Friday, 23 October 2015

Vote Result & 2nd Game Concept & Main Character Design !

   Hi everyone, thank you for your vote.  Now the poll for my 2nd game is closed and I want to show the result.  This is the vote result after select heavy filter(remove spam vote - around 80-100 spam votes >.<")

The winner is Alchemist Girl.  
At first fox/wolf girl 1st but after the end of the first week.  Alchemist girl lead the poll until the end.

I already design her outfits.  I want to show and receive your comments :D

I still not decide which design to use yet.   About minor detail like eyes color, hair color, show bare legs or long socks.  These detail maybe change in the final.  But Pony tail is my favorite :P

Alchemist Girl Detail : 
    Her name should be Claire, Ellie, Reila, Tia (My favorite name for girl).  They sound simple and cute.  She is a good girl, hard-worker, a bit tom boy and do violent things when she's angry.  She open small atelier outside the town and make potions for living.  But the bad alchemist organization invade the town and spread gases that make people in town become mindless and living only for sex.
She have to travel to various places for collect special ingredients to make item that can help people in town.  But the bad alchemist organization will interrupt her journey.

Sub Character (Mascot) :
    She live with her small, cute, chubby, flying monster (like a mascot character in most Magical Girl Anime).  He is MC's servant who help her alchemy job and training combat skill (She use him as boxing sandbag -.-")  He look cute and gentle but his real personality is pervert.  He usually do ecchi thing to his master when she's not carefully like silently move under her skirt for see which panty she wear today while she synthesis alchemy at the cauldron,  charge to her boobs when she's back home as welcome or peep while she take a bath (and these are the reasons why she use him as boxing sandbag XD).  And if she noticed his ecchi move.  She will stomp him with her boot, smash with staff or use alchemy items on him.  But he still continue do it as part of his life.  I want to put him in game because more character can make better dialogue, comedy parts and he has role to punish female bosses.

Combat Style & Alchemy :
    She use martial art with long staff (similar to Leia in Tales of Xillia).  Game will have alchemy system that allow you to make alchemy items like HP/MP potion, Fire/Ice/Lighting/Cyclone bomb, Stat+ potion, toxic mist and others.  Enemies have a chance to drop gem with different colors.  Each potion will use different number of gems (example: fire bome use 3 red gems / Cyclone use 2 blue + 2 yellow gems).  You can use colorless gem for upgrade your HP/ ATK /Stamina.  And maybe create accessories that you can equipped for increase stat or passive skill.

    She not hesitate to punish defeated female enemies with her alchemy.  She can regain MP by summon-H same as Virgin Invader.

   She will have 4 special attack same as Virgin Invader but my currently have 5 ideas so I have to cut one out  D:
    -  Spinning staff and move upper for attack surrounding enemies and air (maybe you can continue air combos after this special attack)
    -  Charge Forward and moving herself too (Same as down+special Invader's attack)
    -  Power up her staff and throw it like a lance (same as Escha Skill in Atelier Escha & Logy)
    -  Power Smash - Power up her staff and use it like baseball bat.  Make enemies in front of her fly away.
    -  Rapid Stab - attack multiply hit to enemies in front of her.  this move will not make your enemies knock down.  So you can continue your combos.

About Art and Graphic :
     I planned to make larger scale for character maybe same as Guild Meister size and will add more frame for make animation smoother.  But still have to careful about memory problem, not sure how Game Maker Studio can deal with it (have to test first).  For Virgin Invader, I made left/right sprites because it easier for my noob coding skill but it waste of memory (+40% memory for each character loaded).  But this time I will use coding for help left/right images and use these space of memory for larger images.  I planned to draw character in larger size and scale down, not 1 : 1 as Virgin Invader.

(Image in red circle maybe in-game size)

Plan and Idea about game play :
- All bosses are alchemist girl.  They will use martial art and alchemy tech/weapon.
- Your enemies are Alchemists, Mercenaries, Monsters, Monster Girls.  I try to list enemies I have to make and maybe game will have more than 30 or 40+ type of enemies (for 6 stages)  Each enemy will have 1 H-scenes and 2-3 for boss.  Not confirm gang bang yet (40% of enemies are girls  XD)
- Game will have 6 stages, not count prologue stage.  And maybe add 2 more stages if I make patreon goal and it's reach.
- Each stage are larger than Virgin Invader (you can think of Odin Sphere or Oboro Muramasa Map)
- In some room will have treasure chest or girl raping by monster.  You will receive gems, potions or Alchemy Scroll(unlock potions) for rewards.  And sometime you have to use alchemy for help searching.  Fire bomb for destroy large rock, melt ice.  Cyclone for blow the flame field and ETC.
- I want to put some platform in the fight.  Example : jumping on the higher cliff, tree branch while fighting.  But not confident much about how to make AI deal with platform. Not confirm this idea yet, maybe have to wait and try Odin Sphere Remake (Odin Sphere Leifthrasir) for more ideas.

Still thinking about main character H-scenes :
- Cloth Durable System : If you take damage, your cloth durable will decrease and cloth will be torn when it reach to 0.  Then you will get rape by some enemies attack or while knock down depend on each enemy.  
- If you take H-attack you will lose HP same as fully cloth but will change hurt to H animation and increase some H-climax (freely see H-scene or break out)
- If you get rape while knock down, your H-climax will slowly continually increase and you have to spam button for break. If H-climax full, you will lose some HP.
- You can restore cloth at save point (half stage and before boss)

And Finally about Virgin Invader CG Progress :
  I think I can finish 9th CG this week but the problem is I have to make 10 CG because I can't put all demon girls in a CG >.<"   So I separate them out (Succubus+Dark Priest and Bunny+Cat).  And maybe add some extra fight for people who want more challenge; example : more aggressive boss, 2 bosses at once and etc.  But no new H-sprites :P   So the final version of Virgin Invader will finish in 1-2 week.


  1. I voted alchemist !
    She is so cute !
    I feel No.1 outfit is good.
    and about her name, I feel Tia sounds so cute.

  2. I think it would be nice if there'd be a boss battle with an Alchemist along with their servant/homunculus.
    Think of it like the two assassin boss back in Virgin Invader.

    I personally think having different boss types can be an appeal when you have a female MC.
    But if its in the story that your rivals are Alchemists as well, it can work.

    I'd think though that most Alchemist bosses will use their servants to rape you, but there will be that 1 Tomboyish boss that will personally rape you herself. Or maybe a boss with High pride that goes "Ohohoho~" while stepping on your head while you are being raped by her servant after they beat you....
    Something like that.

    1. There will be 4 Alchemist bosses in my idea now (not count final boss) There h-scene are several fetishes ^^
      - Yuri
      - Her minion
      - Her device/weapon
      - Futa

  3. #6. <3

    Don't forget solo.

  4. I like the long socks. #6 is my favorite, then #2.

  5. 1st outfit, but with 6th's kneesocks. Because shoulders. Shoulders are always nice. I want shoulders in the final product.

    Anything else, I guess since she's using a staff, kung fu movies would be a good reference. Her dash attack should be like, a vaulting kick.

    Like that... Uh, then I can see a lot of staff spinning incorporated into her basic combos. I saw this gif one day, it looked pretty cool.

    Spinning is cool. Spinning is always cool.

    Of course, nothing beats some real life martial arts for inspiration.

    I can totally see that first staff slam as some kind of distancing maneuver at the end of some combo. Chinese kung fu movies. Watch em'. See those staff movements. See the staff spinning. Feel inspired.

    1. I still thinking about outfit. Maybe merge some outfit together and her outfit color should bright and colorful.

      About combat style, I planed about vaulting kick too (her skirt will flip in this move XD). Dash+attck or double tab(run) + attack. I thinking that maybe MC maybe always running for fast gameplay like Oboro Muramasa (no walk)

      She's not that professional kungfu :P But I thinking about spinning move too. Maybe add some but not much because spinning move is the hardest move in 2D, you have to draw character in many angle for smooth spinning >.<"

    2. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap27 October 2015 at 23:14

      You know what, I like you. I see lots of potential to be found here. I'll drop the anonymous status from now on and will go by this name, D4C, for short.

      So, the outfit. I think yeah, something bright and colourful would be pretty nice. As long as you keep it shoulderless, since those are some damn fine shoulders and it'd be a shame to hide them. I chose 1 because it caught my attention faster than the others, since the palette is brighter than the rest. 2 is good too, but it might need to look less dark. Thinking about it again, MAYBE the best outfit is number 3, but it could sure opt for a bit more change in palette. Perhaps change the dark blue jacket to the redish colour in 1's skirt, unbutton the undershirt a little to show the belly button (navel is always good) and maybe add some sleeves like 1 and 2 has.

      4 and 5 are definitely out since it's a bit too much skin, too little cloth (ironic I say this since this is a hentai game). 5 definitely, because of the shorts. If we're gonna get a vaulting kick that gives us panty shots, shorts are a huge no no. Whatever final design you take should have a torn version, so an outfit that exposes too much skin would have little to no difference when torn. So, yeah, try to get a healthy balance of cloth and skin.

      So, movement restricted to running. I'm all for it, really. Playing VI was a bit slow since I had to double tap to start running. But I think if it's too fast, it'll be hard to time dodges and hits properly. Maybe the basic movement (single press) should be more like a jog, so it's fast enough to feel fast, slow enough to time nicely.

    3. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap27 October 2015 at 23:14

      I can totes understand the difficulty in animating a rotating character, in multiple angles even. I can barely draw a character facing the side. But it's good to pull out all the stops for a special attack, just because it feels that much better executing special moves when it looks so good.

      I went ahead and played through VI again, to see the animation for the fighting sections (H-scenes are excellent, don't fix what isn't broken) and cross-referenced it with 2D fighting games such as Arcana Heart 3 and Street Fighter 3. So, yeah, VI's animation can't hold a candle to those things which carry a budget, team and programming but... I think there are some areas that can really use a bit more touch up.

      For starters, the punching was a bit too fast. I think it needs a wind up (1 or 2 frames before throwing the punch) and a retraction (1 frame after the punch to return to the normal position). It's fine to use 1 frame for the jab at the start of the combo, but the stronger attacks that come toward the end could really use a few extra frames of wind up and retraction.

      Special effects also look a bit cheap, but, that's a given. You just need a bit more experience with that stuff. Animating stuff like explosions and energy blasts, shit's hard, I hear it's the hardest task in the anime industry. But y'know. Little by little, you'll pick things up.

      Going through Arcana Heart 3 again, I realized that all characters have 6 hit sprites, 2 for being hit by a light attack, 2 for being hit by a medium attack and 2 for being hit by a heavy attack, not counting the thrown sprite. Another point to keep into consideration, seeing as all the enemies in VI have 1 hit sprite for all attacks and 1 when they're being flung. To give a good sense of power behind every hit, you might want to make different hit sprites to correspond to them. Just to give the attacks more UMPH.
      I did find this article about pixel art. You don't actually use pixel art (and God bless you for that), but it could be good reference for movement, especially that Chun Li bit.

      So, that's my critique of your fighting animation. It's tiring and hard to get it really good, but since you're one of the few guys out there actually hand-drawing your sprites, it'd be real nice to see it pay off. Sex scenes are still good tho.

    4. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap27 October 2015 at 23:17

      Ah! Speaking of sex. I do have one disappointment in the H department for VI, and that was the fact that it lacks dialogue. I know you wanted to make a fun brawler without taking much consideration to the plot, but a bit more talking when you're fucking would be real nice. The game was called Virgin Invader, but I didn't really get to see any virginities being invaded. When I'm raping a virgin, I want her to cry about how her first time was with such a scumbag and not someone she loves, then slowly crave how good it feels and end the whole thing begging for more...!

      You know like when you finally beat the queen or princess or whatever she is after that difficult as all hell boss fight? I, like, want her to bitch at me for being a such a scumbag, whine about my dick being smelly, cry when her virginity gets stolen away, deny that it feels good, then accept that it feels good, then start begging for more, then scream how she's your slave now and then call you Goshujin-sama and--!

      Uh, crap, I have a boner now. But you see my point. Dialogue really spices up the H-scene. Though the voices you got were real nice, I really do think a bit more bitching about being raped would make things super delicious.
      These games developed by JSK studios, some of them are fighting-type RPGs. When you get to the raping, they're scolding you and stuff and then they get more depraved and by the end, they're enjoying it. And that really gets me going with this rape stuff.

      I think the best way to incorporate that dialogue is by utilizing speech bubbles like they do in Odin Sphere for dialogue. I don't know how difficult it is to program, but it might fit better with your game than the RPG-Visual Novel-style text boxes, seeing as your sprites are already good-looking and expressive enough. Just a point to take into consideration for the next game.

      So yeah, that's my critique of VI which you can take into consideration for the next game.

    5. DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap27 October 2015 at 23:17

      As for the systems you proposed, the alchemy system actually catches my eye. A big problem for me in Odin Sphere (and the reason I've yet to finish it) is the alchemy and item system that takes you out of the action. It really breaks the flow of the game when you have to pause each time you make an item. So, when it comes to YOUR one, if you want it to be a fast-paced game, maybe a real-time alchemy system that can be juggled with fighting would be a good idea.

      You said that enemies drop gems that can be combined into items, right? You can probably insert destructible objects that drop items as well, maybe like say, those goddamn barrels in VI which always hits me. If you manage to destroy those, it drops gems that you can use.

      Maybe the alchemy is one that works automatically? Where you have to collect 3 gems of specific colours, then they combine automatically into an item? The problem here is that it doesn't give you control over the item you get so it can be a bit too troublesome and dependent on RNG.

      I don't know. If you feel like Odin Sphere's alchemy system can fit into the game nicely, then you should go ahead and use it. The important factor is the game flow, According to the ideas here, there are two options to take into battle...

      1) Rape and recover MP to use skills.
      2) Kill enemies and make items to do damage.

      Oh. And since you recover MP from raping, what if GETTING raped till you climax also recovers MP? It reduces your HP, but recovers your MP. Like, it works both ways. Therefore...

      3) Get raped, recover MP, use skills.

      Gives more incentive for H-scenes, y'know? When you need that extra dosage of MP, just leave yourself open to get raped. Haha.

      I'm all for all enemies getting one H-scene, but I think certain female enemies should get two... one where they rape you. Because yuri. And it's useless to have a girl MC if you're not going to have some form yuri somehow. We need yuri. Yuri is love. Yuri is life.

      Platforming is one thing I'm not too hung up about. I'm actually fine with brawling as it is, so it might be a waste of space and memory to add platforming. An alchemy system to bypass obstacles is already good enough, with enemies to kick outta the way... It's robust as it is. I don't think you need to add platforming. It's up to you in the end.

      Though, if you end up with Megaman X style platforming in the final product, that would be pretty fuckin' cool too.

      Well, that's all for me. Sorry for the long post, I'm just rather invested in your development. I'll be following your posts on this blog from now on. Good luck with your game, and hopefully, the next game sells well.

    6. Whoa! Very long comment, Thanks :D

      Outfit :
      For my own, I like 2 but I try to change color more brighter and it's not look good as dark color. I thinking about merge outfit together. I will try to redesign after VI is totally finished (1 CG left and add a bit more contents)
      - Inner cloth like 6 (show her boobs and belly button too)
      - Bright color like 6
      - Her outer cloth or jacket like 3
      - Bare shoulders and add sleeves (I like to show her shoulders too)
      - Dark color long socks
      Hope it come out good :P

      Animation & Movement :
      About movement, Jog? yeah that maybe good. Same as Odin Sphere ^^

      Not sure about variety hurt animation for female enemies but will add for MC.

      I want to make various angle for MC because it will make her movement look smoother. But my problem is I'm very bad to drawing character face in different angle (you can noticed in VI) But at least I have lot of time to concentrate on MC because I can reuse this different angle of body parts to various action(She is a MC after all). Not like girls in VI that just one of the enemy and it waste of times to draw an enemy in various angle.

      Alchemy :
      The item system will use Oboro Muramasa system. Will have a button for item change and a button for item use. You can use item in real-time, on pause. But caution that you can get interrupt before throwing a bomb too. For Healing or Stat+ items will be instant use.

      You can collect gems while battle but not auto synthesis to items. You can make items on stage selection(MAP) or maybe at save point on each stage too. And you can't pick all items you have to go in 1 stage. Maybe you will have 5 item slots for 5 item types. You have to choose which items you need and max capacity for each item type will be 5. So you can pick 25 max items per fight. I have to limit item capacity because you will never lose if you have 99 HP Potion, so I have to limit it to 5. But game will have more than 1 Hp restore item type, so don't worry.

      Example : you carry max item
      - 5 X large HP Potion
      - 5 X Mid HP Potion
      - 5 X Fire Bomb
      - 5 X Ice Bomb
      - 5 X Attack Up Potion

      SEX or H-Scenes :
      Don't worry about yuri. Yuri is one of my favorite fetish ^^
      But game will have some futa too for variety of fetishes.

      Man / Monster will have 1 H-scene
      Female / Futa will have 2 H-scene (Rape & Punish)

      Enemy types you encounter should be like these (can be change later)
      50% for man / monster / device
      40% for girl / monster girl
      10% for futa / monster futa

      Not sure about get raped for recover MP because she can recover MP by rape(punish) other girls. But I will think about it.

      Platform :
      I still not sure about this part. Should I make map like Odin Sphere or add some platform in room. Did you play Oboro Muramasa too? In that game, it has some platform in room like you can jump to higher cliff, tree branch or roof. And use flying or long range attack enemies for handle platform. I will only add few platform if I make. Still want to see how Odin Sphere Remake (release Jan 2016) handle platform first. I see they add platform in the trailer.

      Thanks again for your helpful comment XD

  6. Make her have a naked form, barefoot and everything

    1. Sorry, I don't have planned for totally naked :P

      She will have fully clothed and torn version.

  7. I bought the game as a guest a while ago in the dl eng website. I didn't know there would be updates till I checked the forums. Are there a solutions or am I going to have to re buy the game as a user on the website?

    1. I'm never buy game on DLsite as a guest. So I don't know how it's work.
      Maybe you need to ask Curious Factory/DLsite.

      But if DLsite can't help you (I hope they can -*-). You can show me some evidence and I will send update version to you ^^

  8. It's great to see your next work.
    I love 6th outfit.

  9. Like the girl artwork / Outfits - good work! Can't wait to play the new game. ^^

    1. Thank you :D
      Now, I trying to make her idle sprite :P