw more parts  -_-"

     And I create game logo.  This current project name is "Atelier Tia".  At first I planned to named it "Alchemist Girl Tia"  but I want it similar to Atelier series from Gust.  I hope you like it.


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Some Update :D

     Hi, I think I silence too long.  I should put some update.  Most of the sprite H animation are done.  Only 1 H-animation for mini boss left (on prologue state will only have mini boss).  Prologue stage will have 8 H-sprite animation with normal/fast/climax stage.  And maybe some loop H-animation for npc on the stage's background.

The AI coding is almost done but still have to check bugs when put in the stage.

     I try to make non-H CG animation for Tia.  Still not sure where to put her in.
Maybe on Title screen and in atelier room  :
    - Say Hi when you enter game  
    - Happy when you upgrade or success create an item
    - Make sad face when you point to quit button and good bye when you quit game
    - Maybe you can do some ecchi like click at her boobs and Tia feel shy or angry

    I have to redraw her again and make her lower arm longer.  This is just a sketch with color.

1st Version

Fixed Version
- Shorter and rounder face / fixed eyes -