Monday, 12 January 2015

Tired Week T_T

    Not much progress this week.  I have to close annual year account at the office(very tired T_T)  I already finished with wizard girl and making third boss right now but still not finished.  So instead of girls I showing some backgrounds.  It's easy when make forest or field.  Just random trees and bushes.  But when it come to building and furniture it more harder for idea.  So most of backgrounds will be walls and windows, HA HA.  I change background size from 3000 pixels to 2500 pixels (5/6)  I think room a bit too width but lazy too change first two stages so third stage and later.  Still lot of backgrounds left.  I plan for 3-4 backgrounds each stage so 10+ left (-.-")  Luckily that, my superior and boss are kind so I can draw backgrounds in office free time without problem.


  1. Nice, where did you get the pattern for the stained glass? Do you sketch it out on paper first for concepts/roughs or do you just do it all in software from the beginning?

  2. It a shame, I don't have much art skill in this part. I download and adapt it to my backgrounds. If you want a link I will add it because I want to credit this website anyway. But wait till tomorrow, I can't remember http and I save link only in my office computer :P

  3. Wow , the progress are going well
    U really have a nice Boss
    But the question is...
    Did Your Boss know what You are drawing for?
    I mean , does he know u are drawing for Ero Game? XD


    1. Shuuu ... Quiet I don't want they to know.
      I only draw backgrounds at office. And when they ask I said "I want to practice drawing for hobby because I don't know what to do in free time" XD

    2. Hahahaha

      Well it's great development
      So You can work outside of week end
      I hope the progress goes well