Friday, 4 November 2016

Atelier Tia Demo V0.04 (Stable Version)

Hi, I uploaded demo V0.04 on the Atelier Tia page.
No new contents. It's bugs fixed and stable version.

What change? :
- Game become exe file, no need to install.
- Add Gamepad Type1 and Type2.  You can config in Option.
- Fixed up/down buttons bug in keyboard config.
- Guard no longer reset attack and jump.
- Dive Attack animation when ground slower a bit.
- Add "Readme-Can not start game" in game folder.


  1. My computer was very lag when open the game and playing the cg. It never happen in Virgin Invader before.
    Is the file size too big?

    1. At least in your computer works but I can't still even open the game. I wonder if it is that doesn't work on 32 bits OS.

    2. Have you try to change "CretaeTextureonDemand=1" in options.ini ?

    3. Maybe because of large image with lot of frames.
      I may change how to play CG animation in the future.

    4. After some time I tried the demo again and it worked... I think it had to do with something else, oh well.

    5. How do you find options.ini? I cant find it anywhere.

    6. (Guy from above)

      I found it.

  2. Even with changing "CretaeTextureonDemand=1" in options.ini still the game doesn't run.


  3. Hello, good morning, play the demo, it did not bring me any inconveniences and I liked it very much. And I have some suggestions:
    1 Separates from the resolution options, the full screen option.
    2 2 If you want to include the option to download the graphics, for slow PCs.
    3 Includes:
    Zombies (for their slow way to "play" with Tia XD)
    Robots (if that's what you're missing in Virgin Invader)
    Perverted students (includes your fans XD)
    Succubus (women and men)
    A small (15 year old) that Aunt uses to "indulge".
    It includes gold not only to buy improvements, but also to consent to Tia.
    A little of this and more or less you will have the game armed. Keep it up, do not give up.
    PS: My English is bad, Happy holidays !!

    1. 1. Maybe have full screen 1280x720 and 1920x1080. Smaller than these will make images blur.
      2. Texture quality option? I'm not sure I can do it or not.
      3. Zombie/Robots/Perverted Student - I didn't any of these in Atelier Tia. Will think about it :P And yuri succubus is planned.

      and don't understand this part "A small (15 year old) that Aunt uses to "indulge"."

      Thank you for your comment :D

  4. Great leap!! So many things has been improved. As the same country people, I am so proud of you. Okay, let's get to the point. There are something I want to ask, some suggestions (if possible) and some issues.
    1. What path of game are you going to put in?
    2. Does air-evade require some time to use?
    1. Attack while crouching is very slow.
    2. Smoothen the battle a little bit will make a game more fun.
    3. Having many ending or choices may be good.
    1. When I hit enemy in the air and do a double-jump, the character won't jump high up.
    2. I have turned a volume down, but there are some time that volume suddenly getting loud.

    The rest is perfect. Funny story. Good CG graphics. Most interesting is H-scene I guess.
    Well, slow and steady is the best. Pay attention to the details and everything is gonna alright.
    If any suggestions is possible for you, I will greatly appreciated it.

    1. Thank you for your comment :D
      1. Not clear with this question. You mean story/game play style or ...
      2. More frames? Will think about it.
      3. For now, maybe have 2 ending. Normal for 1st clear and True end for new game plus.

      1. Will test and check it
      2. That's weird. Maybe something with your hardware? :P

    2. 1. Sorry about first question. I forgot to mention "voice putting in".
      2. After changing "CreateTexturesOnDemand" to 1, the game has gotten smoothen. So no need for more frames.
      - And about volume, it's getting loud when some sound effect show up. For example, it's getting loud together with sound effect in the end of first cut scene.

      Okay, let's keep the rest for now. I'll look forward to your new work :D

  5. it's bit laggy, it never happened in virgin invader before...