Monday, 26 January 2015

2nd Demon Girl

    Just finished second Demon Girl.  Some info
- Big Boobs / Dark Skin / Long Ears / White Hair ( I think you can guess what is her race :P )

Already 2 big boobs from villain side.  Maybe another 2 will be flat and medium size for balance.

Now time to start with fourth boss.  No time to be lazy around  XD

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New Boss + New Idea

   Hi everyone, I just finish most of coding for third boss(her ultimate skill and H left)  But still not test the difficult yet.  Maybe after I finished with second demon girl and make third stage.  Each boss took too much time than I thought.  I plan for make all bosses and demon girls finish in end of March.  I hope it goes as plan.  Look like I have too speed up my backgrounds and draw monster parts(for summon-H) at office.  Then make H-animation at home so my boss will not notice XD

   I thinking about 2 new idea :
1)  Panty  -.-"
Now girls have a chance to drop bra when defeat.  I thinking about they have small chance to drop panty too. 
       Bra    =  restore HP 
       Panty =  Increase Atk Power for short period of time +Atk 20-50% / 15-30 sec depend on how sexy of panty ( Hentai Power UP !!! )

2) Add +1 special support skill for each demon girl.  
    Press down+support button and consume 1 special gauge.  So each demon girl will have 2 skill. for example Succubus
       1.) Whip Combo (Normal)
       2.) Dark Heart (Special)   -  Cheer her boss with her love.  Increase Atk Power for Player and Stun all enemies around.  (Benefit in boss fight -  panty not drop in boss fight)

Each Support skill will have different cooldown depend on it power.  Whip - 40 sec   Dark Heart - 60+ sec.   So some skill of demon girl may not powerful but exchange for speed cooldown.  So you can use variety of skill as you like and match for each situation.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Tired Week T_T

    Not much progress this week.  I have to close annual year account at the office(very tired T_T)  I already finished with wizard girl and making third boss right now but still not finished.  So instead of girls I showing some backgrounds.  It's easy when make forest or field.  Just random trees and bushes.  But when it come to building and furniture it more harder for idea.  So most of backgrounds will be walls and windows, HA HA.  I change background size from 3000 pixels to 2500 pixels (5/6)  I think room a bit too width but lazy too change first two stages so third stage and later.  Still lot of backgrounds left.  I plan for 3-4 backgrounds each stage so 10+ left (-.-")  Luckily that, my superior and boss are kind so I can draw backgrounds in office free time without problem.