Monday, 25 January 2016

Some Small Progress >.<"

     Hi everyone, today I want to show Tia's Status Bar.  I hope it look nice XD

HP = Hit Point
SP = Stamina Point (for Block / Evade)
CP = Cloth/Cum Point (At first it's Blue Color and will decrease when you take damage.  Once it reach to zero.  Tia's cloth will torn.  And bar will increase with Pink Color when she get raped)
MP = Mana Point (Special Attack)
Bag!? = Alchemist Tool (for Sex Punishment)
Tia's Image will change when she hurt, rape, knock out, cloth torn

Still thinking about how she get knock out and get rape.  Maybe get knock down 3 times or have to make another bar that will decrease when take damage same as CP.  But will get knock out when reach to zero.

    And umm ... first enemy.  They are bad mercenary who work for money and sex.  I planned to make 3-4 types for him by change color and weapon.  I lazy to design male enemies anyway :P 
Maybe will have female mercenary with shield and bikini armor on later stage ^o^

I planned to finished tutorial/prologue stage before I release first demo.  Stage will have
- 1 Male Mercenary
- 1 Female Human
- 1 Monster Girl
- 1-2 Beast/Monster
- 1 Mini Boss

So I still have lot of works to do  XD

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Tia Attack Animation

   Show Tia attack animation this week.  This time I want to make real air combos not fake air combos like in Virgin Invader.  But I still don't know how to code :P

 Ground Attacks

Air Attacks

Crouch Attack