Saturday, 29 November 2014

3 Girls Update

Fighter - finished

Ice Mage - H animation left

Priest - work in process

      I change my plan to make all normal enemies first and make a stage and boss later. I will update normal enemies but will not show the boss.  They are secret.

Friday, 28 November 2014


Hi everyone,

   This is adult game developer site.  I'm making my first game and plan to sell it on dlsite.  MenZ Studio will be my circle name on dlsite.  Now this is my first game (Work in Process)

Name : Virgin Invader
Platform : fighting / beat'em up
H Content : Sprite Sex / Ryona / Victory Rape / Rape by Monster

Story :
     You play as a man who gain control by demon.  The demon use you as a vessel and invade Virgin Land; girls only land.  He desire to conquer this land but it not that easy.  The girls fight for there own kingdom and virginity.  Now time for invade start !

Gameplay :
    It like fighting+adventure platform.  You can do ground combo, air combo and use special attack.  You can rape girl when she defeated.  Each normal enemy have 2 H-position (normal & monster rape) and  3 H-position for boss (2 normal & monster rape)  You can set difficulty and key_config in option.  Here the key control(you can see in game folder)
     Z         -   Attack
     X         -   Jump
     C         -   Dash /Evade
     S         -   Special Attack
     Space   -   Guard
     A         -   H girl (down+A for monster H) = increase special attack gauge
     D         -   Demon girl support attack (you can use the first one when you cleared stage_2)

And Here this is Virgin Invader Demo :!2w8U3CwT!4VHXoATB-nwH_p92t5WxjZg2iCdy0qjYPJgfupoM29Q

Demo have 2 stages I hope you enjoy  : )

Future Content :
       -   9 Stages
       -   22 Girls
       -   4 Demon Girls
       -   60 or more sprite sex (I try to make most of them not same position)
       -   Sprite Sex Gallery
       -   New Game Plus

   I will update my game on this blog may be once a week. If you play my game and enjoy it.  You can discuss, comment or share your idea here

   THANK and sorry for my poor English  : )