Sunday, 23 August 2015

Final Demo / Release Date / Pre-order End / Video Trailer (O_O !!!

   Hi everyone, I'm have important news about Virgin Invader today.

1.) Video Trailer :

2.) New Public Demo Updated :  you can download it on Virgin Invader - Demo Page.
     -  Add Cutscene with both Japanese and English (Japanese is default setting)
     -  Add CG Gallery
     -  Add Credit
     -  Fixed Sit Attack

3.) Release Date :   
     Now, current game progress is nearly finish.  I think I can finish Virgin Invader at the end of August.  Then submit game to Dlsite.  So game will be release on early Sep (if it pass censorship) All I left are :
    -  2 H-sprite (7th boss Summon-H, 5P sex with demon girls)
    -  Update sprite gallery
    -  Ending
    -  Final Boss voice and some minor details
    -  Censor some sprites (mostly Summon-H because I already draw censor dick for player)

4.) Patreon Paid Post (Pre-order End) :
      $12 - Pre Order will end at 30th August.  I will make paid post on the morning of 31 August (My Time Zone when I wake up -*-)  After I noticed that game launch on DLsite.  I will post on Patreon and send download link on Patreon message (I can send to many patrons at once and no mail spam problem)
      If you pledge after paid post you will not get the game.  You can still buy Virgin Invader on DLsite at $15.8

And last is 2nd CG (3rd - 9th CG will come as update after game released)  


  1. Are you planning on making another hentai game after this one? If yes will it be the same genre as this one?

    1. Sure after I finished with all add-on content.

      About genre, it's depend on Virgin Invader sales. If it bad maybe I will change genre.

      if it's go well, I planned to stick in same genre because it's easy for me to code and it's rare and different from most h-game today. But it's will have girl main character with faster gameplay, weaker enemies but encounter more. Some think like Ragnarok Battle Offline or Oboro Muramasa (but not faster equal to Muramasa because MC not a ninja :P)

    2. Sound great, i wish that i will be finally able to get some money by the time it will come out. For now i'm just a poor student so i can't buy Virgin Invader or any other games, plus currency in my country is much weaker than countries using dollars.

  2. Are you thinking launch this game without censored?

    1. For Patrons will get uncensored from the beginning :D

      For DLsite buyers, I will upload uncensored resources later. So you can replace it in your game folder.

      And about uncensored, it's will uncensored for some summon-H sprites(mostly for slime / tentacle) that i will do in this week. For other sprites will be same as demo and no uncensored dick. It's pain in the ass if I fixed all sprites just for uncensored dick -.-"

    2. Now I also will be a Patron. xD

  3. (thumb up) Great job.
    Happy time and experience for me too.