Sunday, 1 March 2015

Final Demo Released !!!

  Finally!  I'm finished the final demo.  You can see what update and download on Virgin Invader - Demo Page.  The demo still have some small bugs about memory.
- If you're in stage room and come back to main menu.  The memory will increase a bit every time you return.  But I don't worry much about this one because I don't think player will come back to main menu that often.

- If player dead and continue.  The memory will increase a bit.  It's can cause some problem if you dead more than 20-30 + (I hope you don't die that much  XD)

Please help me test this demo.  If it's ok and don't have other major serious bug.  Maybe I will submit my game on DLsite this week.

I hope you enjoy my game and thank you for testing  :D


  1. So only bugg fixes compared to the previous demo? Or got the other "things" also some fixes?

    1. Mostly interface and save system because previous version already have most of gameplay for demo.

  2. First bugg what so ever. First level 3th map i died and when i want to respawn I respawn dead. Great huh?

    1. Oh! Sorry for that silly 0 Hp respawn bug. I delete something that not for demo and delete some continue function by accident :(
      I'm already fixed it. Please redownload and thank you mentioned it.

  3. I found some bugs.

    1. Enemy never down rarely
    I thought I killed archer(I heard dying voice), but she didn't get down. she was just repeating attacked animation.(also I can't use 'A' to her.)

    2. RETRY without HP recover
    I used pause and push retry button, when my HP was nearly 5~8%.
    Successfully restart that stage, but my HP was still low(5~8%).
    Maybe it could be just in 2nd boss stage. Anyway, I think you need to check this out.

    3. Guided pierce attack....?
    When I was fighting with 2nd boss, I sawed she was charging, it was powerful pierce attack.
    So I used quick step to dodge at her backside. Well... she strike me clearly.(and I dead.)
    Is it programmed? If then, am I must dodge that with jump or quick step(with just timing)?

    Anyway, it's good game for me.
    I'm waiting for it.
    thanks for making. XD

    1. 1.This is the first time I heard about repeating attack bug. I don't know what caused it and never saw it myself. But I will fix if I know the culprit.
      2.This one maybe my careless in coding. Maybe I forgot to add +HP when retry. I will fix it when I at home.
      3.In my game; there're some attack that you can't evade by dash. if you can evade every attack by dash. This game will be very easy. You can evade her attack by jump in right timing or block for reduce some of damage

      Thank you for testing bug XD

    2. sorry for miss word....
      attacked(X) -> hit(O)
      ... am i choose right one?

      not good at ENG so.... sry

    3. Errr . . . Sorry, I don't understand that.

    4. I already fixed retry bug. thank for telling this bug.

  4. Aww, shucks. Just a few bug fixes? I would've liked at least another Stage opened ;D I'll be buying this for sure. Sure hope the quality stays as high throughout. Such a fun (and challenging) platformer with great H.

    A teeny, weeny request though. Since I'm invading "Virgin Land", could you add a little cherry popping? Even just first penetration on defeated bosses would be awesome.

    1. I think 2 stages for demo is suitable for 9 stages game.

      You request is good. But It not easy to add that in sprites and not sure everyone like to see blood. Because in sprite if you add too few of red color(blood). It's will too small to noticed. And if I add too much red color. It's will look too violence and look bad for some reason(I saw it in Elf Slave Ena; not sure about name) But maybe I will add if I make CG bosses in game.

      I will make CG if I finish the main game and my first H-CG look good XD

  5. It's amazing the difference a title splash screen makes. I just did a new run through your latest demo, and everything worked fine.

    The 2nd boss is still quite challenging even on normal. The speed combined with the juggle escape and the two unblockable ultimates make it significantly more difficult than the 1st. I noticed that she can cancel out of the ultimates too.

    Do the telegraph animation differ between the two ultimates? In both she raises the sword, and it sparks -but as far as I can tell you can't determine whether it will be the tornado or the charge. I've been trying to jump away when I see it but I usually don't hover over the jump key so by the time I do press it, it's usually too late.

    btw: Does Gamemaker support gamepads by default or do you have to do something to enable it? You have a decent fighting engine underneath it all so gamepad support would be pretty nice to have.

    1. The 2nd boss can't cancel her ultimate but it's a bug that rarely happen. And she can fixed herself when time pass a few second so I left this bug because I can't fix it and it's not cause much problem.

      Her Tornado and Power Charge are different. Tornado show red circle light(same as counter). Charge(real ultimate) show white cross. And both 2 skill have a bit different sound.

      I still have not learn about how to code gamepads and it's need some .dll file. But more important is I don't have gamepads -*- I will try what I can do with it.

  6. 日本人なんで日本語で書かせてもらいますが


  7. Thank you for your comment. I don't understand japanese and google translate don't help much. But It feel like you hate my game for some reason :(

  8. I am japanese.english I don't understand .I'm sorry for my broken English
    Enemy Character Everybody cute .very cute .i can Ejaculation. i want to eat girls.
    but this game is difficult. i want easy mode.The 2nd boss very Strong. finisher can't Guard.
    the 3rd stage After that more difficult? game clear can not. i want easy mode.
    Probably When it is Japan this game does not sell very much.I'm disappointed.
    from now on. If you sell it in Japan.You'd better study japanese.
    Sorry I'm not good in English.

    1. Thank you for your comment :D

      You can set difficult on option. If you set to easy your HP+40% and +atk 25% or may be I should very easy mode. Look like I forgot to mentioned it on game description.

      The 2nd boss ultimate attack can avoid by jump or reduce some damage by guard.

      I want to study Japanese too because I love J-Anime and games. But I'm very busy. I have office work and I already use all my free time for created this game. XD

  9. I think your game is really interesting because I rarely see a game that has such a perfect system about action. But sometimes i feel annoy when main character get up from downing it has to take some time to move, at that moment a melee-enemy is attacking so i can't set my posture, except guard or evade. Playing your game in HARD mode makes me CRAZY or to begin with I'm the one who is CRAZY. But i could finish your demo in 2 hours with 50 deaths maybe. Oh, yes a bug, in 2nd stage at castle gate, when i died many times, the stage background disappeared. I don't know if it's about my PC or not. Sorry if my English makes you to be Stunned And Very Bad Tense. And Thanks for A Very Great Game. I'll forward to it!
    PS. You're that nation right? First, when I saw your mascot(Hedgehog) and circle's name, I think it's maybe some kind of chance. But only I saw your Google Account, I KNEW IT! ! !

    1. Yeah, I'm Thai and MenZ is my nick name. It mean hedgehog. Your English skill isn't bad I understand everything you post and I'm not pro English too :P About game I happy that you like my game. :)

      About background disappear; there are some bug that I still can't fix. Every time you dead and continue game will increase memory a little. And when come to 30 times or more. It may get some crash because of too much memory.(but I surprise you die that much XD) That why I make backspace button for skip the cleared room. So if you get crash and exit game you can use this function for come back to current room. About player get up; I will think about how can I fix or do with it.

      About difficult; for me the game on normal not that hard but I'm game creator so I can't judge by my own, HA HA. I thinking about first 2 stage slightly easier. But still in later stage it's will be this difficult and maybe harder because I want to make my game have some challenge even on normal difficult. Demon girls and some new passive skill can help you a bit. There will be 4 passive skill when you clear stages. Air Dash, Alert Shield(stun enemies around if your guard break and out of stamina), Air Recovery, Still thinking the last one. And for hard; It's for hardcore and insane player who think this game is easy XD And maybe you don't know because you're new comer. I plan to make New Game Plus system as an update(after game released) You will encounter girls from later stage in first stage. Recolor and degrade bosses become as normal enemies or mini boss. So It like you play 18 stages not 9 stages. But I will think about how to make your character stronger in New Game Plus later.

      I'm thinking about fix something in demo too and reupload on DLsite when it's finished:
      - Decrease number of girls for stage 1&2. Maybe there are too many.
      - Joystick or gamepad system. But I have to buy my pad first :P
      - Very Easy Mode, some people not good with this kind of game.

    2. About uppercut, I can't use it alone, right? I mean, I have to punch 3 times then I can use it. Actually I'm REALLY CRAZY, it's for difficult and challenging. I don't care how many times I died. But I really enjoy hard mode (maybe you should make harder mode for FUN or for CRAZY XD Joking~)

      I think your action system alone is very cool. About the number of enemy, how about you put a lot of enemies in hard and few enemies in easy? That will be suitable for difficult.

    3. Yes, You have to punch at least 3 times. It's prevent player to use only uppercut until girl defeat. I think hard mode is already hard enough that why I don't make very hard mode XD

      About number of girls with difficult. I think no for this. It's annoying for coding because that mean I have to code 3 times per room for each difficult instead of one. Number of girls will already increase in later stage and sometime they will come 3-5 girls at once. But if you want more harder. You can wait for New Game Plus ^.^

  10. How 3 stages? I thought this demo has only 2.

    1. Yeah 2 stages. You can't play in 3rd stage even if 3rd stage show.