Sunday, 26 June 2016

Atelier Tia

     Hi everyone, I trying to make Tia animation on title screen and atelier scene.  I still not sure title screen will use animation or 1 CG but will think about it later :P

     Now thinking what she could do
      - Idle
      - Hello (enter title screen)
      - Bye Bye (quit game)
      - Sad face or some funny face when cursor on quit game button
      - Sleepy or yawn if she wait long
      - Make sad
      - Stir a cauldron when create item

You can suggest if you have some good idea.  But no animation that have to rotate or show side or back because I'm lazy to draw more parts  -_-"

     And I create game logo.  This current project name is "Atelier Tia".  At first I planned to named it "Alchemist Girl Tia"  but I want it similar to Atelier series from Gust.  I hope you like it.



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  2. how about sometime some "divine wind" blow up her skirt and she quickly cover her skirt from ... viewer?

  3. What about her looking around the screen?
    The first animation is super cute BTW. :)

  4. Huh. Guess there wasn't any need for Live2D. I'll just throw out my experimentation. It's not like I even knew what I was doing.

    And... Dammit, that logo made me spit my drink. I knew you were taking cues out of Atelier, I didn't think you'd actually stylize the logo the same way AND use the same titling scheme. But whatever. Do what you want. I'd mention copyright infringement, but Super Strip Fighter V is a thing, and no one does anything about it. Japan's really cool about copyright infringement.

    As for Tia's portrait... OBVIOUSLY. Her boobs should bounce if you click it. And then she'll cover her chest and kinda scream at the player. Heh.

    If it's expressions we're talking about when cursoring over options, then... Hovering over the stage select option makes her look fired up to kick some ass, going to the item synthesis makes her look excited to do some crafting, hovering over gallery makes her blush because she know what you're about to do... Uh, cursoring over options makes her kinda roll her eyes away, looking like she's thinking of something... Just some very rapid ideas.

    ... AH!It just hit me. Senran Kagura has this kinda thing, and if you rapidly tap on the girl, her clothes explode or something. OBVIOUSLY THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. PUT IT IN NOW. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

    1. Still use Spriter.
      For some reason, I really not get use to triangle deformation in Spine and Live2D. Sometime it make the image edge look sharp and it's annoy me when I add many deform points and have to move lot of them while deforming.

      Ah! about game logo, I didn't thinking about copyright issue at all while I making O.O"
      If it has some problem I may change name to "Alchemist Girl Tia" with the same style (just change words and longer staff). Still have lot of times before game finish.

      Boobs Click, sure have. It's already in the list :D
      And she will fire up when you selected New Game, Continue and Map(select from Atelier).

      Good idea for H-Gallery and Option. Maybe she do thinking action (one hand on her chin and other hand support elbow)

      Sorry, no cloth explode :P But will have some surprise when you click her boobs many times. Still thinking how to do it without drawing many new parts -*-

    2. Yeah, that sums up my experience with Live2D. It takes a lot of getting used to.

      I think the copyright issue wouldn't bother you. Again, Japan's PRE-TTY cool when it comes to copyright issues. They'll let it slide, I'm sure. I mean, I've played a whole bunch of RPGMaker H-Games on DLSite that use characters from other copyrights and still make cash outta it. Should be fine.

      Still, it'd be best to have the second title handy, just in case.

      I am quite disappointed that clothes won't explode. But oh well. I'll wait to see what this SURPRISE is. HUEH HUEH.

  5. How about we can use cursor to pull her cloth down... to some certain extend she will blush and pull up then cover her body :3 that will make her cute as hell i think ... but if possible strip naked would still be better (=.,=)

    1. I don't know how to pull cloth coding like most flash game. But if boob click many times for her cloth down and see her bra (she should wear a bra).

      For naked, not for now. But maybe she can do some more services after you clear the game :P

  6. Nice ^^ Can't wait