Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New Boss + New Idea

   Hi everyone, I just finish most of coding for third boss(her ultimate skill and H left)  But still not test the difficult yet.  Maybe after I finished with second demon girl and make third stage.  Each boss took too much time than I thought.  I plan for make all bosses and demon girls finish in end of March.  I hope it goes as plan.  Look like I have too speed up my backgrounds and draw monster parts(for summon-H) at office.  Then make H-animation at home so my boss will not notice XD

   I thinking about 2 new idea :
1)  Panty  -.-"
Now girls have a chance to drop bra when defeat.  I thinking about they have small chance to drop panty too. 
       Bra    =  restore HP 
       Panty =  Increase Atk Power for short period of time +Atk 20-50% / 15-30 sec depend on how sexy of panty ( Hentai Power UP !!! )

2) Add +1 special support skill for each demon girl.  
    Press down+support button and consume 1 special gauge.  So each demon girl will have 2 skill. for example Succubus
       1.) Whip Combo (Normal)
       2.) Dark Heart (Special)   -  Cheer her boss with her love.  Increase Atk Power for Player and Stun all enemies around.  (Benefit in boss fight -  panty not drop in boss fight)

Each Support skill will have different cooldown depend on it power.  Whip - 40 sec   Dark Heart - 60+ sec.   So some skill of demon girl may not powerful but exchange for speed cooldown.  So you can use variety of skill as you like and match for each situation.


  1. Well i enjoy your gameplay but personally i only really liked the succubus and the first boss

  2. You like sexy big boob type huh :P
    Maybe you will like Wizard and Cleric.

  3. I am perpetually extremely excited by every piece of progress you post, friend.

  4. Hahahaha , hope You'r Boss aren't female
    Or it will be sooooooo ankward XD
    End of March huh , let say May-June this game will out
    Awesome!! -Larcx-

    1. Yeah it's ankward. My superior is male but my boss is female XD
      I hope to finish it in May if I can.