Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Atelier Tia - 1st demo released :D

     Finally, after a longggggg wait.  Atelier Tia - 1st demo is now finished and ready for you to test :D
The game description and download link is on "Atelier Tia" Page.

Hope you enjoy ^o^


  1. Whoop whoop, it finally happened. Took some time, but you pulled through, great job. Anyways, to celebrate the release of the demo, I drew fanart of Tia~! Sorry that I'm not the most skilled artist out there, but just roll with it. It's nice to have fans, yeah?

    Anyway, I'll test it out and cross-reference it with VI. When I'm done, I'll comment here again... unless you prefer e-mail or something.

    Hah, would you look at that? It's the 26th of October. I first started showing up and bugging you on the 25th of October, 2015. Literally took a year between the start of development and the release of the demo.

    But, looking at the overall aesthetic of those screenshots, I gotta say that one year paid off since this actually looks like a professional development rather than an indie game. I think I underestimated you.

    Pulling out this sorta quality visual at your second game... I don't know if it's passion or talent or both. I was right to think that you had a lot of potential as a game dev. Welp, good luck from now on. The real challenge starts from here.

    1. Wow! this image look nice. Thank you :D
      At first I thought it's a funny circle head like last time :P

      Time fly so fast O_O Yeah! it's already a year if you count from zero (design Tia)

    2. H-Hey! I don't always draw circle heads! I can draw decently if I tried! >3>

      But yeah, one year for the development of the demo. Took some time, and even then, the release is still buggy, but visual-wise, it definitely shows where that time went. Ah~ I fret for how long the rest of the game will take.

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  3. This looks really nice for a first demo! It plays completely fluid and the hentai is nice as always :D
    A little question tho: Do you take requests for the characters that get raped in the background? And if yes, are you fine with Loli? I have a specific something in mind lol

    1. Thank you for playing :D
      I can make small girl with flat boobs but still not loli.
      Like Bee girl or fire/ice mage in Virgin Invader.

      Because I will promote my game on many sites and many of them banned loli.
      And I'm not fan of loli either :P

    2. Hmm I see, fair enough. Well, do you mind making a girl that's as similar to Shana from Shakugan no Shana as you possibly can, then? Either as an enemy or a girl that gets raped in the background by a guy or two, completely naked.
      It's fine if you don't wanna, it's just something I'd totally love to see lol.

  4. Just finished the demo and its looking very nice. Plays great too and the H is good! Keep up the good work :D

  5. Just play your demo and I don't know how to say for now .
    It f*cking worth every single secord, Here my salary , take them all > A< /

  6. it's really great!! your CG animation's quality it's wonderful!! (High quality & Uncensor!!)
    but just 2-3 thing i need to say
    - if we can use Joypad or Keyboard control in CG animation it's better!!
    - should put animation gif with enemies from the state in Gallery and we could have zoomin-out!!
    just waiting for full version!! ><

    1. Not sure with joy or keyboard in CG animation but I will try.

      Sure! game will have sprite gallery (in the future). But not sure with zoom in/out.
      May be I will add bigger sprite in gallery because zoom in/out cause sprites blur.

  7. Have you considered optimising the game? I didn't expect it to use so much more memory than Virgin Invader.

    1. You mean RAM memory that using while playing game?
      If that's what you mean. Not way because if memory more than that, Game will crash!

    2. Oh, so you are unable to reduce the RAM usage? That might be unfortunate for those with old computers, because 4GB of ram is not enough to run the demo.

    3. No, I'm mean memory usage while you playing game. You can see it by Task Manager.
      I think 4GB RAM is enough to play this game because I use 4GB while making this demo too. But now I add to 8GB for faster load/save and compile with testing game.

    4. Oh okay. Not sure if it has anything to do with Windows 10 since it introduces more backgrounds apps than 7, unless you have Windows 10 too. When I try running the demo, my memory usage jumps from 30% to 85%~, then I get an error saying I'm out of memory, and that the demo is using up 1.8Gb of RAM. Maybe it has something to do with the main menu (I can hear the music, but the screen is just white), or does the entire game run using 1.8Gb~ of RAM? Thanks.

    5. Hmm, that weird. I'm not sure about win10 because I using win7 but Game Maker Studio should work fine in win10.

      Game run at 300MB and 900-1GB in CG animation.
      Some people told me that they can't start the game too. I'm not sure I can fix it but I will try.

    6. Hey, same anonymous here. I read your suggestion on ulmf to change the "CreateTexturesOnDemand=0" to "CreateTexturesOnDemand=1", and I can say that the game works, and it runs at 300Mb. Perhaps the only problem now is the FPS, but not sure if it's intentionally that slow or not. It's not extremely slow, but it doesn't look particularly smooth.

  8. I hope you miss my long-ass comments.

    Phew, alrighty~ That's five playthroughs. The first time I opened the game, my laptop crashed, but afterwards, it's all good. Let's start with bugs. I'll only list bugs that weren't mentioned before.

    -When you hold up during an aerial combo, Tia doesn't do the final hit to slam enemies down, instead remaining in place. Not sure if it's a bug, since this is actually a nifty trick to cancel your aerial combo and switch for the downward attack and continue your combo from the ground.

    -I beat the game twice in Very Hard Mode and it crashed after beating Slime Boss. The third time though, it worked fine enough. No idea what happened.

    -Is poison in this game? I let the beegirl sting me over and over again, but there was no indication of poisoning. Actually, while we're talking about poison, I think I change my mind about the 'hit many times to get poisoned'. The beegirls aren't so tough and they're quite predictable, so a percentage-based poison system may be better in the end.

    -A lot of walls have gaps that let you see the houses behind

    Welp, up to the review of the demo. Gotta say. One year dev time for a quick, less than fifteen minute demo and... It's quite impressive, honestly. H-scenes didn't make me fap (because no voice) but they sure did look erotic. Not much complaints from me. You put quite a lot of variety in such a short demo, and I'm kinda surprised you did as much as you did.

    But, enough about H-scenes. I wasn't exactly paying 100% attention to it since I was too busy well, playing the bloody game. Gotta say... I can't really go back to VI anymore. Your demo here makes your first game look like dirt, no offense. You've improved a bit too much.

    You took away walking and running and decided to go for a fast-paced jog, which makes the game FEEL fast. It felt really good to run at enemies and smack them over and over. Speedwise, the pace just feels right.

    As for combat... I'll just say that the uppercut move is probably a bit too good. It comes out faster than I blink, has good upward reach (I can swat beegirls easily with it) and leaves a great opening for combos. This move is so good, if this were a fighting game, Tia would be banned from tournaments. Honestly, if you like it that way, it's fine. But usually, these 'Shoryuken' type moves have a one second start-up time before execution to leave space for the player to get punished for reckless usage. Right now, it's just way too good.

    Other than that, four hit combos feel great and I actually really feel like I'm smashing people real hard with that staff. It's got that CRUNCH that VI lacked. Maybe it's the sound, maybe it's the effects, but fighting feels so good.

    Unfortunately, because the fighting's so good, I didn't bother using the items much, other than the potion. Throughout the demo, I only touched the items when I faced the Slime Boss. Seemed like a waste to use them on anything else, yeah? Tia fights so well that using the items are kind of a waste since you can beat the mooks just as fast with a simple skill. The skill even recharges too.

    What I'm saying is, there isn't much incentive to use items, other than for boss fights. In Odin Sphere, some enemies can only be harmed with items (damn you Slimes!) and the game was THAT much easier if you made use of the item system. Here, I've never really found any need for them.


    1. I'd say you can remedy this problem with a few ways:
      1) Make items affect downed enemies.

      2) Remove the delay before throwing the item. I actually find it strange that the absurdly useful uppercut has no delay whereas the item throw has one. It'll make throwing items more dependable, with the only fault being its limited ammunition. Also, this'll give you the ability to combo into an item throw, giving a variety of combo mixups depending on what items you'll make soon.

      3) Give players the ability to throw bombs in midair. Midair is the safest place to be in this game (unless beegirls are around) so bombing enemies from up above is a good way to deal damage AND avoid damage.

      So yeah. Items in this game are both not very useful and limited in ammo. so by programming them to be more useful, their only flaw would be that they're gone once you use them up. You should also consider obstacles in levels that are only destructible by using a certain items on it. These obstacles lead to optional rooms where you can get stuff or something. Either way, more uses for items.

      Speaking of optional things, I like how you implemented the 'saving girl' system. Neat, quick sexy sidequests that gift you with items. You add more H to the game while still giving a chance for the player to get more items. A very smart addition.

      The story mode's also pretty cute and goofy. I mean, it HAS a narrative, and I know what's going on. When I first played VI, I had lots of trouble understanding what was happening (Who is this succubus with the bomb? Why can I hit the dark elf? Oh! They're my allies!). Tia's cute, Poppo's quite funny (those expressions) and it's all around a fun, lighthearted adventure. With lots of rape. The script's a little bland even with the grammar checks though. I write during my free time, so if you want, I don't mind revising the lines to give it more uh, personality? That's up to you though. I'm not willing to charge a fee for something so simple and trivial, so of course I won't expect payment for that.

      That's all for now. Either way, this is a huge step up from VI. No joke. If I played this then played VI, I wouldn't even believe it was the same developer. So give yourself a round of applause. Well, not yet, I guess, since you're gonna be busy getting around the bugs. Good luck for the next year or two.

    2. Oh, one last thing I forgot. I can't believe you went ahead and made every melee attack deflect projectiles. It's really fun. I always find myself playing baseball against the Bad Alchemist, waiting for her to throw the bomb so I can smack it in her face. I love it.

    3. EPIC COMMENT!!!!!
      What should I answer first -.-"
      So I will answer the problem parts :P

      - Uppercut : Most game freely use uppercut and use only half second for start up. In Odin Sphere(PS4) and Oboro Muramasa use this too. I make it fast to use because I want player easy to connect combo. And in the future some item will damage enemy and knock up or blow up. So player can use uppercut while enemy fall down and follow with air combo.

      - Poison : I didn't put poison on bee shot demo yet but will put it in the future. Still the poison counter will be low because she's first poison enemy (will +counter in harder difficulty). Tia should take 3 shots in a few seconds to poisoned her.

      - Item :
      Items are optional. You don't need to use them if you're good in action/fighting game. And Yeah, items are not much useful in demo. Especially for low grade items. But low grade items can create with few gems. So you will not feel pity much to throw them on enemy's face. Another benefit is lighter weight or more capacity compare to higher grade items. But I have to say that I still have problem with how to make weight system and items between Tia's bag and Storage T_T

      Most of items in demo are target enemy and that make effect area smaller but easier to use and hard to miss. It's suit for small items anyway.
      Higher grade items will have more damage and wider area. And most of them will start effect after collision with ground same as Odin Sphere. Poison Explosive, Napalm, Thunder Storm, Blizzard you will see it in the future. It's will be useful against large group of enemies and strong enemies (has endure skill like boss but easier to break and can continue with Tia' air combo).

      About jump and throw item, I'm thought about this before. But there are some problem with it.
      - Easier to miss. You can practice and get use to it anyway. But each item has different effect and range too.
      - Some of them may effect and move on ground but not in air. Like stone spike up from underground and move forward.
      - For now Tia has 3 animation for item use for suit each item type :
      Throw, drop and command. That mean I have to make 3 more animation for in air too.

      Maybe in late progress after I made lot of items. I will reconsider about it.
      At that time, it's should be easier to think for how to implement it.

      And I already upload demo V0.03 with lot of bugs fixed and decrease item throw dalay. So you can spam it now.

      Thanks for this epic comment. It's very useful :D

    4. OH! I for got about story dialogue. I have to admit that my writing skill is really limited.
      So you can make dialogue more lively, comedy or better in some way. Feel free to let me know (but still no main story change :P)

    5. Ahhh, I'm wrong. You're actually right, the uppercut moves are half a second. The actual risk comes from the fact that you lack invincibility frames while doing it, leaving you wide open for counterattacks. Sorry bout that. I picked up Street Figher for a while and tested.

      As for the weight system... What about you try Escha & Logy's grid system? Weaker items take less space, stronger ones take more? I think that should be easier to work with. I'm sure Game Maker can handle a puzzle-like system. Instead of programming weight and capacity in the bag, you just make a grid. Or is that harder?

      And item use in air, maybe it could work like an aerial projectile? It moves down+forward, like, it goes diagonally? So it's aimed for the ground.

      As for the three item types, maybe Tia can only use thrown items in the air? It makes sense, and it cuts down work, right? So in the item description you could have an extra thing:

      "Aerial: O" But if it can't be used in mid-air, "Aerial: X". Something like that.

      Anyways, no worries about the main story. I'll just be paraphrasing the lines then. I'll e-mail over a docx when I'm done.

    6. The easiest way for me to do the inventory system is Make each items have few max stack per slot. Example :
      Bomb(low grade item) have max stack = 5 (or what ever). So you can carry 50 bombs (O_O!) in total of 10 slots. But player will have only 5 slots at start and get another 5 by upgrade and higher items will have fewer max stack.

      But when player want to use 10 bombs. They will throw 5 bombs then switch or config item slot and throw the rest.

      About in air item throw, I will think about it but not confirm yet :P

    7. I get it. Ammo system, right? So the players start with 5 slots and have to upgrade the slots as they play to get more slots. So stronger items have less stacks and thus, less uses, making low grade items more ideal for longer adventures.

      I'm more concerned about the bag, the one you access in the pause menu. How many items can you keep in Tia's bag? Is it limited like Atelier and Odin Sphere?

      Basically, what I understand is that there should be three places the items go.
      -Slots: The only place to use items, but has limited places for storage.
      -Bag: A place to put items for adventuring. Can only keep up to say, 30 items.
      -Workshop storage: Where synthesized items go. Can keep 99 items.

      So, just like Atelier, right? Your items have like, several uses and occupy one slot. All items occupy one slot. But all of them have different stacks, weaker items having more stacks.

      Actually, since you're planning a leveling system, maybe the amount of stacks the synthesized item has rises as Tia's alchemy level increases? So at the max level, you can raise the Bomb's stack to 10. With ten slots available, you can go around with 100 bombs. Sounds like a plan, eh?

    8. Same anonymous from above. BloodyPi is absolutely right about the uppercut being overpowered. In fact, it gives you less incentive to perform the full 4-hit combo (J+J+J+J) because the delay on the fourth hit leaves you exposed to attacks (and the uppercut does more damage - because it hits twice, and can be followed up with a longer combo).

      However, I've found that you can actually do an infinite combo, and this has to do with the fact that enemies fall too slowly. The combo is: J+J+J+Uppercut+J+J+J+Drive Attack then back to the first step. The most important thing about this infinite combo is that you need to make sure you do not hit your opponent with Drive Attack, otherwise they slam to the ground, thus ending your combo. The reason you use Drive Attack is to fall to the ground faster than the opponent does, allowing you to juggle them over and over.

      Also, will anything else other than "evade" use SP? Because I find that it regenerates too quickly, but it also provides too much utility (because you can use it in mid-air as well).

      And finally, do you plan on changing how when you press "J" during a conversation, it doesn't just skip to the next line, but just instantly reveals the whole line? I find that I keep pressing it too earlier, and I miss out reading a couple of words.

      Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next updates. Fun game.

    9. @BloodyPi :
      Yes, ammo system. But item will store only 2 places : Tia and storage.
      If Tia open all 10 slots. She already have 50 bombs at max. I think it's already too much -*- If she has a bag. She will carry bombs 100-200+ O_O!
      And this mean she can carry 10 types of item at max while adventure.

      But at half stage and before boss room. Game will have check point and maybe you can save game there(not confirm). At check point, Poppo who carry items(and punishment items) will wait there and you can transfer or restock items from storage.

      For item create, Tia will get only 1 item per create but I will set each item type max stack. Create 5 bombs to full 1 slot. Not create 1 time for 5 bombs :P

      Level : It's not 100% confirm but I will go with upgrade system not leveling. When you defeat enemy, you will receive EXP points for upgrade. And for item, you can upgrade for open +5 item slots but no more item max stack. But Tia will upgrade Alchemist Mastery to increase item power and effect.
      Like item power +120% or 150% at max. And +100% for Str Mastery(attack power).

      @Anonymous :
      I want player easy to uppercut for combo but yeah maybe will increase start time a bit for uppercut.
      Uppercut is good while fighting normal enemies. But normal combo is better while fighting against tough enemy like Giant Slime.
      About loop combo, maybe I will delay Dive attack too. Make Tia stand up slower after she stab to ground.

      Odin Sphere and Oboro Muramasa use evade without any cost. So I make a little use of SP and you need SP for guard too. If your SP is 0 while guarding, your guard will break and you can't move for 1-2 seconds (Maybe I will change to stun in the future). Evade is better than guard but sometime you need to use guard instead of eveade.

      For conversation, I don't know how to code it that but I will make faster text (+50% speed)

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  11. It uses too much physical memories -_-,even more than stuffs like Starcraft 2! I was getting my hopes up THIS high and then.........
    Honestly, I'm feeling pretty angry right now.

    1. What windows are you using and what your spec pc?
      I don't think this game take that much PC spec to play.
      Maybe some problem caused it because some some with low PC can play game but just slow load or slow fps.

    2. I think I'm having the same problem with the guy above who said 4GB of RAM is not enough to play the game. My pc also have 4GB of RAM, and while Virgin Invader and other games worked find, I receives blank, white screen and "Out of memory" error when opening this game

    3. It's install version right? please try ...
      Go to game folder > open "options.ini" >
      Change "CreateTextureonDemand" from 0 to 1 then Save
      And try that you can start game or not :D

    4. Install version is V0.03 but I still can't find how to fix in stand alone EXE version.

  12. Thx for replied me.
    it's really great just like i said before. i request about controlling CG anime by keyboard and Joypad because i see it's has 3 bottom this mode - change her movement (slow-fast) , next step (take off her pantsu and... :3 ... ) , back to main menu (or next the story)
    i like this game becease 1.She CUTE!! 2.Unsencor!! 3.just one Wireless joypad for play with fullscreen!!
    i waiting to see more Great hentai with Tia.... ehehehehe or some of your Hero do with her :3

    ps. Tia is Heroine and Virgin Invader (or player) is Hero? 'cause i see her chatting with player when we start new game ,or i misunderstanding something? XD

    1. Will make keyboard and gamepad support in CG :D

      And nope. She's only talk to player not The Invader :P

  13. Unfortunately, I got the error message "Out of memory!", so I guess I really need to change my computer to play your new games.

    That's too bad, I really liked Virgin Invader and I believe this one would be a small pearl as well. Still hope this one will be a hit!

  14. hi , i want to see poppo play(fuck) with Tia.
    or poppo play(fuck) with Tia's teacher.
    Is this possible?
    sorry my english is so bad