Wednesday, 31 December 2014

End of Year (Time passed too fast)

    Already the last day of 2014 and I don't have plan in New Year holidays so making Virgin Invader 10 hours+/day as always.( sad holidays  T_T )  I just finished drawing Wizard girl today and hope to finish animations and coding her in this week.  The three elemental mages have cute look and flat.  So I want to make her different by sexy look  :)  

     I hope everyone have better life and many good things/chances happen in 2015.  Still it not time to say but "Happy New Year Everyone"


  1. This year to be happy you should:
    1- Put a game in a funding campaign. Just look how much money they do with games like Mogi Origins, and their game is clumsy with bad art. Yours look much better.
    2- Make a game with monster girls or at least a bit anthropomorph ones. That fetish sells like fresh bread.
    3- ???
    4- Profit

  2. I don't like funding campaign for some reason. It feel like waiting people to give you money before working. If you don't receive enough fund you will not have any motivation to work. And I want to sell my game worldwide than only people who give funding. Just support my work after it finished that will make me happy enough. if my game sell well enough like 2000+ download on dlsite. Maybe I will quit my office job and become full-time game maker. I hope that dream come true :)
    There are ton of games I want to make in my mind. For example : sidescroll+topdown action game (like final fight or double dragon) 1.fight against bad gang(present time) 2.a hero who go punish monster girls(medieval time) or virgin invader platform with female main character. But still I have to make it one by one and make Virgin Invader finish first :P

    1. It's good that some people take a male mc. It brings some variety into this industry. Sorry but the other games are the same boring song. Anyway thx for it. Random question: How old are you actually?

  3. Good to see you make continuous progress on this. I start too many things without following through. Just got FFXIII and Double Dragon Neon but they'll probably remain unplayed for some time.

    Happy holidays, and let us know if you ever need any testers for a closed beta.

    btw: Where did you learn to draw/create sprites? Was it something that was work related or did you just pick it up as a hobby?

    1. I envy you :P I don't have enough time for play many good games this year after I decide to make my own game. I miss to play Dark Soul 2, Lost of Shadow 2, Arl no Surge, Lighting Return. I'm playing Atelier Rorona Plus for 4 month and still not clear it. OK end of my own complaint - HA HA HA

      1.) I learn by copy other people sprites and see character movement&body parts from other games. Then try to draw and slightly change a bit from original every time I draw. Until It's become my own style

      2.) It's a hobby for now. My real work is an accountant. But if it sell good enough maybe I will become full-time game maker :)

  4. I can only pray , may You'r wish come true
    Perhaps You can also try to sell You'r game outside of DL Site
    Like DMM Site , coz DL Site this day is brutal
    Like today You release You'r game
    And tomorrow , bam!! it's out on the Internet!

    I think selling using PayPal is also an option
    Like something Kyrieru of KuroVadis did year's a go

    1. Thank for info. I will learn how to submit my game in other website. ^.^

  5. Any new news? -Larcx-

  6. post something nigga