Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Help Vote Princess Edge for Greenlight on Steam :D

      This post isn't about my own game and my current works are more on coding.  So I don't have anything much to show now :P
      OK, come to the point.  Erobotan (the creator of Blitz Angel Spica) want to release his previous game "Princess Edge - Dragon Stone" on steam.  It's side scroll beat'em up with some ecchi but not 18+.  If you like fighting / beat'em up type game and have steam account.

Help Vote Princess Edge for Greenlight Here! (click the image) :


  1. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap11 February 2016 at 13:08

    Aaaaaand voted.

    Hurrr, the sprites remind me of ZUN art. Which is actually quite a mean thing for me to say.

    Mechanics looks pretty bloody sound, which is why I voted in the first place. Sad there ain't no fucking involved though. Steam DOES let you publish 18+ games, with the condition that the 18+ portions are not readily available and must be patched in. That's how mothereffin' Nekopara got in.

    Oh WAIT. This guy's responsible for Blitz Angel Spica! Aww, damn, I can see why he wants to get it on Steam now. I very well see why. More budget for porn games is always great. Always great. Doing God's work, Erobotan, doing God's work. Go, my dear friend, spread the ecchi across the world~! We need more bikini babes in fantasylands shooting trolls in the dick with lasers~

    T-This comment thread though. Popcorn-worthy stuff we're looking at. That's the major issue trying to market these kinds of games to a larger audience.

  2. Whoa! Bikini babes shooting troll's dick >.< !!!

    I thinking about release Alchemist Girl Tia on steam too because steam have very large market. Remove H content, change some part of game play and story. It not too hard to do.
    But I want to see how Princess Edge get support on steam first.

    And I feel ridiculous when I see this game already got greenlight and don't have much problem about SJW or sexual issue like Princess Edge.

  3. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap11 February 2016 at 14:56

    Hurrr, at least consider the H-content patch so people can get access to the base H-game. Unless you really want to go the Bleached Underpants route and make it so that no one knows that it was a H-game before this. That is also fine, I guess. We've been discussing more on the game mechanics than the H-content, so I'm confident it can stand on its own quite well with or without sex. It'll need a staggering change in plot to facilitate that, but hey, it's not Virgin Invader where the plot is, "Are you a bad enough dude to rape all the virgins?" Adding the fact that that game involves you playing as a guy punching a whole lot of bitches...

    Yeah, Tia has a better chance making it through on Steam. Guess people will bitch about pantyshots, at best.

    ... Shit, I HAVE that game. It wasn't terribly good, but it did take an hour or two of my time (I literally did nothing but kidnap nuns and sell them off to slavery). H-content in Adventure World was pretty sparse, I can't really say it was super good. Love the art though, the circle has a damn good artist on their team, he just needs to make it more erotic. Since the H was very few, I'm sure the conversion to SFW would be much, much easier. It's nice to see the author thinking of making it BETTER.

    But man, this Dokuro guy is pretty smooth dealing with these SJW types. And by pretty smooth, I mean 'not giving a fuck'. I should learn a thing or two from him.

    1. I will thinking about how Alchemist Girl Tia look like on steam later when it's near finish.

      About Adventure World, the art is fine but I think the game play get bore very fast. Maybe because it's too basic. But he release game very fast, not sure he's full-time game dev or not.

      And I think he doesn't have much problem with SJW because he's already said his game is 18+ game with dlsite link. Not like Princess Edge with all age rate but has bikini anime girl, but I like it :P But most of the comment recently is about girl's muscle that make me laugh. Why people really care much about girl muscle and how strong she is in game or anime. It's fantasy and unreal world anyway -*-

    2. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap11 February 2016 at 21:34

      I felt like with AW, it really needed better sex scenes. It was a bit too basic, a bit too lame, which I felt was a shame, since I liked the guy's art. He admitted on one of the Steam threads that he isn't good at writing sex, and boy, is he actually right on that. I think he'd fare better going for comedy instead, and of course, make the gameplay a bit more poppin'.

      Yeah, that's some kind of bullshit right there! Who the hell gives a shit about girls having muscles or not! Dude, that girl just whipped out a sword from thin air and fired a frickin' laser beam! You wanna talk realism, talk about THAT. That's just the game critic SJW-types. They like to bitch about REALISM and IMMERSION, when it doesn't matter in the long run, just an opinion of aesthetics which they pass off as FACT.

      If they wanted muscles and abs, then they should make their own games. Oh, but the SJW crowd is full of talentless hacks in the first place. They'd much rather force people with actual talent to do what they want instead of working hard to do what they want. A lazy person commanding others to abide to their desires. It really pisses me off... Oh crap, I suddenly started ranting about them. Sigh. I can't even enjoy a pair of tits without listening to one of them squabbling about how a healthy body is totally anorexic and oppressing their self-worth and bla bla bla...

    3. HA HA, I agreed everything in your post :D