Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Monster Girl Poll Result & Game Process

      Hi everyone, sorry didn't has any posts for long because I'm working on 1st boss CG animation and I don't want to spoil it on public.  But after I finished with 2nd stage for patreon.  The 1st will be release for everyone ;D

     I had a poll about monster girls on my patreon and here the result.  Top 10th are 100% confirm in game.  

    Currently, I working on 2nd stage enemies and finished battle animations for Cat Girl.  She is speed type character with evade and jump up/down platform ability.  Now working on Succubus.


  1. hi MenZ it been long to see you post again how is your work now people star forgot you now you know.

    1. Yeah, I know but the progress isn't fast enough and I don't have much think to post except 1st boss that I don't want to spoil.