Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Finally finished coding for the fourth boss =w=

      I just finish coding her 1 hour ago before I make this post.  She is one annoying boss that can teleport around and her teleport can't be cancel or interupt.  For player who has slow movement or slow responsibility.  She can be pain in the ass especially when she use magic shield that can absorb some damage and give her endure skill(like the first boss).  But she can be easy boss for fast responsibility player(think as rogue/assassin class easily defeat mage class or some think like that).

      My work have a bit delay because I finished with her on Tuesday not  Sunday.  But I have to admit that I lazy on last Saturday, HA HA :P   I spend all day for clear Majo the Witch and  RJ150014.  I like RJ150014 art for some reason.  Girls look nice and cute but not too much moe.  It will be good if I can draw CG like that.

      Now I will focus on making final demo for release it on DLsite.  Still have many thing to do and maybe design all girls before coding them for put all bosses shadow on promote images.  But the most part I worry is the cencorship.  I'm not sure my current sprites can pass cencorship or not.  I make cencor dick but I rarely cencor girls vergina.  But sprites aren't large as CG so I hope it fine(It's doesn't see much in the first place).  I really lazy if I have to fix all H-sprites after finished all of them :(

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