Monday, 25 January 2016

Some Small Progress >.<"

     Hi everyone, today I want to show Tia's Status Bar.  I hope it look nice XD

HP = Hit Point
SP = Stamina Point (for Block / Evade)
CP = Cloth/Cum Point (At first it's Blue Color and will decrease when you take damage.  Once it reach to zero.  Tia's cloth will torn.  And bar will increase with Pink Color when she get raped)
MP = Mana Point (Special Attack)
Bag!? = Alchemist Tool (for Sex Punishment)
Tia's Image will change when she hurt, rape, knock out, cloth torn

Still thinking about how she get knock out and get rape.  Maybe get knock down 3 times or have to make another bar that will decrease when take damage same as CP.  But will get knock out when reach to zero.

    And umm ... first enemy.  They are bad mercenary who work for money and sex.  I planned to make 3-4 types for him by change color and weapon.  I lazy to design male enemies anyway :P 
Maybe will have female mercenary with shield and bikini armor on later stage ^o^

I planned to finished tutorial/prologue stage before I release first demo.  Stage will have
- 1 Male Mercenary
- 1 Female Human
- 1 Monster Girl
- 1-2 Beast/Monster
- 1 Mini Boss

So I still have lot of works to do  XD


  1. Sweet. This is promising.

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  3. Does she have to lose her clothes in order to get raped? You could just make it so that anytime she's knocked down she is vulnerable for rape but has an invincibility time before she can get raped so the players who don't want to waste time and have her get raped can get out of being knocked down easily

    1. Yes, she has too lose her cloth first. But her cloth will not too hard to lose. And I will add button for destroy her cloth for people who want she to get rape ^.^

      She will has to get knock down 3 times or lose all her Vitality bar before she can get rape. I'm thinking which one is better.

    2. Oh okay. Good luck on making this game and don't try too work too hard :D

    3. how about clothed sex/rape? That will totally new btw :D

    4. It will be too much to do both clothed and torn cloth sex.
      If I have to choose one. Torn cloth should be better XD
      And her skirt will get in the way while making animation -*-

    5. so torn the thing(s) get in your way ;)
      You can make bosses have special attack which torn and rape to save time :D

    6. Sure, some enemies will knock you down and rape
      Some enemies will have grapple or rape attack.
      Boss should have both ^.^

    7. Quote from someone "My Cock is Ready!!!"

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  5. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap31 January 2016 at 23:37

    NAISU, NAISU, VEEEEEERY NAAAAAISU. Your UI is already a giant leap up from the last game, and you incorporated her staff and some girly flower designs to make it more visually appealing. Colour contrasts are prominent, meaning you'll never be confused about which meter is rising and which meter is falling. In short, that's some good UI design. I wonder how you'll tackle the pause menus, main menus and so on. If you put this much effort into ALL of that, bruh, that'd make some nice, nice menu designs.

    ... Well, I should bring up some ideas you could consider since you're about to move into the programming phase.

    Corruption Counter: Ties into the Cloth Points. Each time the CP is filled pink, you get an added count to an invisible ingame meter. As this meter increases, Tia's expression in H-scenes gets lewder... or something. I'm talking ahegao. The Corruption Counter may or may not dictate what ending you get in the game. So, another point to keep in mind: Multiple endings based on your playstyle and how much sex you end up having.

    Enemy Difficulty Increasing With Your Level: You mentioned pallete swaps, and that's one of the things a lot of devs do to shoehorn in more difficult foes without making new assets. It's totally legal, and it's totally fine. So, what you can consider is, as you progress, you'll meet lots of the same enemies but in different colours, and they hit harder, they go down longer and they may or may not have new attacks. Just to keep things interesting if you REALLY want to implement a level system.

    And that's all I have for now, based on what popped into my head from this post. Consider them if you may, but it's not super important to have it in.

    Anyway, since the programming portion's about to begin, do you still want to have platforming in your levels? If you ask me, it's possible, but I'm sure it's a lot more trouble than it should be to program. It's really your decision in the end.

  6. I'm happy that you like my UI. I didn't decide about pause menu yet. Maybe show all your stat, items you left, exp, gems and etc.

    I'm not sure about corruption system. It can be annoying when you have to replay game for other ending. I planned for one ending but I will keep this idea in mind :P

    About enemy, sure enemy from previous stage will reappear with higher stat. And I planned to make many new enemies each stage. Each stage will add : 2 monster girls, 2-4 monsters or human(male or girl), 1 mini boss and boss. But it's idea for now because it's a bit too much contents. Will be decide again when real works come >.<"

    I'm already did some basic coding, Tia's movement, normal attack, air combo, walk up/down slope platform and ai movement for first enemy. For now I trying to do jump through platform code for Tia can jump up/down wall or cliff.
    I planned to add platform in some battle and flying enemies (same as Oboro Muramasa). Room will have 2 types :
    1) Battle Room - you have to defeat all enemies to get pass
    2) Travel Room - you can freely walk pass. This type of room will larger than battle room, more platfrom, enemies waiting at their location and maybe items for collect.

    So players will see something new and not get boring.

    1. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap1 February 2016 at 18:58

      I think brawlers THRIVE on replayability. Having to play a game over and over again to get a different ending is a pain in the ass, but for action-oriented games? You know it's good if you're playing the same stage over and over because it's fun. Having bonuses to look forward to on the replay? Even better. Sometimes I pick up VI again just to beat people up, y'know.

      I think, to ease the content, maybe you can tweak the values of the damage they take and the damage they give, and the tweaking occurs after say, you defeat a boss. They look the same, fight the same, but they hit harder. Maybe that's easier?

      Aha, guess you've already gone and done it. Welp, nothing to stop you then. I was more concerned with enemy AI behaviour in a vertical environment, but I guess you'll figure it out.

      Anyway, I was thinking about more things today, so I'll throw it out for a moment.

      Item Recipes: You can only alchemize certain items when you find their recipe (denoted as a page or a book). Defeating bosses and progressing through the story will earn you KEY ITEM recipes, which grant you the ability to do stuff like double jump or give you items that'll help you progress through the next stage. You may revisit previous stages and use these items to find new secrets.

      However, recipes such as better HP and MP potions and attack items must be found via exploration. They aren't mandatory to beat the game, but they sure as hell make it much easier.

      I've also though of some random attack items that can be considered.

      Cannon: Summons a cannon to fires a cannonball straight in front of you. Has a large range and hits up to four enemies before the cannonball disappears. It cannot be used midair and can only shoot straight, so it is not good against aerial targets.

      Magic Boomerang/Sword: Throws a boomerang/sword that homes in on flying enemies and grounds them. If there are no flying enemies, it will target the closest enemy. If there are no enemies, it will return to you, and it'll reload so you can use it again. Long range, decent damage, single target.

      Gravity Well: Sucks in enemies and keeps them in place for a ten seconds. Works well with say, a bomb since it lets you take out a lot of enemies in one go. Medium range, doesn't deal damage.

      Wings: KEY ITEM. Once obtained, it does not need to be equipped. Enables the 'double jump' by making Tia sprout wings out of nowhere and flap them to gain altitude. Pressing jump after that makes her sprout them again to glide down slowly.

      Star Platinum: Summons Star Platinum behind you to ORA ORA ORA the miserable chump before you. Does extremely high damage but has minuscule range.

      Okay, the last one was a joke.

      That's all for now. I'll be more active for throwing ideas out now, since my finals just ended and all, so I got more free time to mess around.

      Oh, one last thing.
      Virgin Invader: MC of the game as bonus boss. Will only show up if you've yet to get any H-scenes as he will only invade virgins. Has the same moveset as before, as well as all his supports.

  7. Whoa! Epic comment O_O
    I want players to play my game again and again too. Not sure about different ending yet.
    But game will have harder(clear game will unlock very hard, hell) and will have Arena Mode same as VI.

    About recipe for alchemist item, that what I planned. Will have a recipe for stage and each recipe will unlock 2-3 items.
    I like cannon idea :D Seem like cannon and blade come from Atelier Arland Series?
    Not sure about wing item because she can double jump from the start. Maybe triple jump?
    If you have good idea about item, feel free to let me know. Both usable and comedy item. I will put it in the lists.

    The Invader invade! Will think about him later. He will be in DLC if I add him anyway.

    1. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap1 February 2016 at 22:00

      Different endings constitute a solid plot. VI's plot was minimalistic to concentrate on the action. Maybe you can try for more dialogue and story going around for this installment? Lots of RPGMaker folks concentrate a lot of time into giving their games a good story despite the promise of porn, and it only seems that much better because of it. It doesn't need to be much, it just needs to be entertaining.

      Atelier was the reason I voted for alchemist in the first place. Hahaha. Tia's design is actually based slightly off Rorona, ain't it?

      Items, items... Yeah, the wings can be a triple jump. My idea was, have secret places in early stages that can't be accessed the first time you come there. Hence the multiple jump idea. I was thinking that some items should unlock areas and secrets to keep people exploring the game to find stuff.

      Okay, I'll throw at least two items every post, just for shits and giggles.

      Lightningrod: Plants a lightningrod on the ground. Anyone who steps near it gets struck by lightning. A mine-type weapon. Deals heavy damage. Flaw is that even you can get struck if you step on it.

      Porno Mag: Throws a porno magazine on the ground. All male enemies will surround the porno mag and will not move from that location till they get hit once. Excellent for crowd control. The porno mag stays in place for two minutes before disappearing.

      Cardboard Box: THE ULTIMATE TOOL OF ESPIONAGE. Tia hides in a cardboard box. Enemies will not be able to notice her and will not attack her. Lasts for thirty seconds. Useful in Travel Rooms.

      Scooby Snack: The greatest tasting snack for animals. Throwing it at beast/monster-type enemies will tame them, and they will run away from the stage, never to come back. Only good if you don't like fighting beasts/monsters.

      Pocket Watch: Stops time for five seconds. An item best saved for emergencies where five seconds can save your butt.

      Next thing to bring up is 'slots' and 'ammuniton'. You've said before that items will have a limited amount of slots you can carry at a time, and I was thinking, in those slots, you also have a limited amount of 'ammo'. Say, a bomb has only four ammo. A powerful item, like say, the Pocket Watch I mentioned, only has a single ammo. This means that, you get more uses with weaker items, but more power with stronger items. It's up to you to decide which to use.

      And regarding ammo, I think enemies should drop items at random. What they drop is dependent on what you have in your slots. Picking up one of these items replenishes one ammo. However, you may not have more ammo than your maximum, meaning, you cannot pick up a bomb if you already have four bombs. So you gotta throw one to pick that bomb up. This helps keep the momentum and lessens the stress of having to think of whether or not to use your items.

    2. I like Metal Gear Box and lighting rod. Will add it XD
      Not sure how to code porno book -*-

      About item slot, that's good idea. Player can't spam too many powerful items and item slot should be 5. Tia can carry few items at first like 5 for weak items. But she can upgrade capacity max for increase up to 9 or 10. And have Alchemy Mastery for increase items effect.

      Not sure about item drop. Will think about it.
      I only plan Rest Room for restock or create items at half stage and before boss (create items in stage will cost more gems than in Atelier).

    3. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap4 February 2016 at 19:03

      W-What about stopping time with a pocket watch? That's like, the hypest shit in any fighting game, dawg.

      Ahem! Coding the porno book, I think that it should work the same way aggro works? Like, how enemies always go after a certain person in a multiplayer game? Program them to move and surround the book instead of you.

      For items, I'm much more concerned of the control scheme. On the keyboard, it'd be easy to assign the number keys to tie into an item. But on a controller, we don't have that many buttons. I think you can have a button to cycle through the items onscreen so you can quickly change it on your controller? Assuming you still want gamepad support, that is. I played VI on a gamepad.

      Okay, more item ideas...

      Barrel: It has returned, and it has returned with a vengeance. Throws a rolling barrel in front of you that crosses the screen and knocks down all enemies, dealing minimal damage. Was the bane of everyone's existence in Virgin Invader.

      C4 Dagger: Throws a dagger that latches onto enemies for five seconds before exploding.

      Starlight Breaker: An item that powers up Tia's staff with magical energy and lets her fire a laser beam from the orb on the staff.

      Stat Buffs: Par for the course, stat buffs act like recovery items but increases your offence, defence or speed for a limited amount of time.

      Dummy Plug: Automatically activates when Tia is struck with lethal blow that would otherwise kill her. Creates a decoy to take her place.

      Nuclear Bomb: Throws a nuclear missile on the ground which causes an explosion so large that it kills every enemy on the screen... including Tia. Basically a suicide item. Causes instant death for an interval of ten seconds, so no amount of revive items or Dummy Plugs can protect you from the nuke.

      Bottled Flame: Throws a bottle that shatters on the ground, setting fire to the area for several moments. Excellent DPS to take down stationary enemies.

      Now, I'd also like to talk more about the bosses you have in mind. I do recall you saying that they're alchemists too. I think they should have a specific item they use and defeating them nabs you their recipes. Maybe one of them fights with a cannon, and you get the cannon recipe from taking her down? Something like that? It's always cool to be able to use your enemy boss's skills and abilities, it's like Megaman.

      I don't know what you have in mind for the final boss, but I feel like she should be like, a parallel to Tia, a rival-type. Like, she also fights with a staff and throws items the same way you do. Difference is, she can do everything you can, but better. Like say, her barrel? It's spiked and explodes. Her cannon? It fires lasers. She uses better versions of items you can make.

      Heheh. These types of characters are best introduced earlier, and fought multiple times just as a testament to your improving skill.
      I started thinking about it when I watched this video. Rival-type bosses can really make an action game shine, especially if they are difficult and challenging.

      Okay, DLC suggestion.
      Revenge Of The Unchosen Heroines: Fox-girl and Elf will come and attack because the Alchemist won the poll. They want to fight you and hijack your game, taking the starring roll. Fox-girl attacks up close and personal, whereas Elf snipes you with arrows, making a difficult dual-boss fight.

    4. I'm confident much about my coding skill but at least it's better compare when I made VI.
      For Time Stop Watch, if time stop for you to evade and can't do damage to enemies. I think I can. But if you can attack enemy while time stop, I'm not sure, need more to learn.

      I planned to make game pad support for this game. What do you think about this default control :

      L1 - Switch Item R1 - Roll/Evade
      UP Attack Special
      Left Right
      Down Jump Item Use

      Select - Destroy Tia's cloth (her servant will do the job)
      Start - Pause / Menu
      Hold Attack for 0.5 sec - Block

      About bosses, I already set most of the bosses in mind. I don't want to spoil much. But not every bosses are alchemist. Some are fighter/mercenary but she will use some alchemy items in battle. And this is alchemist theme, so homunculus? Automaton like Odelia? Each boss will have rematch on later stage. And sure last boss have to be alchemist.

      Good idea for DLC, I will keep in the list. But I will not think about DLC for now.
      I have to see main game finished and see the sales or support first. For motivation to make it :P

      I spending lot of times with first enemy. I have to make most of the code for it. Once it's perfect, I'm only copy/paste and change some specific part for each enemy. For now I'm playing with status effect like frost(slow movement), freeze, stun and poison.

    5. Weird, I can see your last post from gmail but not in my blog -.- ?

      I want to reduce button/keyboard to control. Holding attack is same method from Odin Sphere and Muramasa. Maybe you will get use to it after playing for a while. I will reconsider it again after released demo and receive comments.

      Not sure about putting platform in boss fight because it's should be hard to code.
      But I will try.

      Yaoi Beam & Rock are ridiculous. Not sure to put these ideas, ha ha

      About marketing, I planned for Patreon. But I want to make good and impressive demo before I start Patreon. I don't want to release incomplete demo that can only catch people attention for short period of time.
      And all Patreon reward tier will be count from total pledge. Like total $15 - get full game, $25 - name in credit, more for gif file or others. So patrons will feel more comfortable to support and don't feel like waste their $ if I can't release demo in that month. And if they don't want higher reward tier, they can change to $1 and wait until game finish. I think it's fair enough :D

      Some people told me to upload sprite/animation on pixiv while I making VI but I didn't do it. Maybe I will thinking about this idea this time.

    6. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap9 February 2016 at 19:45

      Must be magic. Even I can't see it.

      Huh, it's been awhile since I played Odin Sphere, so I totes forgot. I'm still a little iffy on it, but if it ends up working, it'll work.

      If you're gonna have platforming in the first place, you should have around one or two bosses that utilize that mechanic. Just test out programming random enemies to react to platforms and figure things out from there.

      That's a good strategy. It'll work out. Uploading sprites on Pixiv is also a good idea, but don't upload the hentai GIFs or any naughty bits. Not because you can't do it on Pixiv, but to make people want to get the game to see MORE.

      Right, right, items, items... Uh.

      Bandana: Grants infinite ammo to all your items. The effect wears off if you get hit, as the bandana slips off. Activating this item plays Snake's "Infinite Ammo" line.

      American Dream: Plants an American flag on the ground, with a bald eagle perched on top. The eagle will shoot lasers from its eyes at anyone who gets too near the American flag. A turret-based item.

    7. Sure, I will add platform to some bosses fight. Should be shooting or flying boss type.

      About turret item, I already have one in mind. Sun Flower shooting light beam :P

    8. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap11 February 2016 at 12:44

      That Sun Flower sounds completely ridiculous, but I'm totally buying it. That's some Super Mario shit right there.

  8. I just finished playing Virgin Invader and I really love it. Thanks for your game!
    I find that many people think the assassin is well designed. Could you put her into this next game? XD

    1. Thanking for playing :D
      Not sure about her. If she fit in this project I will add XD

    2. The main char in V.Invader is rarely breast grab -w-
      A lot of ACT game rarely have this animation ;w;
      Add it pls ;w;/

    3. I main problem why Invader don't do much grab breasts because false design from start. His hand are too big.
      When he grab girl's breasts, his hand will cover all and you rarely see breasts >.<"

    4. then why not breast suck 'w'd

    5. Will add breasts grab and suck this time :P

  9. Hey Menz,
    First off, just wanted to say that I'm a big fan of your work so far. VI was great and I played it for many hours so I'm looking forward to this upcoming game.

    Since it's still in development, I just wanted to put in my two cents on what I've seen and what I would like to see. So far, everything is looking good. Tia's model is great and the animations are smooth. I really like that you used different colors in the status bars so we can quickly differentiate them. The male mercenary looks a little generic perhaps but, as you said, I'm not sure how much anyone really cares about the basic mob's. At least he sort of looks like a mercenary unlike other games I've played.

    As to having a female mercenary: definiately. Lately, it seems that yuri content has been quite lacking in a lot of games, which sucks because that's really my thing. However, it sounds like you're planning on adding it to the game so I'm really pleased about that. In addition to a shield, I would love it if the female merc (or any female enemy in the game) also had a whip weapon, especially if she uses it to tie up Tia when she's vulnerable. You will certainly be seeing my money if this gets added to the game.

    As for game over screens, something I've only seen done twice in games of this genre but works very well is animated CG's, similar to Final Fight or Ninja Gaiden continue screens but sexual in nature. I really think animated is the way to go as still CG's have been done to death in this genre of gaming. I know that will be time consuming but I think the end product with definitely benefit from it.

    I'll certainly be keeping tabs on your work as it progresses. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanking for your comment :D

      Sure in new game you will see female enemy with whip. I think it's something must have anyway :P

      About CG, I'm planning for Animation CG for game over scene with mini boss (each stage will have new mini boss). I want everything in Tia project animation. And if patreon go well, I will add victory scene for each stage boss.