Sunday, 5 June 2016

Some Update :D

     Hi, I think I silence too long.  I should put some update.  Most of the sprite H animation are done.  Only 1 H-animation for mini boss left (on prologue state will only have mini boss).  Prologue stage will have 8 H-sprite animation with normal/fast/climax stage.  And maybe some loop H-animation for npc on the stage's background.

The AI coding is almost done but still have to check bugs when put in the stage.

     I try to make non-H CG animation for Tia.  Still not sure where to put her in.
Maybe on Title screen and in atelier room  :
    - Say Hi when you enter game  
    - Happy when you upgrade or success create an item
    - Make sad face when you point to quit button and good bye when you quit game
    - Maybe you can do some ecchi like click at her boobs and Tia feel shy or angry

    I have to redraw her again and make her lower arm longer.  This is just a sketch with color.

1st Version

Fixed Version
- Shorter and rounder face / fixed eyes -


  1. At last, you've come to. Non-H animation would be best in the atelier instead of the title screen, at least I think so. Title screens usually have one nice static image and that's all it needs. Having animated grills on it is a bit distracting? Strange? Not sure what it is, but I know it doesn't sit well with me.

    As for Tia, you're right about the arms. I feel kinda weird that I can see her crotchlines through a pleated skirt, but I know that you know it's impossible. In fact, giving critiques don't mean much here since it's just a sketch. Ahhhh... Well, I should at least tell you that her face doesn't sit well with me. Feels like the sprite is cuter? I think her eyes are too small here= or her face is too wide? Not sure.

    Anyway, since you're doing this kinda interface for a menu, I think it's a great time to mention that Live2D nonsense I talked about last time. It seems like a perfect fit for this sort of thing. I mean, look at this:
    Seems the free version still packs a lot of features and can still be exported as GIF files too. As for actually using the damn program...\(OwO)/ No idea. Still can't quite figure it out, and it's frankly quite a scary thing to look at.
    If it's worth anything, this guy has a series of tutorials for making Live2D projects from JPG files. I find it easy to follow, but I can't say I'll be able to make a project like that myself. It's a decent tutorial though.

    1. I have this idea because of live2d but not should with program I will use to make animation because I still not get use to live2d.

      About the face you mention, maybe she look too calm. I already try to make new look. Maybe you like it :D

    2. Do you mind me experimenting on Live2D with your PNG up there? I might be able to make something if I can figure it out.

      As for the face, yeah, that's better, much closer to sprite. G'job.

    3. Up to you, it's ok if you want to try :D
      I have to redraw and make each body parts separate. I will try live2d when I finished draw her.

      For animation program, I really get use to Spriter and it's very hard for me to change to other program. I think Spriter can do animation like live2d but live2d have better and smoother deformation.

  2. Dunno. I find the first one more appealing since the second one is to stylized for me.

    1. Seems like a matter of opinion then. I much prefer the latter since it looks much more like her sprite. I'm an advocate of making things look alike so the experience is more cohesive.

  3. It shall depend on person, but I guess people will prefer more on the latter one. Since her eyes seem a bit awkward on first one.

  4. That is amazing :)

    Can we collaborate?

    1. Thank :D
      Collaborate? I usually do works by my own.

  5. Hey you are doing great work but personally I'm not a fan of female protagonists. May i ask if you will do a game with a male mc?

    1. Sure, I will do male MC in the future but can't confirm that it will be my 3rd or 4th game.