Sunday, 21 December 2014

She come to clean your pervert soul :P

    Each week past so fast.  New girl come again and I know many people want to see her design.  Now a maid girl.  She come to clean your pervert soul with her mop.

   She is my favorite now.  I found this maid outfit from Marika, Nisekoi and fell like "That it!  This is maid I looking for"  Now time to think about her combat and coding.  Only Wizard girl left.


  1. lol this is excellent! A mop? Does she fight like the halberd-wielder at all? Does she have bucket-of-water based attacks?

    I am so happy about this one, hahaha. So are you designing the bosses next, because I think all the ones you've shown us are regular enemies.

  2. I thinking about she use bucket cover your head for stun you. The only regular enemy left is wizard. After that I will make 6 bosses but I will not show them. There are secret. Maybe show only shadow :P

  3. Are you going to show the designs for the other demon girls or will that be a secret too? Saving them for last?

    How long do the bosses take to develop vs. the regular enemies? They seem to have a lot more animations.

  4. Yeah, other 6 bosses and 3 demon girls are secret. I want player to surprise when see them and it will spoil the fun if I show all I have. But I plan to show only shadows becuase I want to show how many girls I made in promote picture(future plan) It will be good promote because most act games with girl enemies only have around 10 girls. But my game have 25 girls if it go as plan ( 21 enemies 4 demons) :P
    Boss take more times than regular girls. Only a bit more time for animation but take a lot more for coding work because they must have something special to fight against player like evade, counter, endure, combos(and this often cause bug). I take 2 week for only test+coding second boss(Elite Fencer) But I think other bosses will take less time since I have more experience.

    1. Alright. How much will this game cost and when will it be released?

    2. Price : around $15 - 17
      Date : may be April 2015

  5. Just asking , have You make something like schedule plan?
    Something like , they will out probably in April or....

  6. I make schedule plan in my mind.
    - Finish regular enemies in this year (still left monster-H)
    - Bosses and demon girls in Feb or Mar
    - change interface, make stage, and maybe upgrade system
    If it goes as plan, game will be finish in end of Mar or April. But still it my first game so I can't promise the date yet. Because I don't know it will be bug or not :(

    1. That is good
      Then You should make a schedule something like
      It will release atleast on June
      Without a goal , Your work will be never finish
      Of course it can be delay by bug and other
      Even if You end up delay it
      It still good with a goal

  7. Are you German?