Sunday, 7 December 2014

Cleric Girl

   The work not go well this week.  Lot of office work so the new girl still not coding.  But at least finished draw and animation parts.  She is a Cleric.

So 3 normal enemies left for design  (Wizard / Assassin / Maid)  -.-"


  1. With that shield , She's more like Guardian IMO

    Great work

  2. I've been following your progress since you first posted on umlf, and am greatly impressed.

    Mind if I ask you what you are using to create your sprites? You seem to be using gamemaker studio -how much coding is involved to
    setup the basic side scrolling engine?

    Random comments:

    I really like the design for the first demon girl. She looks really cute.

    Great job on the variety of different attacks -especially the bosses. The signals on the unblockable attacks give just enough time to react to it.

    Have you thought about a statistic/achievements page at the end of each level?

    It would be more interesting if there were more incentive to H each enemy if you gained something from it besides special. Maybe a
    slight increase to max health or faster ally recharge. Maybe a special move unlocked after a certain number of unique H or just
    increase the max number of special levels.

    Have you thought about recycling the bosses of each level as a sub-boss for later levels? Maybe slightly weakened -although if you

    gained more health/special after each level it might even out.

    As for variations on H positions how about a threesome with the demon girl vs.level boss? You can transition from monster H to a
    double team.

    How about an air dash or a riposte for the main character? I really liked the riposte from the second level boss.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Yeah! she really look like Guardian, HA HA

    Oh! many question :
    1.) Sprite - I'm not good in dot art and more worse in illus so I mix it together. I use SAI. May be weird because most people use it for large image like CG.

    2.) I use Game Maker 8 - lot of coding for each character(more than 300 rows of code). Someone said fighting platform is the hardest for coding. My game is 50/50 fighting and beat'em up so may be nearly the hardest.

    3.) achievement - Wow that a great idea but I still not sure how to code that. At first I play to make shop system but I lazy in later. I have to finish making all stage first. And test it that game is too hard or too easy if I put upgrade system. So I will think about it later. But for increase special no, I think max at 3 is OK and you can use demon girl so It like 4 max.

    4.) Recycle Boss - Sure! I plan to make New Game Plus+ So you can play my game 2 rounds. The boss will be recolor and become special enemies(x2 or x3 HP compare to normal enemies and decrease atk skill to 2-4) and rearrange girls appear like you can encounter cleric/priest/assassin in stage-1.

    5) threesome? I already plan for each demon girl with each boss(stage2 - 5) I will think about it later.

    6.) air dash or a riposte - It will have air dash or double jump if I add upgrade system. But may be no for riposte since player don't have counter attack system.

    Thank for comment :)

  4. Hahaha , in My game Cleric only use mace (Seal Online)
    But it's OK
    I think some sex position doesn't have to be that different
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    Good Luck

  5. I like her appearance. She reminds me of Sypha Belnades in Castlevania: Judgement.